OnePlus 6 Sound stops working, a continue beep starts, black screen and then rebooted. via OnePlus 6

  1. Navas_
    Cupcake Feb 25, 2020

    Navas_ , via OnePlus 6 , Feb 25, 2020 :
    Hello. Today i had an issue with my OP6. A part with the random reboots which i hate but I can't solve, today when i was watching Netflix (never happened, been using netflix for over a year) the video stopped. Obviously as the video stopped the audio did too, but when it stopped then a very strange beep started sounding. After a few seconds of constant beep and freezed phone, the screen turned black and the phone rebooted. OnePlus has been my favourite phones since OnePlus 3, and I've never had so many issues with a phone than with this OnePlus 6. If you have any solves for the random rebooting too, let me know please, i would love to fix them.

  2. DrJMun
    KitKat Feb 26, 2020

    DrJMun , Feb 26, 2020 :
    Running what OS? Have you tried clearing the Netflix cache? Is this a recent update?

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