OnePlus 7 pro Bluetooth discoverable bug

  1. G_Anthony_Ciuffini_pCWS
    Donut May 29, 2019

    G_Anthony_Ciuffini_pCWS , May 29, 2019 :
    Recently I noticed my OnePlus 7 pro show up in Bluetooth settings of a car radio. So the logical thing was let me shut off the discoverable feature. That happened on Monday but I forgot to turn off the discoverable and I have never touched the feature since I got the phone. Today someone at my job noticed my phone come up on their iPad in the Bluetooth settings. So I was like let me go shut off the feature I totally forgot to do the other day. I went into Bluetooth and the discoverable feature was already off. So correct me if I'm wrong but that shouldn't have happened. I toggled it on and then off again and it stuck so far. I will continue testing at home with other devices but I believe this is a bug that should be addressed as was off in the first place. Now two devices have been able to see it when they shouldn't.

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  2. hvacigar
    Donut May 29, 2019

    hvacigar , May 29, 2019 :
    I agree, and I think there are more issues with the Bluetooth behavior on the OnePlus7 that may be related to this issue. I use several options for Bluetooth headsets (airpods and the bullets 2). I have noticed that even when I have the bullets connected, I lose connection when I open my airpods case (which is a fidgeting problem I have). The Bluetooth should lock into whatever I have connected if they are paired in an active connection, but instead it tries to connect to anything that has connected before. I hope there will be some updates to this, but I have a feeling it would mess with the wonderful quick connectivity I experience with my bullets.