oneplus 6 auto brightness problem

  1. LtrAdrian Cupcake Jun 2, 2018

    LtrAdrian, Jun 2, 2018 :
    i have to ajust the brightness a little higher every time i unlock the phone because the auto brightness function keeps the screen more dim that it should. is there a fix for this?

  2. Filepp Donut Jun 2, 2018

    Filepp, Jun 2, 2018 :
    No, same problem, is often too dark for me. We hope in a fix with next updates

  3. aksshah2004 Froyo Jun 2, 2018

    aksshah2004, Jun 2, 2018 :
    This may be a software problem. Although, I do recommend that you try cleaning all the sensors carefully in the so-called 'notch' area with a microfiber cloth. If this doesn't help, don't worry. I am actually loving the auto brightness feature on my OP 6 and it's working perfectly to my need. This should get fixed in a future software update, hopefully. I advise you to close this thread after you have cleaned the sensors of your phone. Thanks.

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  4. tfarley01 Froyo Jun 3, 2018

  5. baadnewz Froyo Jun 3, 2018

    baadnewz, Jun 3, 2018 :
    yes it is too low, i contacted the support regrading this and my ticket is still open.

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  6. MA5YK Donut Jun 7, 2018

    MA5YK, Jun 7, 2018 :
    it's been broken since OnePlus 3. Nothing anyone can do about it, though I fail to understand how difficult it would be have a setting for a *minimum* level of brightness.

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  7. manuelsal Cupcake Jun 7, 2018

    manuelsal, Jun 7, 2018 :
    I have the same problem I have to disable the auto brightness because is to quick and too sensitive, often the screen is too dark, quite disappointed.

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  8. EABowden Honeycomb Jun 7, 2018

    EABowden, Jun 7, 2018 :
    Auto brightness is basically unusable because the default setting is too dark.

    There should be a setting to adjust the minimum level to a personal preference.

  9. baadnewz Froyo Jun 7, 2018

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  10. Josusa09 Donut Jun 7, 2018

    Josusa09, Jun 7, 2018 :
    same here. I would like to use it but it keeps putting the brightness to low. I hope that with the Android P AI Brightness learning this can change

  11. Snippets69 Eclair Jun 8, 2018

    Snippets69, Jun 8, 2018 :
    Auto-brightness is terribly implemented. Not nearly sensitive enough. If I manually adjust auto-brightness higher, I can go from a decently lit room to complete darkness and the brightness doesn't adjust at all.

    Seriously feel like I just bought a piece of junk. Nice hardware, but silly software.

    This auto brightness issue combined with the terrible camera app (no manual video? What?)... No way I'll be keeping this junk.

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  12. Sergio Sonego Froyo Jun 8, 2018

  13. josh77 Donut Aug 21, 2018

    josh77, Aug 21, 2018 :
    Just got my OnePlus 6 yesterday. After my Galaxy S8+ which had very good auto brightness control, the OnePlus 6 is a fail. Come on guys. Surely this isn't rocket science.

  14. Ice_Coffee Gingerbread Aug 21, 2018

    Ice_Coffee, Aug 21, 2018 :
    auto brightness not up par with other flagships
    please fix
    Google maps too dark not auto adjusting how to see

  15. UtsavX Cupcake Aug 21, 2018

  16. JAGADISH BHATTA Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 21, 2018

    JAGADISH BHATTA, Aug 21, 2018 :
    use velis auto brightness app. One plus default auto brightness doesn't work properly

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  17. Waseem_Rifai Cupcake Oct 6, 2018

    Waseem_Rifai, Oct 6, 2018 :
    I have the opposite side of the story increase the brightness not decrease !!!
    For everyone is suffering of automatic brightness increment here the solution :
    Just go to Settings > Security & Lock Screen > Face Unlock > Disable Face Unlock.

  18. deangilvin Jelly Bean Oct 7, 2018

    deangilvin, Oct 7, 2018 :
    If you all had done even a simple search of the forum you would have found numerous threads on this issue and the reasons for it. You can all thank Google for it, they are the ones who made the change.

    If it bothers you that much, shut off adaptive brightness, set the setting where you want it and Bob's your Uncle.

    Otherwise, you need to take the time to READ what changes Google made and how it now works. This is not a bug, it's not a problem, it's how it is.

  19. nabbed Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 7, 2018

    nabbed, Oct 7, 2018 :
    Just don't update to Pie, it's a buggy POS with no excuse.

  20. MetalSir Honeycomb Oct 10, 2018