ONEPLUS 6's Camera vs REALME 1 via OnePlus 6

  1. J1543505107742
    Donut Nov 9, 2019

    J1543505107742 , via OnePlus 6 , Nov 9, 2019 :
    Realme recently updated their first REALME 1 and it has far better camera than OnePlus's previous year's flagship. Yes the Realme 1 which is alot cheaper and has much worse hardware than OnePlus.
    OnePlus f'd up 6 and 6t's color caliberation after the Andeoid 10 update.
    Vivid mode on OnePlus 6 is way to yellowish and dull compared to the newer 7 and 7Pro still no news when they'll fix it , no upgrades for the cameras, still poor ram management seems like they introduce more problems to their old users now.
    I love OnePlus but if they gonna give us such bad experience it's not worth it.
    Look how bad OnePlus 6 looks compared to Realme.
    I tried taking the shots a lot of times but the results were the same always. Really OnePlus you're disappointing your loyal fans and buyers away from you.
    The community app is compressing the photos so both look soft and Realme's image was shared from Whatsapp so might lose a lil quality but just look at the colors here.



  2. G_Roger_Federer_gehN , via OnePlus 6T , Nov 9, 2019 :
    Realme is clear winner , myself also just thinking to shift to realme x2 pro , which was going to release next month , mostly this is my last one plus device , they are showing us hype and dumping .

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  3. J1543505107742
    Donut Nov 9, 2019

    J1543505107742 , via OnePlus 6 , Nov 9, 2019 :
    Me too, I'll just shift to a Realme or Samsung this year.
    I was really looking forward to the OnePlus 7T and 7T pro but since they had no SuperVOOC charging and now looking at how they are doing with the OnePlus 6 I'm super disappointed with them.

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