OnePlus 6 camera takes blurry and noisy pictures


Are you having issues with OnePlus 6 camera as described in this thread?

  1. Yes, I am having issues with camera taking blurry, noisy, and highly post processed pictures

  2. No, I am not having any issue with camera

  1. F_Amit_Shalat_fOrT
    Gingerbread Jul 3, 2018

  2. F_Amit_Shalat_fOrT
    Gingerbread Jul 3, 2018

    F_Amit_Shalat_fOrT , Jul 3, 2018 :
    Even i made a huge mistake by believing YouTube videos and buying OnePlus 5t. its nothing like shown in those videos. those videos are paid reviews.

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  3. badulla.p
    Gingerbread Jul 3, 2018

    badulla.p , Jul 3, 2018 :
    same here too. thanks for the detailed information. OnePlus pls consider this issue and fix it in next release

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  4. albmik
    Gingerbread Jul 3, 2018

    albmik , Jul 3, 2018 :
    "...In conclusion, it is a good camera, excellent for a 500 € phone, and we shouldn't complain a lot this year for that reason..."

    I think you've misunderstood the real issue.

    To say that the camera is ok for its price is absurd when it is a matter of development, not that the hardware is better or worse, more expensive or cheaper phone than other brands.

    It is not about comparing, in price range, with other phones, the real question is not whether the camera is better or worse than others in hardware, the question is of a better and successful development for better results. The hardware is there, is very good, another thing is to know (or want) through development how to get an optimal result.

    OnePlus has very good developers although I don't know if their technical resources are enough (in a matter of development).

  5. Aathif_Mahir
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 3, 2018

    Aathif_Mahir , Jul 3, 2018 :
    OnePlus needs huge work on Camera Department. Because when it comes to camera hardware they were pretty good but software algorithms still lacks

  6. 01baftb
    Gingerbread Jul 4, 2018

    Donut Jul 4, 2018

    HARSHANG22 , Jul 4, 2018 :
    after using the op5t from it's release, I m facing the camera issues. This is the only problem which is very serious because it has been advertised heavily.
    pls correct this asap. I don't want to get another phone just because of this.

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  8. W1529622827300
    Froyo Jul 4, 2018

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  9. JubaL_VW
    Froyo Jul 4, 2018

    JubaL_VW , Jul 4, 2018 :
    I have experienced all the same things here, but the one I dislike the most is the oversaturation. Promode is a nice work around for that sometimes but we dont have the ability to alter the saturation all that much in video. I would absolutely *love* a flat/s-log option for recording video (because I really dislike using crummy 3rd party apps for that)

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  10. F1527093299085
    Cupcake Jul 4, 2018

    F1527093299085 , Jul 4, 2018 :
    accept the reality, I m facing same issues

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  11. Dilshad Davood K
    Froyo Jul 4, 2018

    Dilshad Davood K , Jul 4, 2018 :
    finally you did it.....lot of people including me posted threads on the same issue but just 2 or 3 lines.... what you wrote here are the same everyone want to write here.... you guy did it very well and thank you.....hope OnePlus will read this and comes up with a good solution for all of these issues....

  12. theAlok
    Froyo Jul 4, 2018

    theAlok , Jul 4, 2018 :
    as in post it is said that in preview the picture looks good so it is software based problem!!

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  13. theAlok
    Froyo Jul 4, 2018

    theAlok , Jul 4, 2018 :
    i have the same issues the pictures look good in preview but after clicking the picture it loses its quality as defined in this place i think OnePlus will fix this in their next update!!!

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  14. cybreed
    Honeycomb Jul 4, 2018

    cybreed , Jul 4, 2018 :
    i have noticed issues especially with close ups. random sharpening and some fuzzying.

  15. HARSHANG22
    Donut Jul 4, 2018

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  16. dario m
    Cupcake Jul 4, 2018

    dario m , Jul 4, 2018 :
    I've already written several times about the OP6 camera, and with great honesty today I'm tempted to go and buy another phone, because this time I'm not at all satisfied with my smartphone. For me the photographic part is important, I need to work, of course I also have SLR cameras, but often the phone is more 'comfortable. I have already expressed my problems several times, sent the log files and everything I have been asked to do about OP, but patches have not yet been released and the camera still does not satisfy me. Now mine doesn't want to be a controversy, but OP instead of wanting to release 2 new phones a year without being able to treat and test them anymore, maybe he should go back to just one phone a year, but well groomed and working well.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2018

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  17. Bouncer71
    OnePlus 7 Pro Sample Shot Photographer Community Expert Jul 4, 2018

    Bouncer71 , Jul 4, 2018 :
    really good testing...!
    and nicely written too...!

    could you maybe provide the ISO and shutter speed values for each example...?
    that would be great...!

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  18. Jaffix
    Froyo Jul 4, 2018

    Jaffix , Jul 4, 2018 :
    Absolutely true. I remember a lot of similar problems on my op3. I think OnePlus just has a really bad development team on the camera.

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  19. Ramesu
    Cupcake Jul 4, 2018

  20. 01baftb
    Gingerbread Jul 4, 2018

    01baftb , Jul 4, 2018 :
    Thanks :) I saw many people post threads about this issue and YouTube reviews also mentioned it. I think OnePlus is doing a great job listening to its customers, but sometimes we have to provide information in a very descriptive and organized way for them to quickly understand what the problem is and fix it.

    By close ups, do you mean macro? With macro you may get blurriness.

    I updated thread so you can download actual files I transferred from OP6 and iPhone6s. You can look at the metadata of those files to find out the ISO, shutter speed, etc...

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