OnePlus 6 Cover

  1. abhi2486
    Cupcake Jun 30, 2018

    abhi2486 , Jun 30, 2018 :
    Hello everyone,

    Please suggeste the oneplus 6 cover, which you have tested is best for the phone. coz I m still using the case provided by the company and wanted to change..

    So please some good suggestions..!!

    Thankyou.. :)

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  2. GoldenPlatinumAlloy
    Gingerbread Jun 30, 2018

    GoldenPlatinumAlloy , Jun 30, 2018 :
    I really like the Ironman case. Is quite rigid and gives the buttons tactile feedback. the shape also makes it easy for me to hold it while lying down, etc. the overall build quality is very nice. haven't dropped the phone that much, so don't know if it offers drop protection.

    The texture is also very nice. except for the Iron man face(which has a cheap plastic feel), the rest of the case has a matte finish.

    con: It doesn't have a large lip. So if you want to place it face down, you need to be mindful of where you place the phone. And the back is uneven, so you will have trouble using it placed on a table.

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  3. WarGod1842
    Honeycomb Jun 30, 2018

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  4. anesh007
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 30, 2018

    anesh007 , Jun 30, 2018 :
    close your eye and buy one plus ebony wood case, its awasome and phone looking is superb dont waste your time buy it
    yes it is expensive but great looking

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  5. GoldenPlatinumAlloy
    Gingerbread Jun 30, 2018

    GoldenPlatinumAlloy , Jun 30, 2018 :
    Wouldn't recommend that. I have a dbrand skin. it offers zero protection. It does have a very nice texture to it and helps a bit in holding the phone.(I found the glass back was very slippery and becomes awkwardly sticky with handoil. And looks bad with the fingerprints all over it. A skin definitely helps with that. But a case is always advisable of you plan on using the phone for some time.

    And no most cases don't make the phone feel heavier. Maybe a bit bigger, but definitely not heavier.

  6. nienkos
    Eclair Jun 30, 2018

    nienkos , Jun 30, 2018 :
    i've got a spigen and it's very nice !
    good conception, résistant, perfect size, and nice on hands.

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  7. Y1529019265986
    Donut Jun 30, 2018

  8. WarGod1842
    Honeycomb Jun 30, 2018

    WarGod1842 , Jun 30, 2018 :
    I'm lucky. I have a great grip with the skin applied. And it doesn't slide off either :)

    I guess it ends as personal opinion , if you want a case or not... :)

    I don't use case/ Screen protector/ Tempered glass.


    I'm enjoying every part of it.

  9. Irshadali
    Donut Jun 30, 2018

    Irshadali , Jun 30, 2018 :

    Best case I personally using.

    You can check it on my YouTube Channel "PhoneRefer"

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  10. saireddy
    Cupcake Jun 30, 2018

    saireddy , Jun 30, 2018 :
    go for inbase cases they had case with tempered glass mounted in the back too

  11. onelund
    Eclair Jun 30, 2018

  12. WarGod1842
    Honeycomb Jun 30, 2018

  13. onelund
    Eclair Jun 30, 2018

    onelund , Jun 30, 2018 :
    hm since i live in sweden i payed 179 sek around 20usd with free shipping and got it delivered the next day

  14. khalid2509
    Froyo Jun 30, 2018

    khalid2509 , Jun 30, 2018 :
    Is it compatible with any of the full screen tempered glass ?

  15. Necropolitan
    Cupcake Jun 30, 2018

    Necropolitan , Jun 30, 2018 :
    With the Ringke Fusion I found the volume keys nearly impossible to hit and press.
    I'm currently using Tudia Merge. Perfect in every aspect.

  16. abhi2486
    Cupcake Jun 30, 2018

    abhi2486 , Jun 30, 2018 :

    Is the case to thick because I want some slick case. just to know ur opening..

  17. abhi2486
    Cupcake Jun 30, 2018

    abhi2486 , Jun 30, 2018 :
    can I get the link of the seller.


  18. prathamraz
    Froyo Jun 30, 2018

  19. cjavierin
    Donut Jun 30, 2018

  20. thetonyclifton
    Froyo Jul 1, 2018

    thetonyclifton , Jul 1, 2018 :
    Really depends what you want and like:

    If you want OEM and the case being an extension of the phone, then the Oneplus cases are your best bet. Red silicon is the 'on brand' choice, sandstone for the miniminalist, OG style, Nylon for more protection and the popular choice but because it is popular also bit more challenging to get hold of.

    Spigen for budget Amazon friendly choice balancing protection with bulk.

    If you want minimalist and cheap - Nillkin

    If you want actual protection then Otterbox but personally I would wait for or pre-order the Rhinoshield as it is a slimmer, cleaner case.