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    derLenno , May 28, 2018 :
    Sooo, what's the topic today? Let's take a quick look at the timetable...

    - Speed -
    What would you expect from a phone that is launched under the slogan "The Speed You Need"? What would you expect from a OnePlus phone? What would you expect from a phone that runs a Snapdragon 845? See.
    To be honest, I had a hard time figuring out what to write today. Everybody knows that this device is super fast. It makes my OnePlus 5 feel slow - a thing I could have never thought about. So, with that out of the way, I will write about the details. The details one does not notice, the super important ones.


    The Hardware Side of Things

    Alert Slider, Fingerprint Sensor, Face Unlock.
    The hardware is all about using your phone as fast as possible. Or better to say, as seamless as possible.

    How do you access a generic phone?
    • First option: Press a button, wait for Face ID to unlock your phone, look at an animation, swipe up.
    • Second option: Press a button, put your thumb on the fingerprint reader, look at an animation.
    • Third option: Press a button, swipe up, put your code or pattern, look at an animation.

    With the OnePlus 6, it works this way:
    • First option: Put your thumb on the fingerprint scanner.
    • Second option: Press a button.
    The marketing figures provided by OnePlus say that fingerprint unlock works in 0.2 seconds. Face unlock should only take about 0.4 seconds. Pretty impressive. I don't even know what I have set as my lockscreen wallpaper - I never see it anyways!

    As you can see, hardware on the OnePlus 6 is focused on reducing the steps needed to do things. The alert slider works that way, too. Instead of muting your phone by powering the display on and triggering a software toggle, you just change the slider position. I often switch between the vibration mode and DND. With the slider, it's a just a simple finger movement. No more searching for software switches.

    OnePlus Fast Charge. And the triumphal march continues! Ever since the OnePlus 3, charging speed has been a main focus of OnePlus devices. You know, A Day's Power...
    Fast Charge changed my charging habits from charging over night to just charging once in the morning, for half an hour, when I am getting ready for the day. Imagine the boys are calling - time to have a spontaneous meet-up! Your best friend will pick you up in 15 minutes and you have only 20% left. No problem. Not waiting for your phone also applies to charging here, which I personally love and consider one of the most important things by now.

    The Software Side of Things

    Details in software matter to me. You will notice once I put my OxygenOS review up. Doing things as seamlessly as possible is not limited to hardware. Here's a collection of things that make the software feels so fast.

    1. OnePlus Launcher
      You can simply swipe down to open the notification shade.

    2. Set custom long-press and double-tap actions for buttons
      I have set the back button to open the notification center on a long press. The recents button toggles split screen on long press.

    3. Screen-off gestures
      I do not use all of them, but for example the flash light gesture is super useful.

    4. Double press power button to open camera
      It's just so fast!

    5. Camera capture speed
      OnePlus was very glad to announce that taking portrait pictures is faster than ever now. Compared to the OnePlus 5, it is about 3 times as fast - it takes just under one second to process the image, whereas the 5 takes roughly 3 seconds. I uploaded a comparison video here:

      Link for the app users

    6. Animations
      For me, the animation speed feels just right. Animations are fast enough that you do not have to wait for them, but slow enough to not make things choppy. This balance is to be found just everywhere in OxygenOS.

    7. App launch speed
      Carl Pei was very proud to explain how the OnePlus 6 launches apps. I can just confirm what he said.

    8. All the other Android things
      Like accessing stuff from the quick settings by long-pressing the icons. Anyone who has ever used iOS knows how much the long-pressing is worth.

    9. Treble
      Treble itself does not make the software faster. Treble helps with updates. Both, how fast updates are provided by OnePlus and how fast they are installed on the device. I was very pleased to see an update being flashed in the background while I could just use my phone. No more waiting for progress bars in the recovery!

    The OnePlus 6 is just as fast as advertised and even faster than I expected it to be. I never see any hiccups, I never have to wait for my phone to do something. To be fair, not many people will even care about the details and split seconds. Still, once you get back to using a slower device, you realize one thing about the OnePlus 6: Things are just there. Searching for the camera app, being locked out of your phone just to install updates or waiting for a useless animation to finish - these are things that don't happen with the OnePlus 6.
    In addition to that, long term speed is also guaranteed. From my OnePlus 3, I can predict that the phone will stay as fast and responsive as it comes out-of-the box. Longevitiy definitely will not be an issue.

