OnePlus 6/6T - Share Your Home Screen Thread !!

  1. vteccorp Eclair Apr 28, 2019

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  2. XXVPOLY Cupcake Apr 28, 2019

  3. desteves48 Cupcake Apr 28, 2019

  4. X1554548747773 Cupcake Apr 29, 2019

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  5. Akash2138 Donut Apr 29, 2019

    Akash2138, Apr 29, 2019 :
    after PIE update tht option is removed , tht was working on oreo

  6. El_Baptisto Froyo Apr 29, 2019

    El_Baptisto, Apr 29, 2019 :
    Linebit icon pack
    Wallaper from amoled wallpaper
    Widget : custom widget (comfortaa script) made with KWGT pro

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  7. joropamporo Donut Apr 29, 2019

  8. IamRehan Cupcake Apr 29, 2019

  9. X1556581665228 Cupcake Apr 30, 2019

    X1556581665228, Apr 30, 2019 :
    my display turned in black and white mode... kindly help me to resolve it. or how to reset back in normal. all apps are open in black and white color .


  10. G_Nathen_Badalaty_YWDh Cupcake Apr 30, 2019

  11. E1534082695454 Donut Apr 30, 2019

  12. Dummyxl Froyo Apr 30, 2019

    Dummyxl, Apr 30, 2019 :

    Nova laucher.
    OnePlus widget
    launchy widget (also on dock)
    Alarm widget digital clock widget. (only visible when there is an active alarm set)
    Notification widget nils (only visible when there are messages, side loaded officially not available on Android oreo but the widget works fine)

    The bottom widget can be swiped up and than i have 3 more toggles, one for quick notifications, one for quick settings and one for hiding the top bar icons (see both screenshots)


    Homescreen: minimal state
    OnePlus widget.
    Launchy widget (also on dock)

    Left homescreen, 4x launchy widgets al scrollable for more apps.
    Right screen financial yahoo widgets, today weather widget also another launchy widget.

    Swipe up fast menu from nova

    App drawer from nova.

    Also i have 2 dock pages, main is seen in the screenshot, and one with quick access for people to call.


    That's about it for today.

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  13. W1554728066846 Cupcake Apr 30, 2019

  14. St_Jacob Froyo Apr 30, 2019

  15. X1529816244588 Cupcake May 1, 2019

  16. arkedk Eclair May 1, 2019

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  17. tj1707 Froyo May 1, 2019

  18. arkedk Eclair May 1, 2019

    arkedk, May 1, 2019 :
    I've noticed that. You can get it to work by opening in browser, and if you have the wallzy app installed it will ask to open in that. I've notified the dev of the app on this issue.

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  19. O1556743439430 Cupcake May 1, 2019

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  20. AndrewChettiar Eclair May 2, 2019

    AndrewChettiar, May 2, 2019 :
    I could not get the pixel wallpaper app to work... So u just downloaded the app from playstore and it worked?