OnePlus 6T Original Case Questionnaire

    Eclair Dec 23, 2018

    AGENTJO , Dec 23, 2018 :
    nice case n super build quality....... I'm expecting red color case with box

  2. GarageRamen
    Gingerbread Dec 23, 2018

    GarageRamen , Dec 23, 2018 :
    Fits like a glove. Made by OnePlus so I know it will fit correctly. Good quality. I just wish it was military grade drop protection. But, for the price and what you get I can't complain. I'm happy with the case.

  3. G_Radu_TOMA_YKGG
    Eclair Dec 23, 2018

    G_Radu_TOMA_YKGG , Dec 23, 2018 :
    Since you diversified your phone colors and introduced a gradient one, I think you should concentrate on an improved transparent case. Else, with a dark/solid color case what use to buy a gradient color phone?!?

  4. 3FFA
    Eclair Dec 23, 2018

    3FFA , Dec 23, 2018 :
    Fingerprint magnet that makes my phone feel cheap /ugly in my hands. Meanwhile I much prefer the feeling of the Nylon case. The default one is great for a free case, however, it's still a free case that does not include the things most important to case buyers and users.

  5. Q_Prime
    Donut Dec 23, 2018

    Q_Prime , Dec 23, 2018 :
    The original casing the phone comes with does the job. Feels sturdy too. However, unless I'm talking about a different case, it doesn't look great tbh. I see a lot of comments saying it is aesthetically pleasing which I find absolutely astonishing! particularly when you compare the case with the karbon or other cases which are available to purchase. It does a good job making the phone look boring in my opinion.

    ** Not trying to be rude, just giving honest feedback ;)

  6. Penedene
    Cupcake Dec 23, 2018

    Penedene , Dec 23, 2018 :
    We bought OP 6T with a carbon bumper case that I immediately put on the phone. In the absence of anything else, the package is good and it does not provide a special security for the phone.

  7. InfinitiGuy
    Cupcake Dec 23, 2018

    InfinitiGuy , Dec 23, 2018 :
    I bought the purple edition and although the included case provides good protection, it hides the beautiful purple colour. I'd love to see a clear case or a more minimal bumper style case.

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  8. G1545146610719
    Cupcake Dec 23, 2018

    G1545146610719 , Dec 23, 2018 :
    I m using one plus 6T cell.. yesterday I lost earphones connector..than I use some other..but not suitable for me,,so now I wanna new original earphones connector..plz help me..

  9. Q_Prime
    Donut Dec 23, 2018

    Q_Prime , Dec 23, 2018 :
    Look for relevant threads first. Also go through the FAQ's and then you can ask the community on a new thread. If that doesn't solve your problem call customer support mate

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  10. VincentAbee
    Gingerbread Dec 23, 2018

    VincentAbee , Dec 23, 2018 :
    It's a nice case but very boring and the feel is not nice so I bought a different case with red accents in it

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  11. VincentAbee
    Gingerbread Dec 23, 2018

    VincentAbee , Dec 23, 2018 :
    you can buy it on the OnePlus site look there first .....

  12. chriscorlett32
    Donut Dec 23, 2018

  13. Rohan0387
    Cupcake Dec 23, 2018

    Rohan0387 , Dec 23, 2018 :
    very comfortable while handling the phone..border and edeges are nicely design that gives an extra protection.
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  14. VincentAbee
    Gingerbread Dec 23, 2018

    VincentAbee , Dec 23, 2018 :


    how can we get a replace the charger cord​

    look on the OnePlus site you can buy it there

  15. W1544588306666
    Froyo Dec 23, 2018

    W1544588306666 , Dec 23, 2018 :
    for the type of person that is careful with their phone and needs a minimal amount of protecting, the case is great. for people with little kids out that with on harsh environments the case gives enough protection to wait and buy another heavy duty case.

    I am the type of person that is careful with my phone so I expect you use this case for a couple of years. thank you one plus!!!

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  16. Dedz.mad
    Froyo Dec 23, 2018

    Dedz.mad , Dec 23, 2018 :
    had mine for three weeks now, no problems at all.

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  17. F1530705114612
    Eclair Dec 23, 2018

  18. KR00K3R
    Donut Dec 23, 2018

  19. dukemaster83
    Cupcake Dec 23, 2018

  20. bedobela
    Gingerbread Dec 23, 2018