Other Oneplus 5T lost by DHL - apparently delivered to nobody - Oneplus doing nothing

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    Cupcake Jan 4, 2018

    greatmelonlord , Jan 4, 2018 :
    Hi all, please forgive me if this isn't the proper section to post about this, I can't seem to create a thread in the general 5T section.

    DHL lost (or stole) my 128GB 5T but marked the package as delivered days later.
    I got an update email at around 11pm Dec 26th saying my 5T was delivered on the 22nd, but the proof of delivery DHL gives does not say who it was delivered to and has no signature. I didn't request they drop it without signature, and after dealing with Oneplus customer support over the past week, they've determined that they won't do anything since DHL says it's "delivered" (but still not where to).

    Before somebody says I need to go after DHL and not Oneplus, I have tried, and since I'm not their customer they can't help me.

    I've been dealing with this headache since my parcel initially went missing, and Oneplus has basically told me "DHL says it's delivered so that sucks but we're keeping your money." Before Paypal calls me back and I go through them for a refund, somebody told me to post on the forums here since the mods can apparently help, but after dealing with Oneplus customer support I'm not very optimistic.

    I spent CAD $768 on my order and waited a week with customer support to be told "tough luck bud".

    DHL's proof of delivery: https://imgur.com/ch01iR9

    For anyone that wants more info, I've posted two threads on the Oneplus subreddit about my issue, and I'll link them here (mods please remove if this isn't allowed):

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