[OnePlus 7 Pro (5G)][ROM][OTA][Oxygen OS] Repo of Oxygen OS Builds

  1. Ju_lian.J
    Froyo Oct 24, 2020

  2. K1599056827074
    Cupcake Oct 24, 2020

    K1599056827074 , Oct 24, 2020 :
    Thank you for your attention, buddy, I'm going to do what you recommend, thank you very much.

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  3. sonnyhaze
    Gingerbread Oct 24, 2020

    sonnyhaze , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Oct 24, 2020 :
    Built-in app updates is trash. I found out that the Built-in app option doesn't work. Not like we would like to think anyways. I found this out by going to apkmirror and searching the latest updates. All that was updated to be current was contacts, clock, switch, zen, community, and the damn weather app.
    So I went through and downloaded the apps from apkmirror.com to install the Iatest versions. Some ofq there was:
    -oneplus gallery
    -oneplus Launcher
    -phone app
    -built-in app updater app itself,
    -oneplus gallery
    -oneplus camera,
    -oneplus recorder,
    -oneplus screen recorder
    -oneplus roaming
    -oneplus messages
    -oneplus game space said:

    WARNING: Be very careful not to install what was made for newer phones. Whenever that has happened to me I was easily able to locate the system app and under the about screen for that app click the 3 dots in the top right hand corner. This should say "Uninstall All Updates". That will uninstall all updates so that will reset to the version originally made for the phone. I suppose there could be unforeseeable consequences but I know of none. Just be careful.
    Since newer oneplus phones have more features, they also have their own specific app versions, so dont to go willy nilly installing the latest version of each. You need to be sure to only install apps made for the 7 Pro and not ones from newer oneplus phones that aren't made for this version phone.
    Oh and these 2 weren't ever on this Oneplus 7 Pro but worked for me
    -oneplus work-life balance
    -oneplus roaming
    To use work-life balance you access it from the drop down menu and in the top Quick tile section you will see a tiny yang sign next to profile button which was not their before
    To use Oneplus Roaming go to Wi-Fi and Internet in settings and now you will see this new feature in your list.
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  4. Sahifazad
    Cupcake Oct 28, 2020

  5. alexisonza07
    Gingerbread Oct 29, 2020

  6. Sahifazad
    Cupcake Oct 29, 2020

  7. Artemus.
    Nougat Oct 29, 2020

    Artemus. , Oct 29, 2020 :
    Read the title and you'll know. ;)

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  8. alexisonza07
    Gingerbread Oct 29, 2020

  9. Numaan224 , via OnePlus Community App , Oct 30, 2020 :
    Hello I bought my one plus 7 pro 5g £400 and can't download the update it keeps saying failed I tried zip file from computer to phone still failed and now my Netflix says it's not compatible with this devicd. I'm not a rocket scientist I just wanna be able to use my phone and apps and update without it saying failed I really wish I got Samsung S10 instead now unless this can be fixed
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  10. Artemus.
    Nougat Oct 30, 2020

    Artemus. , Oct 30, 2020 :
    Oxygen Updater.

  11. Artemus.
    Nougat Oct 30, 2020

    Artemus. , Oct 30, 2020 :
    Who'd you buy the phone from?

  12. Artemus.
    Nougat Oct 30, 2020

    Artemus. , Oct 30, 2020 :
    Uh-huh. And... which screenshot says it failed exactly?

  13. Artemus.
    Nougat Oct 30, 2020

  14. Numaan224 , via OnePlus Community App , Oct 30, 2020 :
    I have no idea what that means why can't I just update because it says update is available there making phones way to hard to use

  15. Swejuggalo , via OnePlus 8 Pro Ultramarine Blue , Oct 30, 2020 :
    Unless you really want it oem unlocked you might want it relocked and restored to normal state to gain L1 Widevine and incremental updates.


  16. Artemus.
    Nougat Oct 30, 2020

    Artemus. , Oct 30, 2020 :
    You have to update to the first build of 10 before you can go to the newest one.