Sound OnePlus 6T McLaren suddenly no sound. No ringtone. No notification sound.

  1. Glenn9643
    Donut May 31, 2019

    Glenn9643 , May 31, 2019 :
    Today I realized that I'm missing calls and there is no sound for any notifications. I've tried going to the settings and changing the ringtone to see if I could get a sound that way, but no cigar. Same for app notification sounds. The selection slider for allowing sound is set to ring. Any suggestions on what might be the problem?

  2. Xibalbaila
    Cupcake Aug 13, 2019

    Xibalbaila , Aug 13, 2019 :

  3. Xibalbaila
    Cupcake Aug 13, 2019

  4. C1571440528997
    Cupcake Jan 29, 2020

    C1571440528997 , Jan 29, 2020 :
    Same here on 7t, suddenly no notifications audio or even the notification on the notification bar for SMS, calendar, and many other apps. Nothing anyone has told me to do has worked. What is the solution?