OnePlus 5T Euro Tour - The Recap

  1. David S.
    OnePlus Europe Staff Member Nov 29, 2017

    David S. , Nov 29, 2017 :
    During the OnePlus 5T keynote in New York, Carl spoke about the gratitude we have to our community for being on this journey with us.

    The OnePlus 5T is the latest stop on this journey and we knew that we couldn't celebrate it without you. The day after our pop-ups finished, we took to the road to meet (and drink) with you guys in your home cities in our second Euro Tour trip.

    It was fantastic to find such a wonderful reception everywhere we went to us and our new device.

    For those of you who weren't able to make it, here's a taste of what happened:

    DAY 1


    UK: In the UK, we kicked off our #EuroTour in Leeds as dozens of you came to Manahatta Bar to experience and celebrate the new OnePlus 5T with us and SuperSaf. There were some *ahem* technical difficulties but as one fan said, "it wouldn't be a tech launch without some technical problems." Whilst Wi-Fi issues meant that we were unable to hold our OnePlus-themed quiz and Asphalt 8 competition, there's nothing like free swag to make up for it, with some attendants getting their hands on tote bags, exclusive t-shirts, and bullet headphones. But the main attraction was the OnePlus 5T. Everyone who came had the chance to play around with our latest flagship device and were blown away by its screen, speed and face unlock. As the night drew to a close, all lapped up the opportunity to pick SuperSaf's brain, with him organising a group selfie at the end. Leeds – you were fantastic!


    FRANCE: Meanwhile, the first leg of our Euro Tour in France was in the city of lights: Paris. We gathered at the cosy Terrain Vague. There was tremendous energy and with the venue full from the start, the atmosphere was electric. There was a diverse range of people with great enthusiasm for OnePlus and YouTuber Jojol who wanted to show their support for us and the OnePlus 5T. The night ended at around 10:30 pm with many people winning the limited edition Castelbajac tote bag. Despite having school or work the next day, everyone was more than happy to make the effort on a Wednesday evening for a memorable event. Next stop? Lyon!


    GERMANY: We started in Hamburg with our brand-new flagship OnePlus 5T to kick off our #EuroTour in Germany. We docked by the harbour, coming together in the maritime bar Surfkitchen right at the harbour which quickly filled up with OnePlus enthusiasts and those who'll hopefully become such. Together with tech expert Jens Herforth from the famous German channel TURN ON, we discussed the OnePlus 5T tech, its future, and much more.

    In our quiz, the audience proved to be true OnePlus experts. Throughout the night the great vibes were accompanied by a cool soundtrack and even cooler beers. We thanked everybody for their ongoing support in typical OnePlus fashion by giving away plenty of swag. Finally, we had to pull up the anchors to depart for our next stop on the #EuroTour: Cologne.


    ITALY: The OnePlus 5T Euro Tour kicked off to a great start in Italy as OnePlus fans and users alike helped us pack out the White Rabbit Restaurant Bar in central Rome. Spurred on by the ever-energetic Andrea Galeazzi, the Roman guests created an electric atmosphere as they were invited to test out the OnePlus 5T and put their questions to OnePlus staff. During the lunch break, guests were also treated to a special speech by viral Instagrammer Antonio Ficai about fully utilising the manual and portrait modes of the 5T camera. The big highlight of the event, however, had to be the quiz where teams had to wrack their brains to answer some very tough questions about the 5T and history of OnePlus. There were incredible scenes at the end of the event as the team "I bordons" was announced as the quiz winners and received their free OnePlus backpacks and t-shirts too much celebration. You were immense Rome!

    DAY 2:


    UK: Move over Oasis and Old Trafford. On the second night of our UK #EuroTour, the arrival of the OnePlus 5T was putting Manchester on the map. Our fans flocked to the stylish but charming Pen and Pencil in the middle of the bustling Northern Quarter for a night of the finest food, drinks and tech. With technical issues resolved, the atmosphere became electric as our quiz began with SuperSaf as our quizmaster, testing our audience on topics ranging from the number of OnePlus Ones sold to the name of our office plant (hint: Luigi is his brother). Avid OnePlus fans rubbed shoulders with general tech-heads and aspiring YouTubers curious to hear about the latest innovations, and all were overjoyed to sample the OnePlus 5T whilst hearing SuperSaf’s thoughts on our latest flagship. Needless to say, the night drew to a close with plenty of free merch given out, as our quiz winners walked away with backpacks, earphones and JCC t-shirts. We left Manchester energised as we headed off to our final stop – Birmingham!

