[OnePlus 6 Red Giveaway] The #ReadyforRed Hunt

  1. Jack P.
    Staff Staff Member Jul 3, 2018

    Jack P. , Jul 3, 2018 :

    The Limited Edition OnePlus 6 Red is here! To celebrate our boldest and most eye-catching colour yet, we’re giving you the chance to win your own.

    Are you #ReadyforRed? Starting from 9am on Wednesday 4th July, we’re taking over London and Manchester to hold 2 treasure hunts, where the ultimate prize will be on offer – the OnePlus 6 Red.

    Simply crack the clues to find the red ‘Never Settle’ stickers we’ve hidden around each city to be in for a chance to win the latest version of the OnePlus 6.

    Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 16.55.27.png


    • There will be 2 hunts happening in 2 city centres: London and Manchester.
    • The London hunt will begin at 9am on Wednesday 4th July, ending at 8pm on Thursday 5th July.
    • The Manchester hunt will begin at 9am on Friday 6th July and will run until 8pm on Saturday 7th July.
    • There will be 3 clues provided on the OnePlus UK Twitter page for each city, describing 3 different locations. At these locations, a RED OnePlus ‘Never Settle’ sticker will be found.
    • The first person in each hunt to find all the clues will win the brand new OnePlus 6 Red.
    • Once a sticker is found, players must tweet and include the following:
      • A selfie of them next to the OnePlus sticker
      • Tag @OnePlus_UK
      • Include the name of the location
      • Include the hashtag #ReadyforRed
    • The first person in each city to find all three clues following the above steps before the time is up, will win a OnePlus 6 Red!
    • Make sure to follow @OnePlus_UK to keep track of all the clues! We’ll let you know with each clue what time the next clue will be posted, so keep an eye out!
    • The first clue for London will be announced on OnePlus’ UK Twitter page at 9am on Wednesday and for Manchester at 9am on Friday.
    • Please note that this competition is for UK residents only.
    Good luck and happy hunting!

    Jack P

  2. superplus
    English POC Assistant Head Moderator Jul 3, 2018

    superplus , Jul 3, 2018 :
    Exciting stuff, sounds like so much fun. Was gutted to have missed the one in Amsterdam, heard great things about it from those who could attend. And glad to see it's not just in London this time, but we're also getting some love up north. Sadly I can't participate, but all the best to those hunting around! :cool:

  3. obakesan
    Jelly Bean Jul 3, 2018

    obakesan , Jul 3, 2018 :
    I'll be hunting around for this one, just for fun of it, anyone else hunting tomorrow in London?

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    Cupcake Jul 3, 2018

  5. Jack P.
    Staff Staff Member Jul 4, 2018

    Jack P. , Jul 4, 2018 :
    The London hunt has begun! Here's the first clue:
    Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 07.18.52.png
    Watch out for the next clue, dropping on the OnePlus UK Twitter page at 4pm!

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  6. GopalB.
    Nougat Jul 4, 2018

    GopalB. , Jul 4, 2018 :
    I missed it...
    I was just in London too... I've never been to london in my entire life...

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  7. Jack P.
    Staff Staff Member Jul 4, 2018

    Jack P. , Jul 4, 2018 :
    It's not too late to get involved! The London hunt is on until tomorrow at 8pm. The OnePlus 6 Red will be given to the first person to find all the clues :)

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  8. superplus
    English POC Assistant Head Moderator Jul 4, 2018

    superplus , Jul 4, 2018 :
    well that seems like an easy start :p

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  9. russell_anam
    Cupcake Jul 4, 2018

  10. Jack P.
    Staff Staff Member Jul 4, 2018

    Jack P. , Jul 4, 2018 :
    The second clue has arrived! Can you guess where this location is?
    The final clue in the London hunt will be revealed at 12pm tomorrow! Good luck ;)

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  11. obakesan
    Jelly Bean Jul 5, 2018

    obakesan , Jul 5, 2018 :
    bah, my planned hunt didn't work out yesterday, so I will have to hunt today after work, now, will I find them all before time runs out.....

    too late, well it was doomed to fail in the first place, working a 9 to 5 job doesn't give much time to run around London, but ironically it does provide the income to buy one anyway, though a free one is better ;) good luck everyone
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  12. Jack P.
    Staff Staff Member Jul 6, 2018