    But is there anything negative to say today? Yup.
    1. USB 2.0 is not slow but it's just not as fast as a USB 3.1 connection could be. Transfer of 4K video samples via USB could've been faster. Though this will not be an issue for many, it really annoyed me. One of the few non-speedy details.
    2. The phone lacks fingerprint scanner gestures. The gestures are just another way of accessing hard-to-access things in a fast manner, which I always like.

    Today's text could have been released as the OxygenOS part, too. Or as part of the design day. Or the camera day. Don't worry though, I'll have other stuff covered when I talk about OxygenOS and the camera.

    Today's bonus is a super spicy meme!

    It propably can...
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  6. derLenno
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer May 29, 2018

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    derLenno , May 29, 2018 :
    - Camera -
    Camera day! I was waiting for this. The camera on my OnePlus 5 was okay, but definitely not great and shot inconsistently. You know, great shots sometimes, really bad shots sometimes. Therefore, I was very excited to see what OnePlus has done within one year to improve upon their biggest weakness. For maximum viewing pleasure, please see this thread on your PC or mobile browser. Format is a bit weird with the Community app. :)

    What will be covered today?
    1. Photo
    2. Portrait
    3. Video
    4. Super Slow Motion


    Regarding photos, the OnePlus 6 made huge steps forward.
    In good light conditions, it delivers very sharp images with great detail and dynamic range. Both highlights and shadows are captured really well:



    I shot parts of my unboxing with the OnePlus 6 and it definitely handled bright sunlight on the white boxes very well, without blowing out anything.


    Regarding colour reproduction, the phone struggles sometimes. Colours look very punchy and on-point most of the time. Therefore, shots with dull colours stand out and they definitely exist. On the following picture, I edited half of the image in Lightroom. The right side is how it looked in reality, on the left half you see how the camera captured it. Seems nitpicky, but separates a good camera from a great camera.


    I am totally fine with the 2x zoom on this camera. This image is crisp and well-balanced, the shot captures the situation perfectly.


    Low-light also improved a lot on the OnePlus 6. I was very impressed when I shot the first pictures at night. No blown out lights, good colour reproduction and all. You just need to take some time and stand still. By that, you'll capture very nice photos at night. These three catch the vibe of the situation accurately. Detail is on point, too. Plus, no more watercolouring, no more oil. Big plus!!!




    Although I do not take many selfies, I am aware of the fact that the selfie camera now can keep up with focus, sharpness and exposure - things the OnePlus 5 could not handle quite as well.


    Portrait on the OnePlus 5 was a pain, to be honest. It took years to process, edge detection was OK-ish and it totally failed in conditions that weren't super easy to handle, a.k.a. artificial light, evening and so on.
    With the OnePlus 6, things are still not perfect, but improved a lot. I am impressed by how well the camera now does portrait under artificial light. Also, the background blur is less aggressive now. Edge detection is reliable.

    Enjoy your meal.



    Videos on the OnePlus 6 were one of the big points on the launch event. Super slow motion, 4K at 60FPS, all that. How does the phone hold up to the expectations? It performs great. The only issue I found is autofocus, which really does not do the job in some situations.
    To test video, I built a super-scientific research station:


    A little sidenote regarding the videos: When I viewed my text on the mobile app, I realised that it does not cope well with YouTube embeddings. So I provide simple hyperlinks to the videos for you app guys out there. Don't forget to set the quality to the best possible.

    To see the 1080p60 autofocus test in the mobile app, click here

    To see the 4K60 autofocus test in the mobile app, click here

    To see the microphone and stabilisation test in the app, click here
    Bass-heavy live music and changing light conditions are handled very well by this phone.

    Super Slow-Motion

    Ha! What a hit. Super slow-mo is nowhere near useful, but it is soooooo much fun!
    I'll just let the videos speak for themselves.

