OnePlus 7 pro ambient screen not working

  1. F_Shivalik_Rana_rPSg Cupcake May 18, 2019

    F_Shivalik_Rana_rPSg, May 18, 2019 :
    My phone was working absolutely fine but suddenly this morning I noticed I couldn't wake my screen by single tap on screen or lift to wake although both options are on in settings.
    Even after rebooting my device the problem is there and now I have to press power button and use fingerprint to unlock device which isn't that great.
    Kindly give some suggestions solve this problem.
    Edit- All of a sudden it has started working.
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  2. MarkoBatrac Honeycomb May 18, 2019

    MarkoBatrac, May 18, 2019 :
    Report it..It seems like problem in kernel. I had that on other phone

  3. Srikar_123 Cupcake May 18, 2019

  4. Karun12 Donut May 19, 2019

  5. jdella681 Donut May 25, 2019

    jdella681, May 25, 2019 :
    yeah, mine started doing that last night and now I need to physically hot the power button to get the screen on before using my fingerprint

  6. PabloPin92 Donut May 27, 2019

  7. agsagrest Cupcake May 29, 2019

    agsagrest, May 29, 2019 :
    I have the same issue, tap and lift don't turn ambient display on. Gestures on off screen don't work neighter. Waiting for update that resolves problem...

    Edit: suddenly ambient screen started to show after I lift up the phone. Stll no reaction to tap.

    Edit2: problem (seems to be) solved. I turned off Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Special access to apps -> Battery optimalisation -> Advanced optimalisation -> Deep optimalisation option (I don't use English localisation, so captions may be different in English). Then after turning on Settings -> Display -> Ambient display -> Touch the screen to show, ambient display was back fully functional. I hope it may help.
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  8. G_Si_Che_TuHX Cupcake May 29, 2019

    G_Si_Che_TuHX, May 29, 2019 :
    ditto. connected to my car's Bluetooth and all of a sudden ambient display doesn't respond to touches. after disconnecting Bluetooth and walking away, ambient came back.

  9. gmaria1987 Froyo May 29, 2019

    gmaria1987, May 29, 2019 :
    Yeah same here, I think the new update that is rolling out is supposed to fix that. Let's hope it does.