    Lyon 3.jpg

    FRANCE: The second day of the France #EuroTour took place in Lyon. The event was held at the intimate bar 'Le Hall de la Bourse'; sitting right in the heart of Lyon, it was a brilliant place for people to get together and celebrate. With more than 60 enthusiastic people attending the event, it demonstrated that these gatherings have been a rallying point for both Jojol and OnePlus to come together and share their passions about technology. Of course, the icing on the cake was the opportunity to give back to the fans for their support by having a fun quiz of 10 questions, leading to 10 lucky fans grabbing backpacks at the end of the night. You surpassed our expectations Lyon and we were buzzing for our final stop, Strasbourg!


    GERMANY: Second Stop: Köln. Arriving at the central station, there was mayhem by the iconic Cologne cathedral – we were overwhelmed by this phenomenal welcome. People wearing OnePlus red and white were chanting, celebrating, cheering. Must be a coincidence that that day’s Europa League match 1. FC Köln against Arsenal FC London was all red and white as well... And so, at the Degree club, we met true OnePlus fans, many old friends, but also people who were just fascinated by the movement kicked off with our #EuroTour. In our quiz and countless exchanges with the crowd, we realised how enthusiastic our fans are and we gained valuable experience about our community’s hopes and needs. Finally, with these insights and, naturally with a Kölsch beer in hand, we left Köln for our last stop in Germany: Munich.


    ITALY: For the second stop of our Italian tour, we were quite literally overwhelmed by the support of our community as over one-hundred of you came to pack out the Manifattura bar in Florence. Food and drink just about reached everybody as Andrea Galeazzi once again did a fine job to raise the crowd’s excitement for the OnePlus 5T. This time Andrea was also helped by digital photography expert, Gianpiero Riva who was on hand to explain the detailed camera features of the 5T with a terrific energy and enthusiasm. With the bar the brimming with excitement and evermore people, we decided to take the quiz to the scenic streets of Florence where many of you took home a variety of OnePlus merchandise after correctly answering the questions via Twitter. Next and last stop: Naples!

    DAY 3:


    UK: There are few better ways to spend a Friday night than marvelling at the new OnePlus 5T whilst enjoying an open bar and mingling with one of the UK’s largest tech YouTubers. Our #EuroTour in the UK ended in style at the Botanist in Birmingham where, as with every stop on our journey, drinks were flowing, nibbles were enjoyed, and the OnePlus 5T was witnessed in its full glory. The festivities began for one final time as SuperSaf kicked off proceedings and our quiz on all things OnePlus started. After a close round, our winners emerged and were awarded tons of exclusive swag. But it was our final night, so we were feeling particularly generous, with everyone managing to get their hands on free accessories. The night ended in typical SuperSaf style, with a massive selfie to celebrate the final leg of our tour – thanks to everyone who celebrated with us in Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham!

    Strasbourg 2.jpg

    FRANCE: On the final day of the France KOL Tour, we visited the largest city of the Grand Est region of France: Strasbourg. Having the event hosted at the local bar in the beating heart of the city, 'Le Trollybus' – we were greeted by all types of people and all ages to come meet us to share a few drinks (and soft drinks of course) to talk about all things technology and OnePlus. The final day was overwhelming for us as the crowd filled the whole space of the venue and were also full of energy, thrilled to be in the presence of one of France’s biggest tech YouTubers and the OnePlus 5T. The night ended with us having a quiz with both OnePlus and Jojol. The enthusiasm and excitement from our fans was incredible - a night to definitely remember.