    480FPS in direct sunlight, R2D2 approved

    480FPS in low light conditions

    Here's another one, just because fire is so beautiful

    On the camera side of things, I am content with the OnePlus 6. It does not reach the heights of Pixels and iPhones out there in every aspect, but the camera is still executed nicely. The camera won't let you down when the light is good and it is capable of capturing stunning images at low light. If you know your way around editing in Lightroom, exposure settings and all of that, you will love Pro Mode and RAW shooting, which really sets the OnePlus 6 apart from some 900$+ devices.
    However, to reach what the top-tier phones can do, the phone lacks consistency and reliability in scenes where the lighting conditions are weird. It just does not know how to handle the light at sunsets or when things get blown out too much under direct sunlight. Video stabilisation and focus-finding can be tricky as well, struggling sometimes and working better than expected at other times.

    If camera was my main focus, I would propably not buy a OnePlus 6. Still, the phone does not disappoint and adds just the right improvements to be a very good portable camera.


    As everyone loves point systems, here you get one.

    Daytime photos: 8/10
    Hard-to-grasp photos: 4/10
    Nighttime photos: 9/10

    4K video: 8/10
    1080p video: 7/10
    Slow-Mo: 9/10

    Overall score: 7,5/10
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  7. derLenno
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Jun 1, 2018

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    derLenno , Jun 1, 2018 :
    - Oxygen OS -

    Having used devices from almost any major and some small Android OEMs, there was always one thing that was super important to me: Software. Software is what you use every time you use your phone. Software welcomes you when you wake the screen. Your phone’s software is what makes the phone feel good in daily use. I would sacrifice camera quality, build quality, even the headphone jack, for a phone with good software. Back when Oxygen OS was a myth to me, I used custom ROMs a lot. AOSP was my go-to thing at any time. When it was time for a new phone, I decided for a phone based on how active the xda sub-forum was. Flashing custom ROMs comes with a handful of problems, though. At one point, I decided to get my hands on a phone that did not have to rely on AOSP builds. So I went to get a OnePlus and I could not be more impressed.

    Set-up and OnePlus Switch

    Coming from phones that had proprietary cloud solutions to save your settings and files, it always was a big mess to keep everything where it should be after setting up a new phone. I sometimes had to log into my Google account together with the OEM account just to find out that one backup does not even work on the phone of the same manufacturer. With OnePlus, things work differently. Oxygen uses only Google services, where you can reliably back up all your data, your WiFi passwords and even the app layout of the OnePlus launcher.


    For someone who switches back and forth between phones just for the sake of it, who enjoys custom ROMs occasionally, this is unbelievably convenient.
    When I got my OnePlus 5, I told my mother she could get my old OnePlus 3 whenever she wanted. With her having a Samsung Galaxy phone, I knew it would be a pain for her to make the switch (ha!). With the recently introduced Switch app, the struggle was no more. It works just as intended, without creating an additional account or anything else that takes time and makes switching harder. Switch, as far as I could test it, is as easy and convenient as it can be. If my mother can do it, everyone can. It also worked great when I moved from my 5 to my 6.


    Oxygen greets you with a great launcher. From the general interface to details such as the folder design, everything screams “This is well thought-out!”. Having the option to switch icon packs, rename apps and customise the grid are reasons why people recommend the likes of Nova Launcher and some other 3rd party launchers. OnePlus uses the core ideas of the customisable launchers but improves upon them and thereby provides the most enjoyable launcher I have witnessed so far, followed by all the Pixel launcher versions. Owning an iPad, I was delighted to see the blue dots appear when a new app is installed. Small details like this may not have been introduced by OnePlus. But having them is part of what makes the launcher so good. The launcher alone would be enough make me stick to OxygenOS. If only there was the option to replace Shelf with Google Now. It is not that Shelf was not useful in general, it just is not useful for me.


    Face Unlock, App Locker, the Secure Box in the Files app and so on are all things that make Oxygen an reliable OS when it comes to security and privacy. Fast updates guarantee fast security patches. App Locker lacks its own unlock code, though. Someone who can unlock my phone might very well be able to unlock the locked app, too.

