Other Oneplus 5t Problem with calls.

  1. LokoPoeta
    Donut Feb 16, 2018

    LokoPoeta , Feb 16, 2018 :
    Since I upgraded my Oneplus 5T to Android Oreo I am having problems with calls. The problem is that the audio is distorted during the calls (I stop listening to the other person) and the communication is cut off constantly. I already tried in places where I have good signal reception but the problem persists. Anyone else has this problem or is there something informed by the community? Does anyone know how to solve it?

  2. wired_dreams
    Eclair Feb 16, 2018

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  3. LokoPoeta
    Donut Feb 19, 2018

    LokoPoeta , Feb 19, 2018 :
    How can i do to turn off? Thanks in advance!

  4. wired_dreams
    Eclair Feb 23, 2018

    wired_dreams , Feb 23, 2018 :
    Sorry.. I couldn't check your query before.

    goto settings -> SIM & network settings.

    there you can see a switch for VOLTE (use volte when available)

    you can turn it off.

    I observed many issues with calls on airtel network when volte is on. I turned it off and have not faced any call issues after that.

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