OnePlus 6 Android P beta BUG LIST

  1. shishilpatel
    Cupcake Aug 21, 2018

    shishilpatel , Aug 21, 2018 :

    Read my above comments for solution

  2. Twan_Luttik
    Eclair Aug 22, 2018

  3. H1534501226319
    Cupcake Oct 2, 2018

    H1534501226319 , Oct 2, 2018 :
    Totally very bad AP. There is nothing correct way of communication inbwtwein hardware and software. This need to be address soon or Android p is waste.

    Nothing to describe about the issues your team is expect to find it.

  4. chazey2
    Jelly Bean Oct 2, 2018

    chazey2 , Oct 2, 2018 :
    Totally sensible post
    "Nothing to describe about the issues your team is expect to find it" for me I don't have hardly any issues but then nothing to describe to help you as I expect you to find the answers!

  5. WesleyLambeck
    Cupcake Oct 3, 2018

    WesleyLambeck , Oct 3, 2018 :
    Parallel apps isn't working over here anymore. When i switch it on for apps it just duplicates the same app. It won't create a new one, so when i open it it will just open the normal app and im already logged in and stuff. I tried rebooting and tried it on other apps too. At the beginning it worked but not anymore.

  6. sumudas36
    Cupcake Oct 6, 2018

    sumudas36 , Oct 6, 2018 :
    after the android pie beta update my camera video quality is very very bad seriously

  7. KartikS_Cool_Stuff_
    Cupcake Oct 10, 2018

    KartikS_Cool_Stuff_ , Oct 10, 2018 :
    Also there is 1 more problem i would likr to tell you.. the camera's live photo feature.. in which the software intelligently changed the frame.. to get a less blur image .. is now not working

  8. paramji
    Cupcake Oct 10, 2018