OnePlus 6th Anniversary - Let's celebrate!

  1. W1575704319973
    Cupcake Dec 7, 2019

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  2. manuel19
    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Dec 7, 2019

  3. U1541577931492
    Cupcake Dec 7, 2019

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  4. Anzil_khaN
    Eclair Dec 7, 2019

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  5. Aditya2503
    Donut Dec 7, 2019

    Aditya2503 , via OnePlus 5T , Dec 7, 2019 :
    Happy 6th Anniversary to Oneplus team...i am using Oneplus 5T since Jan'18, however, it is getting slow often and have to get it formatted again and again... still not helping... please help

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  6. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer; Community Hero 2020 Dec 7, 2019

    YRJ , Dec 7, 2019 :
    I totally second that.
    Now for example I'm just short of 215 points for a pen. If transfer was possible I'm sure someone would not hesitate to lend.

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  7. SnapDragon_01
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 7, 2019

    SnapDragon_01 , Dec 7, 2019 :

    Cara Oneplus e Community,

    Sembra ieri, quando il mio sguardo ha incrociato per la prima volta il vostro. Sembra ieri, quando il mio cuore ha giurato eterna fedeltà a voi. Sembra ieri, ma sono passati 6 lunghissimi anni, da quando la mia menta a sposato il vostro slogan, quello di non fermarsi mai, quello di guardare avanti sempre("Never Settle").
    Sono passati 6 anni pieni di emozioni, soddisfazioni, traguardi, nuove conquiste.
    Sono passati 6 anni dal mio primo OP, lo storico e intramontabile Oneplus ONE.
    Sono passati 6 anni, siamo cresciuti, si dico “siamo”, perché mi sento parte attiva di questa grande famiglia, perché questa grande famiglia continua a valorizzare e a dare grande importanza a tutti noi, noi che formiano questa grande COMMUNITY. Sono passati 6 anni, ma noi saremo sempre qui con voi, sempre al vostro fianco, sempre al fianco di chi continua a regalarci delle grandi soddisfazioni. Forse mi sono dilungato un po', però scrivo queste poche parole con tutto il mio cuore, quel cuore che vi augura (“ci augura”) altri e tanti altri di questi bellissimi anni.

    Buon Compleanno ONEPLUS!

    Buon Compleanno Community!

    Il vostro, @SnapDragon01

    Grazie per questa raffica di premi!

    P.S. Colgo l’occasione per augurare buone feste a tutti voi!

    Dear Oneplus and Community,

    It seems like yesterday, when my eyes met yours for the first time. It seems like yesterday, when my heart has sworn eternal loyalty to you. It seems like yesterday, but six long years have passed, since my mint married your slogan, that of never stopping, that of always looking ahead("Never Settle").
    Six years have passed full of emotions, satisfactions, goals, new conquests. Six years have passed since my first OP, the historic and timeless Oneplus ONE.
    Six years have passed, and we have grown, say "we have grown", because I feel an active part of this great family, because this great family continues to value and give great importance to all of us, those who form this great COMMUNITY.
    Six years have passed, but we will always be here with you, always at your side, always at the side of those who continue to give us great satisfaction. Perhaps I have dwelt a bit, but I write these few words with all my heart, that heart which wishes you ("I hope") others and many others of these beautiful years.

    Happy Birthday ONEPLUS!

    Happy Birthday Community!

    Yours, @SnapDragon01 ...

    Thanks for this barrage of prizes!

    P.S. I take this opportunity to wish you all happy holidays!

    @Amanda W. @Robin A. @Crystal Z. @dsmonteiro @Trista W. @Pete @Carl @Jaden C. @Ruby G. @Gary C. @Manu J. @Ziv C. @David Y. @Pym C. @Chris dB @Szymon K. and all the Others...



  8. SaranRaj Sharma
    Froyo Dec 7, 2019

    SaranRaj Sharma , via OnePlus 6T , Dec 7, 2019 :
    Already it's came bro. you can get it by use the beta version. there is no bugs and big issues.

  9. W1575694083061
    Cupcake Dec 7, 2019

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  10. marinobiagio
    KitKat Dec 7, 2019

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  11. nitesh motwani
    Cupcake Dec 7, 2019

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  12. Z1575639693269
    Cupcake Dec 7, 2019

    Z1575639693269 , Dec 7, 2019 :
    i m not getting picture s in the night or in low light environment without flash .how can i improve it

  13. shannonxtreme
    Froyo Dec 7, 2019

    shannonxtreme , Dec 7, 2019 :
    I remember seeing the OnePlus 1 come out and everyone was going crazy about the whole invite system. Y'all have a knack for good marketing and inspiring brand loyalty. I hope you continue to build on that skill going forward, because it's one of your biggest strengths.

    If there's one piece of advice I can offer, it's to take privacy and security extremely seriously. Focus on improving your network security and your device security as much as you can. In a world where privacy is a buzz word, showing actual development towards a more secure ecosystem will go a long way!

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  14. Y1572177533166
    Froyo Dec 7, 2019

    Y1572177533166 , Dec 7, 2019 :
    it started rolling out eventually u will get it

  15. hemanth_mudra
    Gingerbread Dec 7, 2019

  16. Harpreet@532
    Froyo Dec 7, 2019

  17. 9074673387
    Donut Dec 7, 2019

    9074673387 , via OnePlus 6T , Dec 7, 2019 :
    already roll out, yesterday I received updates.

  18. R1575730847250
    Cupcake Dec 7, 2019

    R1575730847250 , Dec 7, 2019 :
    Happiest Birthday One plus...... [e]1f382[/e][e]1f382[/e][e]1f382[/e][e]1f618[/e][e]1f618[/e] We proud to be the one plus users..... Happy For your success and waiting for future technologies

  19. shuvam3005
    Gingerbread Dec 7, 2019

    shuvam3005 , Dec 7, 2019 :
    That's so great. I feel great to be a part of this family and to have joined it just before the 6TH ANNIVERSARY. I wish to be a part of the family for a lot of anniversaries to come.

    Congratulations for all the hardships and failures that turned out in your favour and that resulted in OnePlus being one of the most coveted brands worldwide and a synonym of excellence and never ending desire to do better.
    Congratulations and wish you OnePlus a very merry Anniversary.