Oneplus 5 and Ford Sync

  1. Zyenoa
    Donut Dec 8, 2017

    Zyenoa , Dec 8, 2017 :
    Hello there,

    I managed to get my OP5 to sync with my Ford Focus yesterday, the car seems to be able to recognise my device, and my phone seems to recognise the car and pair seamlessly, however, whenever I try to play music from the Bluetooth audio in the car, from Spotify on my phone, no sound comes from either side. It registers that a song is playing, and allows me to use all functions, but no sound comes from the car speakers. Am I doing something wrong? Please help!

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  2. Trotto@81
    Gingerbread Jan 1, 2018

  3. LeviathanChan
    Cupcake Jan 29, 2018

    LeviathanChan , Jan 29, 2018 :
    I had the same problem, now I'm not even able to find Spotify's application via SYNC with Applink.
    SmartDevice Link doesn't turn on which makes it impossible for the car to find the device, problems started after the update to Oreo and now everything is dead.
    The OnePlus 5 connects normally with the car but SmartDeviceLink seems to not work.
    Tried with a Samsung S5 and everything was going good, so the problem is in the OnePlus.
    Plus, I tried formatting the car' SYNC system and made a reset of the OnePlus but still not working.
    This is so frustrating.

  4. Chirauki
    Cupcake Feb 10, 2018

    Chirauki , Feb 10, 2018 :
    Same here with 5T and oreo. I can't get Ford Sync 3 to find any apps in the phone, and it was working before the upgrade...

    Any ideas?

  5. pawelekder
    Cupcake Feb 20, 2018

    pawelekder , Feb 20, 2018 :
    Same here with OP5. Smartdevicelink itself seems to work as i have been able to connect with another app

  6. Deactivated User
    Feb 20, 2018

  7. pawelekder
    Cupcake Feb 20, 2018

    pawelekder , Feb 20, 2018 :
    Not sure about that as its stopped to work after phone software was updated, not car software.

  8. izzykasha
    Lollipop Feb 20, 2018

  9. Deactivated User
    Feb 20, 2018

  10. PearlJamFan
    Cupcake Mar 13, 2018

    PearlJamFan , Mar 13, 2018 :
    Same boat, on 2 Ford's, so for sure it the OP5. I have updated SYNC to the newest version of 3.0_18025 and still no apps other that the Lincoln Way app. This sucks because I used to use like 4-5 apps easy from the main screen.

  11. Eustacio Sealy
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 13, 2018

    Eustacio Sealy , Mar 13, 2018 :
    Good night have any of you verified that the software in your cars can be updated incompatibility with the new software on the phone

  12. p4ck3ts3nd3r
    Cupcake Apr 23, 2018

    p4ck3ts3nd3r , Apr 23, 2018 :
    Spotify has discontinued support with Ford Sync as per:

  13. mikes.sousa
    Froyo Apr 23, 2018

    mikes.sousa , Apr 23, 2018 :
    just make the pair via Bluetooth and work the phone

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  14. Nads1978
    Donut Dec 15, 2019

    Nads1978 , Dec 15, 2019 :
    Any more progress with this? My OP6+ connects fine to my new Transit Custom with Sync3, everything is up-to-date. But I can't project maps onto the Sync3 screen. Phone calls work fine, as does streaming audio.
    Tried with Bluetooth & USB and both together.

    The Sync3 recognises the phone, and puts a "maps" button on the screen, the button does nothing. Other people have said launching Google Maps on my phone should automatically display over on the Sync3. It doesn't.

    Not tried with any other phones yet. I have an old LG & brother has OP3.

    Android Auto is installed & up to date.
    All settings on both devices are correct, as per other people who have it working with Samsung devices.