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  1. LilCorey22
    Cupcake May 13, 2019

    LilCorey22 , May 13, 2019 :
    I currently have the oneplus 6, the bullet wireless headphones, about 12 different phone cases two screens protectors..I purchased this phone late 2018..but I love everything about this phone especially how fast and smooth it is..the face unlock is crazy fast and I love the shortcut gestures as well. looking forward to the 5g high speed one the oneplus7pro..whether I win or not I'm still going to get that phon

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  2. Phonegrapher
    Eclair May 13, 2019

    Phonegrapher , May 13, 2019 :
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    Less than 8 hrs remaining to uncover a beautiful beast .
    Strong and fierce design , powerful hardware, vibrant display , clean os , great cameras and super fast dash charge .
    A never settling experience is on its way how much are you excited #neversettle #5g #fastandsmooth #gobeyondspeed #oneplus7pro #oneplus7series

  3. Glennvq35
    Cupcake May 13, 2019

    Glennvq35 , May 13, 2019 :
    since I bought my first OnePlus 3T it has never died and I wanna upgrade I was going to buy the OnePlus 6 but that's when I saw the #OnePlus7Pro I fell in love the #5G and how #FastandSmooth need it in my life thank you OnePlus for being the best

  4. Glennvq35
    Cupcake May 13, 2019

  5. Maverick2.0
    KitKat May 13, 2019

    Maverick2.0 , May 13, 2019 :
    There's a dedicated thread for the Oneplus 7/Pro.

    Post there. Don't create unnecessary threads.

  6. Cervantes
    Lollipop Moderator May 13, 2019

    Cervantes , May 13, 2019 :

    Please, You can use the search engine before opening a new thread
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    Thank You, Cervantes, Forum Moderator

  7. G_Cristobal_Rabah_qLwV
    Cupcake May 13, 2019

    G_Cristobal_Rabah_qLwV , May 13, 2019 :
    Oneplus has a history of making the best phones for low prices, my best friend got the opportunity to get the first oneplus and since then i tried to get one!
    Once OP3 came out i got it right away, ive been using it since and its amazing, either on top of mountains in Europe with snowstorms or sunny days in South America, this phone has never let me down, and it still works like a charm!, other than a focus problem with my main camera that was professionally handled by OP, and also for free.

    But think its time for an update, and #OnePlus7Pro will be that update, even not knowing anything about this phone, i know OnePlus, and thats all i need to know to make this phone my first choice. I cant wait to be able to surf in #5G, wich will eliminate latency completely! This plus the obvious better performance will make games like PUBG #FastandSmooth. I cant wait to be able to take pictures with OP7P, i convinced a friend to get OP5T and i remember her pictures being out of this world. The hype is real, OnePlus 7Pro is here, and i wanna be part of the team!

  8. Topper_Gas
    Jelly Bean May 13, 2019

    Topper_Gas , May 13, 2019 :
    Surely there must be another specific thread for all this # nonsense, or have OP managed to ruin what was a good thread by encouraging OP users to use #Fastandsmooth etc on this particularly thread?

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  9. DARTH 007
    KitKat May 13, 2019

  10. toastytoast1234
    Marshmallow May 13, 2019

    toastytoast1234 , May 13, 2019 :
    I'll be uncovering a beautiful beast in about 30 mins, just waiting for this meeting to finish first.

  11. xnutzii
    Lollipop May 13, 2019

    xnutzii , May 13, 2019 :
    Well, you can join me, I'll unpack my beautiful beast even faster then.

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  12. Alan Joulak
    Donut May 13, 2019

  13. Liehjan
    Lollipop May 13, 2019

    Liehjan , May 13, 2019 :
    The scream will be loud and clear ;)
    The screen will be curved...

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  14. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert May 13, 2019

    Cheetosdust , May 13, 2019 :
    Yeap, the scream is curved:

  15. Alan Joulak
    Donut May 13, 2019

  16. Madnezz4Ever
    Jelly Bean May 13, 2019

  17. P1536673777380
    Cupcake May 13, 2019

  18. Adam276
    Gingerbread May 13, 2019

    Adam276 , May 13, 2019 :
    Do we know if the OP7 will also be released though or for now only the Pro?

  19. Aziz_Amin_Oneplus
    Jelly Bean May 13, 2019

    Aziz_Amin_Oneplus , May 13, 2019 :
    Yes Oneplus 7 will be releasing too but Pro model is a new change in Oneplus Company so that is why they are only promoting the Pro ;)

  20. Adam276
    Gingerbread May 13, 2019

    Adam276 , May 13, 2019 :
    Got it, thanks!

    Very tempted to upgrade from my 5T but will probably go for the 7 but so hard to find info on it since as you said, it's all about the Pro.