OnePlus 6t camera not impressive

  1. R1547222595964
    Froyo Apr 16, 2019

    R1547222595964 , Apr 16, 2019 :
    and you have problem with people's pictures, let me give u some info again if u haven't read my previous comments, I had taken pictures of other people like my family and friends, but it didn't feel right to share their pictures here(everyone share pics on social media but here I didn't feel like sharing it) and for comparison I didn't have pictures of things object yake at the same time or angle, next time I'll take ur permission to share my picture, please give you official mail ID sir

    p.s seems like you or the owner of OnePlus that's why u are this much buthurt[e]1f602[/e]

  2. M3ntoR96
    Honeycomb Apr 16, 2019

    M3ntoR96 , Apr 16, 2019 :
    oh so you probably can read my post correctly. I'VE SAID anything not ANYBODY I appreciate you did not post your family but there are so many other THINGS to be photographed... but just..ehh...
    And I do not have a butthurt because I couldn't give more Fu**s about selfie camera man. I'm just frustrated that every topic I visit I would like to see something constructive, just one good thread about camera problems..but no! that's always people posting their faces....

  3. R1547222595964
    Froyo Apr 16, 2019

    R1547222595964 , Apr 16, 2019 :
    again u didn't read my comment properly, i said I dont have pictures of things objects or anything accept for my face( which u so much hate) to compare which hase same timestamps or location, and its good that u didn't give any fs, u should keep them with u all the time cuz u never know when u need them

    and for same comments posts threads I have simple advise for u, just dont open them or read them or at least dont comment on tham, ull save this world from ur negativities and and ull be able to keep ur fs with u

    enjoy ur fs, have a blessed day and life

  4. R1547222595964
    Froyo Apr 20, 2019

    R1547222595964 , Apr 20, 2019 :
    I updated the camera app from apkmirror, and I must say the quality of pictures have improved, thanks for the suggestions

    im not attaching pictures as someone here hates people and their selfies, he uses selfie camera to click pictures of things, he is a true genius photographer[e]1f602[/e]

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  5. Priyanshu Sharma
    Jelly Bean Apr 20, 2019

    Priyanshu Sharma , Apr 20, 2019 :
    But you can't selfie of anything. Do you know, it is meant for selfies only! You can't take landscapes and portraits because it has fixed focus, it's not a rear camera. He is talking about selfie camera not rear camera.

    Man you are looking silly now. Now, you've problem with people's faces. Just don't reply if you don't like people faces.

    If someone can't share his family photos then what left is photo of him. As said earlier you can't take selfies of anything, selfies are meant to capture faces only. So, he will of course share his photo. Any problem?

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  6. Priyanshu Sharma
    Jelly Bean Apr 20, 2019

    Priyanshu Sharma , Apr 20, 2019 :
    Straight to the point, you wanna say, you hate Indians as you are referring"From this one specific country" that means you don't like Indians. If that's the problem just ignore the threads where you see these photos and please don't say this and that.

    But do you know OnePlus is the no. 1 premium brand in India and you can find Indian people in almost every thread.

    Ok, if we post pictures of ourselves then can you tell me why do you use selfie camera? For what? Landscapes?

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