OnePlus 6 camera takes blurry and noisy pictures


Are you having issues with OnePlus 6 camera as described in this thread?

  1. Yes, I am having issues with camera taking blurry, noisy, and highly post processed pictures

  2. No, I am not having any issue with camera

  1. mothman.post@gma
    Eclair Dec 9, 2018

    mothman.post@gma , Dec 9, 2018 :

    1544360764836.jpg 1544360913226.jpg


    another example .. a crop of the 8X zoom on macro image of my keyboard key .. i used screen capture to crop (sorry)

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  2. rohitjha20
    Eclair Dec 9, 2018

  3. mothman.post@gma
    Eclair Dec 9, 2018

  4. F1544361667585
    Eclair Dec 9, 2018

  5. mothman.post@gma
    Eclair Dec 9, 2018

  6. F1544361667585
    Eclair Dec 9, 2018

    F1544361667585 , Dec 9, 2018 :
    Sorry I just posted the link without reading the thread, cause I wanted to spread gcam as much as possible lol. Sorry.

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  7. mothman.post@gma
    Eclair Dec 9, 2018

    mothman.post@gma , Dec 9, 2018 :



    i suspect that there is something off with the sensor gain .. despite that the ISO is not boosted that much

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  8. mothman.post@gma
    Eclair Dec 9, 2018

    mothman.post@gma , Dec 9, 2018 :

    in the system cam app . the iso is 320 three times that of GCAM (119).. but the shutter time is twice that of GCAM (1/50 sec for system app vs 1/100 sec for GCAM).. with the same lense opening f1.7
    and that the focus point is almost the same (face detected automatically) .. this i

    this simply means that the meatering is wrong in the system app .. higher ISO should mean less shutter time if lense opening is the same

  9. secario
    Cupcake Dec 10, 2018

    secario , Dec 10, 2018 :
    Good day .Same problem here even in the latest update and newer phone. I have OP6T and still photos is blurry

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  10. D1535745067269
    Donut Dec 10, 2018

    D1535745067269 , Dec 10, 2018 :
    1.) I think this could be thanks in large because of the sensor being optically stabilized.
    I know it sounds crazy but hear me out.
    When you fix the phone on a tripod or with support of another still surface, and zoom in all the way.. the image in the view finder would be moving slightly. this also causes my long exposure shots to look blurry.

    As this is a problem that all optically stable sensors undergo I don't think this could be fixed with a software update.

    2.) HDR processing on the stock camera app does nothing but lifts the shadows and dims the highlights.
    it doesn't really take multiple exposures like huawie and Google.
    this is not a comparative analysis. but I think something can be done about that.

  11. mothman.post@gma
    Eclair Dec 10, 2018

    mothman.post@gma , Dec 10, 2018 :
    This assumption does not explain the poor representation of colors or the lack of details. or the grayish blacks

    bad stabilization cause motion blur and focus issue only .. i still think it is the sensor gain orthe metering algorithm (the calculation of the amount of light based on the lense opening , iso and shutter time)

    On the other hand .. why our phones take awful photos while other OP6 phone take great ones?

  12. D1535745067269
    Donut Dec 10, 2018

    D1535745067269 , Dec 10, 2018 :
    honestly, I haven't been experiencing these problems to the extent to which your emotions are being expressed. I still think this phone takes excellent pictures (btw, I occasionally use the Google camera port).

    I advice you to try the pro mode with ideal settings with respect to the environment and compare it with the auto mode. if they're similar and not satisfactory, this might be a hardware issue that your unit may be experiencing.

