Network/Connectivity Oneplus 6T Sim Card Kept disconnecting and reconnecting problem

    Cupcake Aug 27, 2019

    ZSKEVIN , Aug 27, 2019 :
    I'm having a problem with my Oneplus 6T where the sim card kept on disconnecting when I'm at home. This also affect my mobile data and calls at the same time where it will just break off.

    I even did a warrently on the phone for a replacement and still having the same problem.

    Carrier [T-Mobile]

    Please Help
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  2. jfinnegan
    Donut Aug 27, 2019

    jfinnegan , Aug 27, 2019 :
    This seems to be an ongoing issue in certain areas with T-Mobile. It's very isolated right now, but am fearful it'll get worse. Speculation is that it has to do with their 5G rollout, which must be doing something that causes the radios in the 6T to crash/reset, which is causing them to disconnect:


    If it's easily reproducible for you, I'd submit a bug report here and get some debug logs into OnePlus's hands ASAP.

  3. G_Wayne_Ta_XNO
    Donut Aug 30, 2019

  4. jfinnegan
    Donut Aug 30, 2019

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  5. G_Wayne_Ta_XNO
    Donut Aug 30, 2019

    G_Wayne_Ta_XNO , Aug 30, 2019 :
    with all being said. op6t is made for us. cell network with T Mobile . isn't it. so why they having issue. my phone which I bought come unlock. and that suppose to be working witha any services. so why are having problem after updates.

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  6. jfinnegan
    Donut Aug 30, 2019

    jfinnegan , Aug 30, 2019 :
    It could be anything (slightly incompatible software stacks between vendors, etc.) -- especially given that so much is changing on the back end systems (new bands, new protocols, etc.)

    Ranting in a forum isn't going to fix the problem. File a bug report -- that'll help! I'd recommend that you do the same with T-Mobile, but they are far less accessible than OnePlus with respect to reporting problems. Report the bug and let OnePlus and T-Mobile figure it out.