    Non-bloat feature

    Software needs to be clean. Good user experience (UX) provides you with everything you need, at any time you want, but never gets in your way. With OxygenOS, OnePlus pretty much nailed this. Being a huge fan of Material Design, it is hard for me to find any Android OEM who provides the design language that I want in my phone. Based on stock Android, Oxygen has just the right amount of features, placed just in the right position, to make the software feel so good. Here is the creme de la creme of Oxygen features:

    Gaming DnD. Not limited to games, Gaming DnD is THE feature for me. Remember what I wrote about good UX? Gaming DnD is a tool that makes good UX possible. Once set up, the phone is put into DnD mode with many other details whenever one of the apps you selected is launched. Gaming DnD blocks notifications, has its own options for energy saving, can lock buttons and disable adaptive brightness temporarily. Apps that trigger Gaming DnD also have priority in your network. Why is this a big deal? The apps that I have set to trigger Gaming DnD range from games like PUBG to the camera app, the YouTube app, Google Photos and many more. These are all apps that make use of immersion. If I watch a YouTube video, I do not want notifications to pop up. I do not want to lose in PUBG just because I have a new message on Telegram. When taking pictures, it is always good to have a view of the viewfinder instead of the head-up notification of another app. Gaming DnD is one of the things you never knew you wanted, but when you do not have them, you miss them.

    Alert slider

    Another feature of the category I just put Gaming DnD in. The alert slider is pretty self-explanatory. It is convenient, easy to use and makes my girlfriend jealous. She uses an iPhone X and its alert slider is just too limited compared to the OnePlus solution. A thing I dislike about the alert slider is that the things it does with software are limited. I would prefer to have the 3 steps set as something like silence-vibration-DnD rather than the solution now which is vibration-DnD-sound. More customizability would help the alert slider stand out more than it does by now.

    Display modes

    Adaptive mode does just what Apple’s praised TrueTone does. I do not get why this thing is hidden so well, as for me it is a game changer. When I bought my iPad, I was blown away by TrueTone. Having the same thing on my OnePlus is just great.

    Pocket mode

    Having Snapchat installed, double tap to wake enabled and so on, my phone’s screen wakes up many times a day, often without my knowledge and without me intentionally waking it up. The pocket mode prevents burn-in and saves battery as it does not allow for the display to stay on, if the front is covered by your pocket.

    Themes, accent colours, fonts

    Sure, there are only 3 themes one can enable in Oxygen. And some more accent colors would be cool, too. Luckily, there's Ozone :) Still, the option to set the phone to a dark mode at night and a bright mode at day is superb. I still do not understand why so few manufacturers have this on-the-go dark mode and overall why it is not implemented into Android natively. Even better to have it on OxygenOS. Not much more to say about it.


    Swiping gestures, as made famous by the iPhone X, first feel somewhat weird. After 1 hour of use, they are so intuitive that tapping buttons feels super weird. I love the navigation gestures.

    Hidden details

    For a perfectionist like me, OxygenOS is full of little gems. I am one of the less than 1% who have Android 8.1 on their phone. Cool. Oxygen has a different Settings app than stock Android has. Even cooler. The quick settings are not stock. Even even cooler (is that a thing?). Oxygen does not only improve upon the things that are provided by stock Android. It also changes things that I find fundamentally wrong within stock Android, like the new settings design or transparency in the QS panel. “This is well thought-out!” does not only apply to the launcher, but also to details like these.

    Handling the notch

    As not everybody likes to see a notch, it's good that you can hide it.
    There's not much to say, I'll just let an image speak for itself.


    Oh, and YouTube also is good to use when you zoom in. No notch in your way.


    The bad things

    With all the praise, is there even anything to criticize? Yup, as always. As much as I love many things about Oxygen, there are some details that do not make sense. One of them is the reading mode. Why does it not work together with the night mode? Why is the color scheme of the clock app so ugly? There are some more minor things like these. Having them does not render OxygenOS unusable, but they are definitely hiccups in a system that feels so good most of the time.

    And here is my biggest complaint: Why does OnePlus hide all the awesome stuff? Why are features hidden so well behind confusing names?
    The prime example of this is the Gaming DnD. It's both hidden in submenues and has a confusing name. When I got my first OnePlus device, I did not bother using Gaming DnD, because - you know... I don't play games. What should Gaming DnD do for me? Why is the pocket mode off by default? The lift up display? As much as I personally like digging through menues, I cannot imagine any mainstream user who has the guts to scroll a thousand times just to use all the capabilities this phone offers...

