OnePlus 7 Pro desktop mode

  1. Mlameau
    Donut Feb 21, 2020

    Mlameau , Feb 21, 2020 :
    Good day to you all,

    recently Google has implemented a Desktop mode into developer options on Android 10. I am looking for information in regards to Oneplus's stance or support for this option. OnePlus started as a platform for individuals to tinker with, and while the brand has grown substantially since I have been here I haven't seen anyone really discuss this topic.

    I am aware that Samsung ( Samsung Dex) has been around for some time, and that Huawei also has a Desktop mode they have launched and has been around for some time.

    If there is any information regarding this topic with Oneplus it would be Appreciated.

    Son Goku

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  2. spot01
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 21, 2020

    spot01 , Feb 21, 2020 :
    Do you mean the desktop option which already exists in chrome I just enable it and pow I get the desktop version

  3. Mlameau
    Donut Feb 21, 2020

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  4. R1561598923024
    Donut Feb 21, 2020

    R1561598923024 , Feb 21, 2020 :
    tbh I would rather it mirror in the MS phone app ...
    ms my phone app is already pretty good but you can't mirror the oneplus7 pro yet

  5. alexleafa
    Cupcake Mar 1, 2020

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