OnePlus 6T - User Manual, Questions & Answers

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    Hi everyone,

    Only when one of our devices is out there can we truly understand the questions that may pop in your head while using it. That’s why we’ve been following the OnePlus 6T sub-forum for the past couple of days, reading through your comments and checking for any doubts you might have. To help with those, we created this thread.

    First and foremost, below you can find the OnePlus 6T User Manual that explains in detail many of the features included in OyxgenOS. From the setup process and the data transfer process to the newcomers Studio Lighting and Nightscape, everything is explained in a straightforward fashion.

    Still, we’re more than happy to address some of the most frequently asked questions below. But if you don’t see an answer to any specific doubt you might still have, don’t worry, leave it in the comments below and we’ll do our best answer the most we can.

    This thread will also be updated with answers from the OnePlus 6T AMA.

    OnePlus 6T User Manual: [HERE]
    (This is a PDF file, you can open it with a browser, or download it in your phone. File size 22.8 MB)


    • Question: The OnePlus 6T has two grills on the bottom. Does it have dual speakers?
    • Answer: No. The speaker is present on the left grill, while the other grill was added for symmetry / aesthetics purposes.
    • Question: Is the fingerprint sensor always active or does the phone need to be tapped, lifted, or the power button pressed to activate it?
    • Answer: You can set your OnePlus 6T’s screen to wake with a single tap. This means you can easily unlock your device in two taps without even having to lift the device. Aside from that, you can also lift to wake, double tap to wake the screen or use the power button to wake the device.
    • Question: What are the maximum SAR values for the OnePlus 6T?
    • Answer: Maximum SAR values are as follows:
      • Standard: India SAR
        • Near the ear: 1.280 W / kg (1 g)
        • Worn on the body: 0.871 W / kg (1g)
      • Standard: CE SAR
        • Near the ear: 1.552W / kg (10g)
        • Worn on the body: 1.269W / kg (10g)
      • Standard: FCC SAR
        • Near the ear: 1.34 W / kg (1 g)
        • Worn on the body: 1.32W / kg (1g)
    • Question: Does the smaller notch keep all the functionality present in the OnePlus 6?
    • Answer: All the functionality was kept, except the Notification LED.
    • Question: Is there any solution for the missing Notification LED?
    • Answer: We have improved our ambient display - you can pick up your phone to show notifications and tap the screen to show new notifications. These features will help you to check new notifications without fully turning on the display.
    • Question: Why isn't the OnePlus 6T IP certified?
    • Answer: We've improved our water resistance, so whether it's checking a map in the rain or an unfortunate drop in a puddle your phone can take splashes and keep running. We believe in balance and creating the best possible device for the majority of users. Not many people actually take their phone swimming or in the water for an extended period of time. We build and test our phones so that they handle water resistance in everyday situations such as rain or a drop in a puddle. To be certified for IP ratings, every component must go through rigorous testing which dramatically increases the cost – about 30 USD per device. Is it worth it to increase the cost of the device by $30 to serve a small selection of users, considering our own water resistance precautions? We think not.
    • Question: Were there any improvements made to the speaker?
    • Answer: The speaker is same, but we optimized low frequency parameters. You'll be able to feel it's better.

    • Question: Will other features like Studio Lighting, Smart Boost and Navigation Gestures 2.0 be available on the OnePlus 6? What about older models?
    • Answer: The OnePlus 6 shares the camera module with the OnePlus 6T and as such will receive Nightscape this week and Studio Lighting further down the road. Smart Boost will also reach the OnePlus 5 and 5T, while Navigation Gestures 2.0 will be made available on the 5T.
    • Question: How does Nightscape work?
    • Answer: Nightscape is the most complex technology we have ever developed and we are very proud of it. It’s a combination of several technologies and algorithms. First is the Nightscape HDR, where we fuse up to 10 frames to present details both in the dark and lighted areas. Second is the Detail Optimization to make Nightscape photo look clear and sharp. Third is the Noise Reduction. Last but not least is the Multi-frame Stablisation - it avoids blurriness caused by hand shaking as much as possible. It’s worth mentioning that OIS is also offering great help.
    • Question: Where can I find the Studio Lighting option?
    • Answer: Studio Lighting is not a separate setting, instead, it's part of image processing applied on every photo where there are human faces and will not affect other parts except the face. It's a result of deep cooperation with Kevin Abosch, AI has been trained to simulate Kevin’s lighting skill whenever a human face is detected. Studio Lighting is automatically applied in Photo mode and Portrait mode.
    • Question: Will there be an EQ for bluetooth?
    • Answer: We are bringing an EQ feature to Bullets Wireless through a software update. The EQ will be compatible with all OnePlus phones that run Android 9.
    • Question: Any plans to add always-on display to the 6T?
    • Answer: Always on Display is a great feature to have on a smartphone. However, we are still considering the functional value vs. power consumption of this feature before we implement it.

