OnePlus 7 fingerprint vibration


Do you have haptic feedback on fingerprint unlock?

  1. [OP7] Yes, on success and on fail

    3 vote(s)
  2. [OP7] Yes, but only on success/fail

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  3. [OP7] No

    8 vote(s)
  4. [OP7 PRO] Yes, on success and on fail

    1 vote(s)
  5. [OP7 PRO] Yes, but only on success/fail

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  6. [OP7 PRO] No

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  1. donPepitoGrillo Gingerbread Jun 18, 2019

    donPepitoGrillo, Jun 18, 2019 :
    I have never had haptic feedback when unlocking with fingerprint, so I don't think it's a 3rd party software issue but OxygenOS.

    I can confirm that OnePlus 7 don't have the same haptic motor as Pro version, but it has nothing to do with this matter. It's related with lock screen (I guess) because I use other apps (bank, password managers, etc.) that has haptic feedback when they ask me to unlock with my fingerprint.

  2. pgrey Honeycomb Jun 18, 2019

    pgrey, Jun 18, 2019 :
    @donPepitoGrillo I agree, that the "no haptic on unlock attempt" could be a f/w-OS issue.

    On the overall haptic feedback though, I still bet this is a setting that got tweaked, or another app/service, that's intercepting the feedback.
    I notice no one has asked about whether or not the DND switch is on here, or if they have "general haptic-touch feedback "on"".
    If I enable general-haptic, then I'd have to change my answer above, to "Both", but if I have it disabled, it only gives me feedback on failure (to unlock).

    I've done my share of driver-h/w coding/testing, and this sure "feels" to me like something is "grabbing" the feedback, from the failure, it could even be a setting that's just slightly-related (this would be firmware/OS though, in terms of the bug), perhaps not "obvious" that you're disabling the "failure feedback".

    I think there would be a LOT more votes here, if it were more prominent (no feedback for failure), but I have no empirical evidence to back it up, this would be the "more votes" part.
    I suspect the lack of feedback for "success" is that people have "general haptic" disabled, like myself.

    Anyone who's getting "zero feedback", and can repro that, consistently, should file a bug, and collect logs, and let the bug-hunter team track it down; this would clarify that side.
    Unless it's a "really odd" bug, it should only take a couple of repros to produce what I'd call "obvious failure logging", where you could easily match the fail-haptic event(s) to a system event(s), and determine if it's truly an issue.
    If anyone wants to repro (full failure), and upload logs, I'd also take a quick look, as long as you keep the logs reasonable, it should only need to be a few seconds of log-time...

  3. donPepitoGrillo Gingerbread Jun 19, 2019

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  4. pgrey Honeycomb Jun 20, 2019

  5. donPepitoGrillo Gingerbread Jun 21, 2019