    Oxygen OS is my new favourite. Where OnePlus phones are behind their competition, they make up for it just with the OS. It's not as barebones as AOSP but at the same time not as stuffed with uselessness as many other OEM skins are. You will not find many new features in Oxygen OS. Here's the good thing about copying though - if you improve the stuff you copy, and copy only good things in the first place, you are presented with what I would call the most sophisticated OS out there.
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    derLenno , Jun 3, 2018 :
    - Conclusion -

    This part is a bit late. I just wanted to have another weekend to come clear what to think about this phone. As always, try to read this in your mobile or desktop browser. The Community app is likely to kill the format of this post just another time. :D
    The topics OnePlus gave us were all topics without many complaints. Speed, software, design and camera are strengths of this phone. In this paragraph, I'll talk about more of the bad stuff that I have come across, the stuff that does not fit into any of these categories.

    So here they are, after roughly two weeks of intense usage:
    The good, the bad and the okay aspects.

    Starting off with the okay aspects...

    The battery life. I am used to getting around 8 hours SOT on my OnePlus 5. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but always enough to make it through the day with a good 30%-ish charge left. With the 6, this is no more. Sure, it's summer now. Display brightness is up, heat is constant and so on. The OnePlus 5, however, handled summer better. Making barely 5 hours of SOT, sometimes more, often less, the 6 is now in the average Android range, around iPhone maybe. With a phone that superior, it's a shame to see the battery life drop as significantly. I still make it to the end of the day, which is why I put battery here. [Quick note: I am running this phone on quite early software and I hope that battery will improve with software updates, over time.]
    UPDATE: With the 5.1.6 update came better, more stable battery life. It's still not OP5 level, so I won't move it to the GOOD part - but the phone now holds a charge very well, even with the screen on.
    The speakers are so mediocre. I do not listen to music via speakers, for obvious reasons. But when it comes to game or video consumption, the phone just doesn't reach the heights of any flagship out there. I don't need super good bass, as the iPhone provides. Dual front-facing speakers are also overkill. But using the earpiece for audio, too, is commonly done by now and should not have been too expensive to implement. Overall, the speakers still do what they are supposed to do, while being clear and loud enough.
    The features, as great and convenient as they are, are often hidden. Not a problem for me, but the phone would not pass the "Mom test" - providing the best possible user experience out of the box, without having the user to set up too many things.

    Now the bad aspects...

    The glass back is useless. Period. I'm afraid of scratching the phone, I'm afraid of dropping it. Not to the point that I get paranoid, but it's one of the worst issues of the whole package. Sure, the back looks super nice and elegant. Still, collecting smudges is not what I want to do with my phone. Especially not if I do not get all the benefits like wireless charging in exchange.
    The phone heats like crazy at times. As with the battery, I am not sure if this is related to summer. As with the battery, the OnePlus 5 performed better. "At times" means around once per day. No, not when I play graphics intense games. PUBG does not stress the phone. Heat just appears randomly, sometimes when taking photos, sometimes when Telegram is open, sometimes just because whatever. Other than battery, this is not acceptable for me and really hurts my attitude towards this phone. I've tried all the superficial and all the system-level fixes that worked for me in the past - nothing helped. So either it's software, or the SoC, or the glass back which doesn't seem to cope too well with sunlight.
    UPDATE: After some testing, I am sure the heating is not caused by the phone itself, but rather by the combination of direct sunlight and glass. It's still down to the material choice, so this remains in the BAD aspects. It's just good to know that the phone itself doesn't heat. Using a case reduces heat significantly.

    Finally, the good aspects...

