[OnePlus 5T][ROM][OTA][Oxygen OS] Mirrors for official Oxygen OS ROMs and OTA updates

  1. x7007 Cupcake Jan 24, 2019

    x7007, Jan 24, 2019 :
    Is the 9.0.3 is official latest , not beta ? everything fixed from old 9.0.1 9.0.2 ?

  2. viciousmagician Cupcake Jan 25, 2019

    viciousmagician, Jan 25, 2019 :
    I let the 9.0.3 OTA install and didn't like it so I have went back to 5.1.7 but I want to make sure there isn't any kind of updates that could be done to even if it is beta. Is there anything newer? At what OB version did it become Android P based?

  3. mihajlo123456 Cupcake Jan 25, 2019

    mihajlo123456, Jan 25, 2019 :

  4. Suhoy571 Cupcake Jan 26, 2019

    Suhoy571, Jan 26, 2019 :
    Hi guys, I just updated my OnePlus 5T to Android 9.0.3. I dont like it, so i want to downgrade my phone, to previous version, what firmware I need to download? Thank you (Root rights to the phone did not install and did not flash)
    Do I need to download this firmware ?

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  5. Spannaa KitKat Jan 28, 2019

    Spannaa, Jan 28, 2019 :
    Flash the signed flashable zip of the version you were on before upgrading.

    If it was 5.1.7, then flash this, but you'll need to wipe data and both caches before you flash it or you'll have problems afterwards.

  6. ultrahandsome Cupcake Feb 13, 2019

    ultrahandsome, Feb 13, 2019 :
    Thanks for your share, which one of these version is the latest stable OxygenOS Oreo 8.1? Or should I use the signed rom?
    I'm using Pie Beta 23 atm