Oneplus 6T GPS error after update Android 10

  1. Myo Min Htet
    Cupcake Jan 9, 2020

    Myo Min Htet , Jan 9, 2020 :
    Hello guys, my OP6T has GPS error after update Android 10. Location dot does not move even while driving and become gray dot on Google Map. It moving when i do this,
    1. GPS toggle off and on
    2. Restart the Map application
    2. Improve location accuracy off and on

    I found that It work well on GPS Essential apk from Play Store which is included built in Map. I already Clear cache data of the location service and any other running service relating with GPS frequently.

    Please provide any useful advise. Thank you.

  2. W1559924092542
    Donut Jan 14, 2020

    W1559924092542 , via OnePlus 6T , Jan 14, 2020 :
    I've got similar issue with Google maps. Location messing up randomly every time I'm using maps. On previous version OS was fine, but now GPS services is so annoying, just can't use it properly as I always did on DAILY BASIS!!! waiting for OP team response and quick fix with new updates

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  3. Kytharsis
    Marshmallow Jan 14, 2020

    Kytharsis , Jan 14, 2020 :
    Once again. No one from OP reads this forum.

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  4. Myo Min Htet
    Cupcake Jan 19, 2020