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    yashonagori, May 16, 2019 :


    Hey, what's going on guys? It's Yashovardhan here and I am one of the lucky few who got the opportunity to review the OnePlus 7 Pro under the " Lab Review Contest". Before we begin, a big shout-out to OnePlus for giving me this opportunity and I'm very thankful towards them!
    Like most of y'all I was very excited to check out the latest and greatest from OnePlus, and let me tell you, when I first saw the device, the excitement only increased by multitudes and I can't wait to share my experience with you guys!
    So, I decided to go around this review in a bit different manner. What I have planned out is as follows;
    For the unboxing and initial impressions, I'm gonna be uploading a video on my channel and attach a link here! Further, over the coming days I'm gonna be posting a written review on each of the following aspects:

    Under each of these major heads, I'm gonna be listing down what the specifications and claims are by OnePlus and how all this translates into real life usage! I will try to keep the review brief and to the point! So yeah, stay tuned guys, gonna upload the unboxing video by tonight!

    Since the full review is very long, here's a Brief Summary of each aspect:
    • The design and build of this device is exemplary. It is an unprecedented piece of innovation by OnePlus. The gradient finish is absolutely stunning and aesthetically pleasing. The button placement is excellent and within reach, which is always welcome on a big phone like this. Build wise, the phone is vulnerable as it has glass on the front and back, nothing that can't be solved with a simple case. ;)
    • As the hype suggests, this display is something out of this world and seems like OnePlus made some great decision by going with the 90Hz 1440p AMOLED panel. As they say, this thing hertz. If you're into gaming or media consumption, this device is the one to go for without a doubt. Definitely the industry best.
    • For the performance, the specs do speak for themselves. What OnePlus claims on paper, translates truly into real life! The smooth, almost slippery experience while performing simple tasks like scrolling feel very satisfying. I doubt that you'll ever have to worry about this phone lagging, as the ever so great Oxygen OS gets timely updates and optimizations, making sure that this phone lasts in the long term. Also, they keep on adding very useful new features like Zen Mode, which anyone would welcome happily.
    • Battery life is where this phone might fall short of some competitors. This only a One-day battery for most users but that does not bother much when you have the blazing fast Warp charger at your side. You can easily get a half-day's charge within half an hour. Very contrary to the popular belief, this set of cameras is actually quite brilliant. Sure it has it's shortcomings, like the lack of video capabilities on the wide angle camera, but nothing that a software update can't fix! The details captured in day light is exemplary and at par with any other competitor. At the night time too, the nightscape mode gives fairly good results and I won't hesitate to say that this is a great camera for someone who knows what they're doing!
    • If you're wondering about the video quality, in my opinion, there has been a huge leap from the OnePlus 6T, with regards to both, audio and video quality. The HDR on the videos is brilliant and the stabilization is silly good too!
    • In short, this phone is the phone to beat for the smartphone industries this year. It again is the value champ at the price point which it is selling. If you're thinking of getting one, don't hesitate, you won't regret it!

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    yashonagori, May 29, 2019 :
    1.Unboxing and Initial Impressions:

    One thing I forgot to emphasize in the unboxing video, there is NO USB C to 3.5mm dongle! I really wish they included it in the box, considering the price of the device. But sadly, we won't have it this time and it's a bummer. Also, there's a screen protector installed on the device right out of the box, so that's a good addition too!

    An issue which I encountered on my second day:
    So on my second day, I decided to test out the camera and took it to a nearby football turf. For about half an hour, I did not come across any inconsistency and was able to click some good pictures! The problem arose when I tried to shoot some slow motion video. Mind you, there was no problem in recording but it came up when i tried to playback the videos.

    As soon as I finished recording and tried to play it back in the gallery, an error showed up and it read, "Cannot edit the video."

    I thought it was a problem with the length of the recording and thus decided to give it another shot. But the same error occurred the second, third and fourth time.
    Before deriving any conclusion, I decided to consult it with a OnePlus representative. In the meanwhile, I tried to edit the photos which I took in the native gallery app of the phone. Again, an error showed up saying, "Sorry, cannot save changes".

    When I discussed this with the OnePlus representative, we both were unsure about why this was happening. But after I gave her a few details, she suggested that I should try to play the video in the Photos app. And guess what, IT PLAYED! She further suggested that this was a problem specific to Gallery app on the phone. Reading this, I thought of disabling the app and enabling it again, just to reboot it. And again, this worked out too! My issue was resolved, just like that!

    I then proceeded to inform the representative and she told me that this has never happened before and as a precaution, I should turn on recording log files so if the error occurs again, OnePlus developers can look into it! Hopefully, it won't!

