Oneplus 7 camera

  1. Dr4g0n36
    Froyo Jul 24, 2019

  2. RajneeshMithra
    Eclair Jul 26, 2019

    RajneeshMithra , Jul 26, 2019 :
    well I installed the 9.5.7 update and there is no change or visible improvement to the camera in my opinion as the issue faced by me remains.

    These are 2 pictures taken at the same time. Note the color difference. The light blue is the original and the dark blue is what's the camera produces.



  3. Dr4g0n36
    Froyo Jul 27, 2019

    Dr4g0n36 , Jul 27, 2019 :
    nope, despite outdoor decent photos, work indoor photos still sucks
    (paper Is dark red)

  4. X1525105293651
    Eclair Jul 29, 2019

    X1525105293651 , Jul 29, 2019 :
    same problem

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  5. Shinral
    Eclair Jul 30, 2019

    Shinral , Jul 30, 2019 :
    please stop complaining about bad camera. Everybody knows oneplus has the worse camera of its price range, I can take better pictures with a 2016 google pixel. oneplus 7 is good if you don't care about camera, It is really fast an has a nice screen, design and fingerprint scanner.

  6. RajneeshMithra
    Eclair Jul 30, 2019

    RajneeshMithra , Jul 30, 2019 :
    Camera is part of the phone. it's being projected as a best in it's class range. As users, it's everyone's right to comment and raise issues if the standards are not met. This is how manufacturers improve.

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  7. Ashish_K_Singh
    Froyo Jul 30, 2019

    Ashish_K_Singh , Jul 30, 2019 :
    Absolutely, even having same sensor "Sony IMX586 as the other brands using now a days" OnePlus7 produces low quality outputs. Our expectations are always high from OnePlus & thats the reason we r here as a fan or community, so definitely complaining is our rights to company. And we got even 3 updates after launch of OnePlus7 but still camera issues has not been resolved, never expected from this brand who is very good & well versed in software updates. Now after all this mind turns in different ways whether this is really Sony's flagship sensor? Or OnePlus this time putting all efforts only for 7pro.

  8. Ashish_K_Singh
    Froyo Jul 30, 2019

    Ashish_K_Singh , Jul 30, 2019 :

  9. ChetanVaghasia
    Cupcake Aug 1, 2019

    ChetanVaghasia , Aug 1, 2019 :
    Oneplus 7 camera very bad resolution, when I choose pro it's not good resolution, when I raw photos zoom its bad quality, some grass views...

  10. venkychows
    Donut Aug 8, 2019

  11. csk2025
    Cupcake Aug 9, 2019

  12. csk2025
    Cupcake Aug 9, 2019

    csk2025 , Aug 9, 2019 :
    me too, i used S8 , now i bought this oneplus 7 , it is worst in camera and screen, no comparision with s8 .

  13. Ashish_K_Singh
    Froyo Aug 9, 2019

    Ashish_K_Singh , Aug 9, 2019 :
    Welcome to trapp world.. the same problem even i'm also facing since around 2months but OnePlus is busy & celebrating there own, being top premium brand in India. Very disappointed with OnePlus7 camera quality.

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  14. femiuex
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 9, 2019

  15. Dr4g0n36
    Froyo Aug 13, 2019

    Dr4g0n36 , Aug 13, 2019 :
    nice survey, but doesn't include White balancing, saturation balancing and poor detail quality questions, that are crucial in this thread.

  16. Soumya_Sworoop
    Cupcake Sep 1, 2019

    Soumya_Sworoop , Sep 1, 2019 :
    in one plus 7improve the post processing of photos in auto mode.it makes photos yellowish in indoor lightning and also in back light.photos are of pathetic quality and is compressed.sharpness is not seen in one plus 7 photos.photos are yellowish and are not of natural colour in indoor lightning.improve it if you are focusing in one plus 7 pro den why did you launch one plus 7.

  17. nizamsyed786
    Froyo Sep 1, 2019

    nizamsyed786 , Sep 1, 2019 :
    I don't have a problem with that bro mine also OnePlus 7 red colour...I take photos with wonderful colours and contract and details....i have also compared my photo's with OnePlus 6t ... OnePlus 7 is the winner,I suggest u to check up in a one plus service centre

  18. Ashish_K_Singh
    Froyo Sep 1, 2019

    Ashish_K_Singh , Sep 1, 2019 :
    They launched OnePlus7 just to show off or just maintain their lineups of this same segment which is from starting. As this time company's whole support & focus only on 7Pro. Even i m facing this camera issues since starting (the day launched) whenever i switched from 6T but regretting now to hv this OnePlus7. Really very disappointed & so many times i hv complaint regarding this issue but they are very much unable to fix it or may be not bothering abt it as focus on OnePlus7 Pro only..

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  19. G_Sompalli_Shridhar_Ezzh
    Cupcake Sep 2, 2019

    G_Sompalli_Shridhar_Ezzh , Sep 2, 2019 :
    This is my first OnePlus mobile while comparing Samsung A70 camera OnePlus 7 downgrades, do something on OnePlus 7 camera in further updates, im feeling like I've wasted my money.

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  20. venkychows
    Donut Sep 2, 2019

    venkychows , Sep 2, 2019 :
    yes I am also

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