    The phone is super fast. Every second, everything you do with it, it's unbeatable because of various reasons. It might not have the best Geekbench score, but I couldn't care less about some numbers. In the end, it comes down to how the phone feels.
    The software is the best Android skin and the best software you can get on any device to date overall.
    The Fast Charge mechanism is still the king of charging speeds.
    The phone feels great. As much as I detest glass, I love how it makes the phone feel. The balance between edgy and curved is just right. The weight of the phone makes it feel stable and reliable, too.
    The camera hasn't only improved. Testing it for more and more days, I learned to love and operate it. Colour representation is great, the app is great, the gallery software is great, the options and features are great. To be honest, I do not expect any more from a camera - except for more consistency. That's why I struggled to put it either here or in the "okay" category. In the end, the positives outweighed the consistency aspect, because it's really just 1 out of 20 shots that doesn't look good.
    The alert slider is still one of the best USP's of OnePlus phones and putting it on the right made it easier to operate.
    The screen is gorgeous. As with the Geekbench numbers, I couldn't care less about resolution numbers. The display looks great, has great colours and finds just the right balance between saturation and reality. Adaptive mode just tops it off.
    The biometric scanners are fast and reliable, easy to set up. Also, the fingerprint scanner is positioned perfectly - I always hit it first try.
    The cases are of good quality and fit well. As you might have read, I am not a case guy. I went on a weekend trip with the phone and really learned to appreciate how slick and safe the carbon case feels.

    There are sooooo many more good details I could write a book about!


    Overall, I am very happy with the phone. The good things outweigh the bad things by a thousand. With a phone that impressive, though, the bad aspects are like a slap in the face. They scream "Think about me!" - just because the rest is so convenient. Like all other OnePlus phones I had until today, the OnePlus 6 is a great, top-tier device which does almost everything right but is help back by some bad choices.
    Being part of an active community is something truly special. I've only experienced this in the motorbike community before.
    Given that the phone outperforms even the iPhone X in most key aspects, I rate it an 8.5/10 and I can very much recommend it.
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    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 3, 2018

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  10. derLenno
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Jun 3, 2018

    derLenno , Jun 3, 2018 :
    Haha I'm glad you like it! Don't look at the cat for too long though. You cannot stop after a while.

  11. obol2
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 3, 2018

    obol2 , Jun 3, 2018 :
    Ahh, the gif doesn't work in community app :')

  12. derLenno
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Jun 3, 2018

    derLenno , Jun 3, 2018 :
    Added a direct link! :)

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  13. outpin
    Honeycomb Jun 10, 2018

    outpin , Jun 10, 2018 :
    Leaving aside that you look like one of my best friends from college, this is a good in depth review. I'm glad that you like the phone.

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  14. DARTH 007
    KitKat Jun 11, 2018

    DARTH 007 , Jun 11, 2018 :
    now do they take.the phone away from you or not ?

    glass is glass and it's more fragile than metal.though it feels better in the hand.
    speakers not good.its high time the 3.5 mm jack is taken out to make way for an additional speaker.
    phone heating abrubtly - get your device checked.mines not happening.
    SOT I'm getting better than 5T.
    and I never saw SOT of 8 hours ever.

  15. derLenno
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Jun 11, 2018

    derLenno , Jun 11, 2018 :
    Huaa where are you from? :D Thanks, too

  16. R1528715766681
    Cupcake Jun 11, 2018

  17. derLenno
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Jun 11, 2018

    derLenno , Jun 11, 2018 :
    We might keep the phone. Just have to finish my Bullets review.

    The glass is actually pretty durable and I don't fear holding the phone anymore. Heating is still a problem, under direct sunlight. It's not from the device itself. Just the combination of sunlight and glass. My metal OP5 doesn't heat under the same conditions.
    SOT has gotten better with the 5.1.6 update and I'm good with the battery now. 8 hours was very well possible on OP5 8.0 but magically decreased with the 8.1 update, to something around 5 hours max.

    Concerning the 3.5 - I'm glad they kept it. Wouldn't I have gotten the Bullets, I'd still use my wired headphones.

  18. robin143
    Honeycomb Jun 11, 2018

    robin143 , Jun 11, 2018 :
    How long One Plus will provide security updates (android security patches ) for One Plus 6 ?

  19. derLenno
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Jun 11, 2018

    derLenno , Jun 11, 2018 :
    The OnePlus 3 still receives them - I guess we'll be good for around 3 years. Also depends on how Google handles security updates, with Treble and all. But I'm confident.

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    outpin , Jun 11, 2018 :
    Me and my friend are from Romania, but he moved to Austria some years ago.