oneplus 5t vs one plus 2.

  1. Panda_Learns
    Gingerbread Nov 24, 2017

    Panda_Learns , Nov 24, 2017 :
    I have recently upgraded from OP2 to OP5t. I have been using it for last two days.
    Is it a big change? you bet it is.

    However there are some software tweaks that OP2 had , was really useful, which is a miss in OP5 OP5t.
    on the top of my head, I will say the sim data change in the notification. A one touch option, here takes a little time with two extra touches. #firstWorldProblem ?:)

    I have fairly big hands but sometimes I do struggle to get to the top of the screen to bring down the notification panel. I believe a six inch screen, is little big for some people.

    One of the best feature that returns to the OOS. Audio tuner. An inbuilt eq that has been added to the settings. That works really well. I would have liked it if I could create short cut to access it faster.

    Settings has been revealed with easy navigation . there is a side bar present in the left side if the screen, just like a tablet. That is really helping when moving through the settings.

    Face unlock.
    lovely feature, but works less for me. Fails when my face is facing downward a bit , when I use Over ear headphones, It is a struggle with glasses as the eye detection faces issue. I hope it will get better .

    Depth photo.
    The artificial blurring is somewhat artificial. Edges get blurred easily and , the bokeh is clearly different. As a part time photography enthusiast, the bokeh is weird to me as the blurring is somewhat same from a meter after object to infinity.

    loving the phone.
    I will keep on adding when I get more details. Please feel free to ask anything.

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  2. Neeraj_meena
    Froyo Nov 24, 2017

    Neeraj_meena , Nov 24, 2017 :
    you don't have to go up to the edge, you can slide down anywhere on the screen to bring down your notification panal.

  3. Dunnow
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Nov 24, 2017

    Dunnow , Nov 24, 2017 :
    That is native to Android tho. Since Android 7, the promised version we never got on the OP2 ;)

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  4. Panda_Learns
    Gingerbread Nov 24, 2017

    Panda_Learns , Nov 24, 2017 :
    I had no idea.[e]1f60a[/e]

  5. Panda_Learns
    Gingerbread Nov 24, 2017

    Panda_Learns , Nov 24, 2017 :
    I am trying it in applications, there can't slide in side screen. :)
    I should have cleared in the thread. Thanks for the comment.

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