    Munich 3.jpg

    GERMANY: Last but not least: Munich. On the rooftop of the MotelOne hotel, we came together in the classy Cloud One Bar. It was an appropriate place to conclude our #EuroTour. Here we realised our promise once again to offer our fans #ANewView – literally and figuratively – as we were presenting the new OnePlus 5T above Munich’s rooftops. But despite these heady heights, we kept our OnePlus spirit down to earth. In interesting and inspiring talks, discussions and conversations we received valuable feedback from our guests while having an awesome time. This is what the #EuroTour was all about. And Munich was a worthy wrap-up. Huge thanks to everyone who came!


    ITALY: We rounded off the Italian Euro Tour in fine style yesterday as we hit-up the sunny city of Naples! At the very trendy Ondina Posillipo club, we once again welcomed more than one-hundred of you for a wonderful afternoon of drinks, snacks and OnePlus fun! Overlooking the bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius in the distance, the setting of the club provided guests with the perfect opportunity to capture some stunning landscape shots using the OnePlus 5T. With the weather staying beautifully clear, Andrea Galeazzi was then more than happy to host our Twitter quiz outdoors where 10 lucky winners walked away with backpacks full of OnePlus goodies. We were also happy to take some very interesting questions from guests about OnePlus and the 5T which we found truly valuable. You’ve done it again Italy- thanks for making this part of our Euro Tour incredibly special!

    As with everything we do, we welcome your feedback on how we can make our events even better. We can't wait to meet you all again, it may well be a lot sooner than you think... ;)

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    David S. , Nov 29, 2017 :
    We expect to have the video-summary ready tomorrow! We'll be publishing it on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube :D

    A bit hard to recognize without the captain hat... Just kidding! First person on the right side in Cologne, right? :p

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    hmrks , Nov 29, 2017 :
    Haha true but you recognized nevertheless! [e]1f60a[/e]
    It was easier for me as I was there too hehe
    perfectly hidden behind the head of the guy in the center :D

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    meatandy , Nov 29, 2017 :
    Cheers and Happy Holidays

    Maybe an American tour next time?

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    hmrks , Nov 29, 2017 :
    I'm absolutely in for a road trip!

    ..but need monez to get there first

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    jpswer , Nov 29, 2017 :
    It always amazes me how many people have awareness of OnePlus in more general population now. Even having people come to bars etc and chat about OnePlus seems crazy from where OnePlus started.

    Some general feedback on the Leeds Eurotour I
    It was really cool just chatting to other guys about OnePlus, free booze, free food and some random swag (I got some stickers and a t-shirt) were all really positive. Also was great getting to play with the OnePlus 5T (eventually). On the negative I think it could have been more structured in terms of people knowing what was happening, I know at least one guy I was talking with who left because it wasn't clear what was happening next etc. There was kind of a hey here's a sticker then you were left to kind of mingle around with no communication on if there was a quiz or the Asphalt thing for a long time. Then there were the technical issues which was fair enough and some swag got randomly handed out (I assume mostly stuff for the quiz winners).
    Maybe I had quite high expectations and since I'd travelled like an hour to get there I left a little flat and not sure I'd go to another.

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    woSch , Nov 30, 2017 :
    ... for all not knowing Cologne:

    Thanks @ OnePlus for EuroTour! We'll meet up again :)

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    script , Nov 30, 2017 :
    Finally, yeah. Next time I'll bring the hat with me.

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    pirata_1985 , Nov 30, 2017 :
    yes, I was in Rome thanks Oneplus. now my efforts are in the #roadtotop100 and #bigprize6,5k points

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    Democrito , Nov 30, 2017 :
    Next time, I hope to see the oneplus italian community also in Milan!!!

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    David S. , Nov 30, 2017 :
    Thanks for the feedback, will pass it on to Laura and Jack. I hope we can change your mind and amaze you at our next event!

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    woSch , Nov 30, 2017 :
    'next event' that sounds great :)
    Eurotour 2016 Düsseldorf
    Eurotour 2017 Cologne
    Eurotour 2018 ................ Thumbs up "Rheinland"

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    gaster , Nov 30, 2017 :
    Great post with such a nice pictues. I am jealous ^^. Seems you had a great time guys. Congratulations for the events and i hope they are gonna expand in the near future with well :)

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