OnePlus 6T Original Case Questionnaire

  1. haagbergoneplus6T
    Cupcake Dec 29, 2018

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  2. kktpsa
    Gingerbread Dec 29, 2018

    kktpsa , Dec 29, 2018 :
    Those who say their cases broke very soon, are the ones who constantly keep removing the case and placing it back on the phone, while showing the phone to everyone. [e]1f601[/e]

  3. Hurstcraig
    Cupcake Dec 29, 2018

    Hurstcraig , Dec 29, 2018 :
    I think the fact OnePlus have included a case in the box is great especially when you think compared to other manufacturers. the case is great and the only improvements for me would be to be grippier and less prone to fingerprints and smudges [e]1f44d[/e]

  4. nixerous
    Cupcake Dec 29, 2018

  5. M1544902430866
    Cupcake Dec 29, 2018

    M1544902430866 , Dec 29, 2018 :
    the case that came with the phone in my opinion is a great case feels good in the hand and looks great on the phone

  6. tristanjamessario
    Cupcake Dec 29, 2018

  7. G_Dragan_Vukovic_PTnF
    Cupcake Dec 29, 2018

    G_Dragan_Vukovic_PTnF , Dec 29, 2018 :
    good quality, elevated corners. but I will change it for hydrogel folio's for everyday use. this case is good for protection but phone itself is loosing on estetic side.

  8. aleshido
    Froyo Dec 30, 2018

    aleshido , Dec 30, 2018 :
    the protective case surpassed my expectations actually. very good material and the front edges protecting screen from impacts is very clever. The "Developed by OnePlus" detail at the bottom right side of the case is very stylish as well.

  9. shanth2196
    Donut Dec 30, 2018

    shanth2196 , Dec 30, 2018 :
    I have been switching between standard case and the nylon bumper case. Both are sturdy and of good quality.

    However I like the nylon one more because it's non slippery, doesn't attract fingerprint smudges and the best part is, I've dropped my phones couple of times and the case has protected my phone without a scratch.

    Kudos OnePlus

  10. new1plususer
    Cupcake Dec 30, 2018

  11. Santosh 11
    Cupcake Dec 30, 2018

    Santosh 11 , Dec 30, 2018 :
    I can't seem to remove my phone from sielnt mode. tried volume button up/down(even when receiving a call) ... tried to manually change the volume settings, the alarm and media sound settings does change but not the ring tone... it only vivbrates now..even tried to take the phone off of vibration mode...it still does change anything

  12. Deeku83
    Donut Dec 31, 2018

  13. G1545056160786
    Cupcake Dec 31, 2018

    G1545056160786 , Dec 31, 2018 :
    I had purchased a Sinigen case while waiting for my phone to arrive. After a week of using the Sinigen case I tried out the one plus original case and havent gone back! it's slick and appealing when using the device and easy to clean! great case :)

  14. E1542769686699
    Donut Dec 31, 2018

  15. TdBurke
    Eclair Dec 31, 2018

    TdBurke , Dec 31, 2018 :
    I don't like the fact that the cover is translucent. It shows the fingerprint marks on the back of the phone... which I can't seem to ever completely get rid of.

  16. Shazo
    Froyo Dec 31, 2018

    Shazo , Dec 31, 2018 :
    i remember when i had op3 and i got op3t limited edition black one. it comes with smoke transparent cover it really looks nice and that limited edition mark on bottom was Superior idea i would love to see such cover again for 6 and 6t. p.s i own 6 now.
    for me i have almost every official case for op 3/3t, 5t, now 6. two of my fav are carbon and sandstone.
    nylon is too bulky.
    i suggest team to shed some light on some kind of Brushed aluminum finish case which feels like carbon case along with 1+ logo OR smoke brushed aluminum will do cherry on top.
    oR satin naviesh blue kind of case bit more sleek with shiney 1+ logo.
    last how about jeans case instead of nylon with white 1+ logo .
    if you like my suggestion please make for oneplus 6 as well.

  17. H1546348861276
    Cupcake Jan 1, 2019

    H1546348861276 , Jan 1, 2019 :
    I am. not able to watch Netflix Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch on my one plus 6t. Can you please help ?

  18. AmritRajiva
    Gingerbread Jan 1, 2019

    AmritRajiva , Jan 1, 2019 :
    Love the minimalist look of the case. It brings out the purple of my new 6T in a very subtle manner. I actually expected it to be sub-standard and also ordered an ebony wood case along with my phone, which I haven't even opened because this smoked look is so good!!
    p.s.: anyone (India) want to buy an ebony wood bumper case?

  19. U1546350467359
    Cupcake Jan 1, 2019

  20. knightred9
    Cupcake Jan 1, 2019

    knightred9 , Jan 1, 2019 :
    would be a great case if the case is less slippery and not a fingerprint magnet