  13. mothman.post@gma
    Eclair Dec 10, 2018

    mothman.post@gma , Dec 10, 2018 :
    My friend you are being subjective here

    I know that many OnePlus 6 units take great photos (l ook at https://photos.oneplus.com/gallery but choose the unedited ones) its a DXO 95 rated phone
    and maybe your phone can.

    but also I know that there are units like mine can not. simply because of lack of sharpness ,details and overprossing .. my phone would not exceed the DXO mark of the uppers of 80s .. (on bar with the GS7 for example) for details but inferior to it in the color representation. i would think of it as a problem of my phone HW or my photography skills but as i find a piece if software doing much better job i would objetivly think that there is other sort of issue with my unit and the units if most of the previous 1000 posters in this thread .. something i believe the manufacturer should help resolving it as the only honest thing to do.

    And of course i have tried the pro mode .. locking the ISO at a low value and forcing fast shutter speed.. this generally produces slighly better results but loses the dynamic range because it wide opens the lense even in perfect light conditions.not to mention the rediculus amount of time you need to take a shot

    several other posters and myself provided samples of the photos along with histograms and details but still we find many people come and say (no you are wrong my phone is perfect!)

    well .. congratulations!

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  14. D1535745067269
    Donut Dec 10, 2018

    D1535745067269 , Dec 10, 2018 :
    I never said my phone is perfect or superior in any way.
    I had not read the "1000's" of threads previously posted.
    Now that I have, I understand the problem and how the stock camera isn't living up to the expectations.
    I myself have compared the stock camera to the gcam port
    for example

    over here the stock camera(3:2) has taken a very balanced picture.
    and as mentioned by you, it does lack contrast quite a bit when compared to the one taken with the gcam port(16:9)
    I have no comments on the "lack of details" problem, since I am not experiencing it.

    I hope OnePlus notices this issue and fixes it ASAP.

  15. nabbed
    Honeycomb Dec 11, 2018

    nabbed , Dec 11, 2018 :
    I understand that there are 1000+ posts in this thread, but your questions may have already been answered in this thread before.
    I am sorry that I didn't read the entire history of your postings here, but I hope that I got the gist right. So, here's my take on these and other related issues.

    1) The original poster of this thread had issues with uniformity of focus in close-up shots, and I have been able to show that his problems were probably caused by poor quality optics in his particular phone unit. This is entirely the problem with hardware quality control by Oneplus. My particular unit is an international Silk White version, and had no such problem.

    This is also a problem that is random - you either get a good or a defective unit. Judging by professional reviews of OP6, this problem is not very common.

    2) The original poster correctly pointed out that Oneplus' post-processing algorithms tend to oversharpen the final jpeg image at the expense of detail - and especially, with low light shots. Good light level images are on par or even exceed the quality of other flagship phones - there are several pro reviews that demonstrate that. At the same time, low light level images also tend to use very high ISO and very short exposure, which exacerbates the problem with post-processing.

    This problem is universal. Every phone has this because it's software based. However, you can also use Google Cam, which, in its latest iteration (11/27 by Arnova82,) is simply excellent. The only thing that doesn't work is Slow Mo mode, but that may be due to the fact that I'm still running Oreo.

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  16. Hooper_Chheang
    Eclair Dec 18, 2018

    Hooper_Chheang , Dec 18, 2018 :
    This is a serious issue for me since I am a student and frequently use my phone to capture documents on flat surface. The camera seems to only focus on the middle part of the surface and radially blurred at the edge.
    I would really appreciate to see the improvement in. the next update soon.

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  17. Chinaroad
    Honeycomb Dec 18, 2018

    Chinaroad , Dec 18, 2018 :
    It's a well known issue unfortunately, and it cant be fixed with software, it's a hardware problem

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  18. Deactivated User
    Dec 18, 2018

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  19. Bouncer71
    OnePlus 7 Pro Sample Shot Photographer Community Expert Dec 18, 2018

    Bouncer71 , Dec 18, 2018 :
    Yes it's hardware, but it's not an issue..
    It is how it is and it's called perspective or lens distortion.
    The cause is the focal length...
    The closer to the subject the more visible...

    This will help for sure...

    but to increase the distance to the subject will even more...

    close up..


    a bit farther away...


    or use some OCR software to copy the text... ;D

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  20. rohitjha20
    Eclair Dec 20, 2018