    • Question: Do the OnePlus 6T’s bought from T-Mobile have any kind of T-Mobile branding on them?
    • Answer: The phone has no branding on the outside, but does come with a T-Mobile boot animation, T-Mobile sounds and two T-Mobile pre-installed apps.
    • Question: Do the OnePlus 6T’s bought from T-Mobile have an unlockable bootloader?
    • Answer: Any OnePlus 6T bought through T-Mobile is bootloader locked to them until the device is paid in full and utilized on their service for 40 continuous days. Additionally, it only has a single SIM slot.
    • Question: Are the T-Mobile OnePlus 6T’s locked to the carrier?
    • Answer: Yes, but once the device is fully purchased a user can request the device to be unlocked domestically and internationally.
    • Question: Will the OnePlus 6T be available in T-Mobile carriers across the world or just the US? What about the trade-in program?
    • Answer: Both availability and the trade-in program are currently exclusive to T-Mobile US.
    • Question: How will updates be handled for the T-Mobile variant? Will there be a delay due to carrier authentication?
    • Answer: OnePlus and T-Mobile are partnering to bring all the great future feature enhancements and fixes to both sets of devices in as timely manner as possible. Due to the additional level of certification required by T-Mobile on all software releases, there may be a slight offset, but we are working diligently to minimize this period in all instances.
    • Question: When will the official glass screen protector be available?
    • Answer: The glass screen protector is now available on the OnePlus store.
    • Question: I lost/broke my type-C to 3.5mm adapter. Can I get a new one?
    • Answer: The adapter will be available for purchase on the OnePlus store in the near future. This answer will be updated when that happens.
    For more information on the OnePlus and T-Mobile partnership, you can the announcement thread [HERE].
    For tips and tricks about Screen Unlock, you can check this thread [HERE].
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    Hey everyone,

    We have seen some feedback on the forums regarding Verizon Wireless and MVNOs from US region. Please check the information below for answers to some of the FAQ related to VZW(Verizon Wireless).

    Activating a Verizon Wireless SIM on the OnePlus 6T
    1)New VoLTE VZW SIM

    Since OxygenOS and VZW NW have VoLTE turned on as a default setting, there is no need to adjust any settings. The phone should detect the correct network settings once the SIM card is inserted.

    2) EXISTING VZW SIM, already activated from a multi-mode device that has CDMA + LTE capability
    If your sim card was activated on a multi-mode device that has CDMA + LTE previously, then please ensure the CDMA-less feature is activated on your account.
    Please ensure you have logged in to your account on www.verizonwireless.com> My Verizon > My Device > Activate or Switch Device > Activate on an Existing Line and follow the instructions.

    3) Non-VoLTE VZW
    If you have a non-VoLTE VZW sim, you will need to apply for a new VoLTE SIM via VZW stores or an online purchase. Please check with VZW for details.


    Q1. What happens if the device is out of Verizon LTE coverage?

    The OnePlus 6T will connect onto the TMO or AT&T WCDMA(3G) network under roaming if your device leaves VZW LTE network coverage.
    Please refer to https://www.sensorly.com/en/map/US/...=44.168703212704266,-33.34707801702882&zoom=3
    Q2. Does ECC call (Emergency call) work?
    Yes, the ECC call test has been included in the Verizon OD certification. The following emergency call numbers can be used -
    with SIM: 112, 911,000, 110, 118, 119, 999
    without SIM: 112,911,000,08,110,118,119,999;​

    Q3. So both Dual SIMs work on Verizon network?
    Yes, both can use Verizon LTE network. ​

    Q4. Does HydrogenOS support the Verizon network?
    Only OxygenOS has Verizon OD certification. Devices running HydrogenOS will not work on Verizon network, even if devices with HydrogenOS are flashed with OxygenOS.​

    Q5. Does the OnePlus 6T support the WiFi-Calling?
    No, Verizon OD certification does not allow a certified product to own this capability. OnePlus will enable this feature once Verizon OD supports WiFI-Calling.​

    Q6. Will the OnePlus 6T work on MVNO (mobile virtual network operator)?
    The OnePlus 6T has been Verizon OD certified only on the VZW network and cannot guarantee the services of MVNOs. Please check the limitations of MVNO under the CDMA-Less network before using a MVNO SIM on the OnePlus 6T.​

    Thanks for your support.

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    I would like to know if you guys are selling the usb c to 3.5mm jack sepretly on the website i can't find them

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    Some OnePlus 6T accessories are still not available so be sure to check further down the road.

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    I'll note it

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    Where is the light and proximity sensor?
    I can not see it anywhere

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    You can see it flickering in this Android Central image:


    That "purple" light is the IR getting picked by the camera.

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