Oneplus 5t Oxygenos 5.0.3 PROS and CONS!!!

  1. G_ag_5t
    Gingerbread Feb 4, 2018

    G_ag_5t , Feb 4, 2018 :
    Guys so after updating from 4.7.6 to 5.0.3 and using it for a considerable amount of time here are the Pros and Cons that i have noticed.I have followed all the proper steps to be taken before and after the update installation to have a bug free experience.I have already mentioned those steps in my previous posts.

    1-Battery life has improved.The battery drain is reduced compared to 4.7.6.Even after heavy usage which includes wifi,calling, watching movie,playing modern combat 5, there is a lot of power left over which i am happy about.

    2- I have noticed improvement in the camera quality especially in video department.The video stabilization has been evidently improved.Earlier while panning the camera,during recording in 4k there was lot of stuttering.Now there is very less or ifnot zero stutter while panning.Video recording had become lot more smooth and stable

    3- Google pixel 2 camera app is completely working without any issues.In earlier update the google camera app was showing error when using front camera.Now there is no such issue.

    4- Quick settings icon is available at the top corner with a single swipe.Earlier we had to swip down twice to us it.

    5- There is a new feature of switch data card for those who use dual sims in quick settings and it is very easy to switch between sims as it takes just one tap.

    6- The vibration of the fingerprint sensor has been deactivated while taping.It feels snappier now

    7- App loading speed is slightly improved than before.

    8- Swipe down fingerprint sensor for notifications gesture used be a hit or miss in the earlier update.Now it has become consistent.Good job by oneplus over there.

    9- There is no network,wifi or Bluetooth issues.

    1-The oneplus icon pack has changed and some of the appes are given circular profiles.The apps are contained in a circular white background which i personally dont like as there is no uniformity.

    2-When you select the date on homescreen, the calendar app is not opening.Earlier it used to but not after the update.Not an issue for me though
    3- I feel the font size is slightly reduced.

    Thats it.I Havent faced any issues after the update infact it has only improved my usage experience.So Onplus has done a great job by pushing this update.Kindly follow the right procedure of installing the update to have a bug free experience.

  2. Y1514190339477
    Gingerbread Feb 4, 2018

    Y1514190339477 , Feb 4, 2018 :
    Thanks for the review have not yet received the update but yeah oneplus is providing amazing updates which are totally stable. I think now here patience is always the key if you want stable things.

  3. Qiu Antoine
    Gingerbread Feb 4, 2018

  4. G_ag_5t
    Gingerbread Feb 4, 2018

    G_ag_5t , Feb 4, 2018 :
    Yes brother it is very stable and bug free.Just follow the right steps to install it.Btw i used opera vpn app to obtain the update.Just download the app.select germany or canada and go to settings and check update.Boom!! u will receive it.There is absolutely no difference between vpn update or normal stock update.So feel free to use vpn

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  5. Deactivated User
    Feb 4, 2018

  6. G_ag_5t
    Gingerbread Feb 4, 2018

  7. Federico_Gallegioni
    Eclair Feb 4, 2018

    Federico_Gallegioni , Feb 4, 2018 :
    I agree with you. I want to add a negative aspect: Toggles were better before, now to select WiFi network you have to long press and go in the settings app, the same for Bluetooth or data usage and there is no more a battery toggle to see the usage.

  8. X1517759191117
    Cupcake Feb 4, 2018

    X1517759191117 , Feb 4, 2018 :
    i installed opera vpn app and selected germany but still it shows your phn is up to date. plz help how to get oreo update?

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  9. Xavierpony
    Gingerbread Feb 4, 2018

  10. paulomodesto
    Jelly Bean Feb 4, 2018

    paulomodesto , Feb 4, 2018 :
    It is a great update, now I'm waiting for stable update with gestures for replace screen buttons.
    And I wish more quick tiles accent color options, we need more quick tiles accent color options, like the Red option on Star Wars model.
    And I want back the black background of quick tiles when selected Dark theme, just like it was on Android Nougat.
    with gestures there is no way to switch off screen by virtual key shortcut like I have right now, so a double tap on status bar or home screen to switch off screen is a good idea.

  11. G_ag_5t
    Gingerbread Feb 4, 2018

    G_ag_5t , Feb 4, 2018 :
    Try with canada or netherlands then

  12. gregsrush
    Cupcake Feb 4, 2018

    gregsrush , Feb 4, 2018 :
    Are the picture in picture mode & smart text selection feature working? Just asking
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  13. Mohta.am
    Gingerbread Feb 4, 2018

    Mohta.am , Feb 4, 2018 :
    hi everyone after updating 5.0.3 I am facing network issue before update in same place I am using 4g network with super fast speed but in Oreo my op 5t in auto mode only show 2g net some time 3g but not 4g speed also reduce pl.fix this issue.

  14. X1517759191117
    Cupcake Feb 4, 2018

  15. Gaurav Agarwal09
    Cupcake Feb 4, 2018

    Gaurav Agarwal09 , Feb 4, 2018 :
    update is pretty stable and battery life and other pros are as per stated above.
    the only issue i'm facing is that even when set at ring mode, my phone doesn't actually ring, neither during incoming calls nor messages (not even for whatsapp). It still vibrates. It used to work fine earlier though.

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  16. aakashsood
    Jelly Bean Feb 4, 2018

    aakashsood , Feb 4, 2018 :
    Long press battery icon and Bam!!

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  17. mbpunjabi
    Eclair Feb 4, 2018

    mbpunjabi , Feb 4, 2018 :
    i have not noticed any improvements in picture quality from the stock camera app

  18. sarathsnairxyz
    Eclair Feb 4, 2018

    sarathsnairxyz , Feb 4, 2018 :
    Hi.. I have couple of questions rewarding the update. Could you please clarity.

    1. What are the steps you took while updating to 5.0.3? Currently I am in 4.7.6. Should I factory reset after update? Or clear cache? Can you specify those steps?

    2. Can you give the exact link to the Google Camera app which works on OnePlus 5T without root. I saw the link you posted above but it has lot of versions. Can you put the exact link to the apk file also the settings.

    3. Could you please confirm whether the HDR+ works on both front and rear cameras. because there are lots of versions and settings in the XDA thread. And some need root and magisk module to be flashed.

  19. G_ag_5t
    Gingerbread Feb 4, 2018

    G_ag_5t , Feb 4, 2018 :
    Yes they are perfectly working...

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  20. aakashsood
    Jelly Bean Feb 4, 2018