OnePlus 5T rebooting on its own.

  1. ubnarayan Eclair Nov 29, 2017

    ubnarayan, Nov 29, 2017 :
    Bought 5T yesterday. After setting up today I notice it's rebooting on it's own. Faced this issue twice in almost 3 hrs. Can someone confirm if this is happening to them as well? What's the solution to this?

  2. Kcasper Eclair Nov 29, 2017

  3. G_PM7Gaming_vpja Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 29, 2017

  4. Jeet77 Jelly Bean Nov 29, 2017

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  5. yaparla15 Gingerbread Nov 29, 2017

  6. G_David_Jensen_bclX Cupcake Nov 29, 2017

  7. Riz_Khan Cupcake Dec 2, 2017

    Riz_Khan, Dec 2, 2017 :
    Happened with me as well. Did a Cache wipe, worked well for few days but has started rebooting again randomly.

  8. Chaotic_Mind Froyo Dec 2, 2017

    Chaotic_Mind, Dec 2, 2017 :
    Got mine in. No problem.If wiping the cache partitions do not fix the issues then it sounds like a case of a corrupted ROM. I would say to flash in a fresh copy but downloads of them for this phone have yet to be provided.

  9. PramodNarendra Honeycomb Dec 2, 2017

  10. BenNeverSettle Gingerbread Dec 2, 2017

    BenNeverSettle, Dec 2, 2017 :
    Just got my phone yesterday evening. Works amazingly, no a single reboot or drop. However, it's recommended to perform a factory reset as it comes brand new. You have nothing to lose. Even after installing stable OTAs.

  11. Y1510905957201 Cupcake Dec 3, 2017

    Y1510905957201, Dec 3, 2017 :
    I have the same problem, my op5t reboot without using it. I have done the wipe data but it doesn't work for me. :(

  12. Riz_Khan Cupcake Dec 10, 2017

  13. vembryrsig Cupcake Dec 25, 2017

    vembryrsig, Dec 25, 2017 :
    I have the same problem, phone even got stuck in a reboot loop for a while. Hard reset helped a little bit but after half a day it rebooted in my pocket. I hope they will release an official patch soon so that I don't have to apply for RMA.

  14. montythebrave Froyo Dec 26, 2017

    montythebrave, Dec 26, 2017 :
    I was on a call and it rebooted, I thought maybe it was the included cover that was holding the power button down or something but maybe it was this bug your referring to.

  15. Rouxinolli Cupcake Dec 26, 2017

    Rouxinolli, Dec 26, 2017 :
    Yeah I got this problem..well not anymore, since the phone wont even boot up anymore. These reboots started happening two days ago and guess the last reboot was truly the last

  16. hteink.min Cupcake Dec 26, 2017

    hteink.min, Dec 26, 2017 :
    Got my phone on 23rd, days before xmas. Guess what, it has been restarting by itself on the day 2 and freeze log in, once on home screen it reboots again several times!! ARRRRGGHHHH, I updated to latest OS on day 1. Tried reinstalling the factory reset, reboot cool down abit, but today it restarts again and freeze when I log in, unable to type even SIM pin. The most annoying thing is, I am worrying will the phone reboots during my work, I got paid by talking on the phone, mostly high official waiting for me to answer their call on the other side. I could get fired if it reboots while I am talking and unable to return to home screen. Going to return the product to operator Elisa tomorrow and see whether they will replace me with new one. My friend also bought the same phone on same day and he has no problem with it. So only me and of course and those who reading this forum now! ;/

    Everytime, you tried hard reset. All the shortcuts and all the bookmarks. Well... from the begining! Now I just left my phone like that, no more energy to replace all the icons where they belong, cause you never know what is going to happen with this phone again! If Elisa replace me with new 5T, I will try again cause I like the phone. But if the problem remains, well, I have to say Goodbye ;(

  17. hteink.min Cupcake Dec 26, 2017

    hteink.min, Dec 26, 2017 :
    me too same problem here in Finland.

  18. hteink.min Cupcake Dec 26, 2017

    hteink.min, Dec 26, 2017 :
    This scares me the most, pls do not happen when I answer calls.

  19. pjsme Eclair Jan 6, 2018

  20. G_unduh_film_OgZL Cupcake Jan 12, 2018

    G_unduh_film_OgZL, Jan 12, 2018 :
    Me too, I think this coming from hardware issue, mostly when the phone temperature is going high, the phone going to freeze then rebooting, and it's happen 3 - 6 times, in just less than 3 minutes.

    Actually, it's suck, hope OnePlus team hear they customers voices.

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