    I wanted to share this experience with you guys as I want this to be a completely honest review! The OnePlus representative was very helpful and insisted that I include this in my review, which is very nice of them! I don't think this will happen with any other device, mainly because none of the other lab reviewers encountered this and seemed to be a small software bug!
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    yashonagori, May 29, 2019 :
    2. Build and design:


    I've said it before and I won't hesitate to say it again, this phone is a treat to the human eye and comes out as one of the most well-designed phones ever made. Well, at least for those who don't mind the mechanical pop-up selfie camera. For some, this might even be the most well designed phone ever to be made. The design is very minimal, keeping only those features which are absolutely necessary and drawing out all shortcomings which earlier models might have faced, say like a forced dedicated assistant button *coughs in Samsung*. Again though, there is always gonna be people on the contrary, who don't accept the pre-mature demise of their beloved headphone jack. In my honest opinion, I do very much miss the headphone jack.

    There have been multiple times and occasions in these mere 1 week with the device where I could certainly have used a jack (no pun). I do use wireless earphones for the majority of time, but wired sound pieces definitely have their quirks. Although OnePlus have claimed a lack of space to be the reason for the removal of the port, there have been multiple tear downs in the past which do show enough space. Thus, the true reasons remain a mystery. Or do they? Maybe just a marketing move to promote certain products which won't do so well if they gave out a port directly affecting it's sales. Very subtle, indeed.

    Enough with the rant, let me list down what all things you can find on this device. On the bottom, there's the USB-C port for charging and connectivity in the middle, along with a speaker grill on the right, a microphone and an antenna band alongside. The bottom is obviously not symmetrical, but looks clean and minimal anyhow. On the right side, there's the power button in the middle with the alert slider placed right above it. Both of these are well within reach and can be used single handedly, although it's due to be noted that I have fairly large hands. OnePlus need to be given credit where it is due, and this is definitely one place where it is. The alert slide is a really useful implementation to have and I'm glad OnePlus keep on including it, as I mentioned in my unboxing video. For me, it seems to placed on the perfect height, keeping in mind the practicality of the slider. In an emergency of any sort, say whether you're in a meeting or in a class and the phone begins to ring suddenly, you can easily access the slider with one hand and immediately turn the phone to silent.

    On the back of the device, we have the triple camera set up, which does not have much of a bulge and this helps when you try to use the device when it is lying on a table or any other flat surface. In the middle, there's the OnePlus logo and at the bottom, there's the OnePlus branding. One more thing to be noted about the back is the lack of any sort of grip. This phone is hella slippery. If you're not careful and attentive all the time, there's a high chance that you might drop it. Hence, I would strongly recommend, that if you're getting this device, then make sure to put on a case or a skin to have some grip while using the device. I've put on the clear case provided inside the box by OnePlus as I don't wanna cover up the blue gradient. Another perk of putting on the clear case is that it helps to avoid accidental touches on the curved display. This phone also has the sensors that you'd require, namely; Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Compass, Gyroscope.

    The main area of concern comes into picture when we move over to the top of the device. Instead of going with a notch, OnePlus decided to go with the pop up mechanism for the front facing selfie camera, which was first seen in a VIVO smartphone in late 2018. Since then, this implementation has noticeably divided the tech community into two parts. one being pro-pop up and the other being against it. After using this device for a few days and personally testing it out, I.m leaning towards the former group and I have my reasons for it. First of all, I'm not much of a selfie addict and barely open up the front camera once or twice a week and that's mainly for taking photos with friends or family. Secondly, there's an oddly satisfying feeling of watching the mechanism work in real life. Lastly, this implementation allows for a very full and extremely immersive display, which I will talk about in the future. For now though, I have absolutely been loving the media consumption process on this device and having no obstructions on the display surely adds to that.

    However, the major concerns regarding this mechanism has mostly been about the long term durability of this thing, and how it affects the device's capability to protect itself from dust and water. Since OnePlus decided not to get this device IP certified, users have been in ambiguity whether or not to trust them with the longevity of this smartphone. I, personally, trust OnePlus and believe that they have done a good job here, as I've seen in Dave2D's underwater review that it does survive underwater even after 13 minutes.

    OnePlus has also claimed to have increased the strength of the vibration motor by 200% and while comparing this with a Note 8, I found that the vibrations on the OnePlus 7 Pro are much better calibrated and their response and feel is quite premium. This adds to the overall experience while using the device for almost all purposes and is genuinely a nice touch added by them.

    Also to be noted, on the front of the device, OnePlus have now implemented the curved glass and display design, similar to that of Samsung's infinity display. This feature has, for me at least, added to the sex appeal of the phone immensely. I will dive into details about this when I write about the display. For now, I think that's this is a wise decision by OnePlus and you'll most probably love it too when you get to use it!

    In conclusion, overall, I think that OnePlus might have hit the home run with the design here, specially evident as whenever I first showed this device to someone, they had the "Oh my god that's a beautiful phone" reaction. The Nebula Blue finish looks stunning in any light and I'm glad that I went with this variant. This totally depends on your personal preference though. Before believing me, I would suggest you to experience the device at a physical store and assess the phone yourself! I don't think you'd be disappointed in any manner.

    Here are some more photos of the device:


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    yashonagori, May 29, 2019 :
    3. Display and Stereo Speakers:

    I'm sure that by now, the most hyped and talked about aspect that you've heard about the OnePlus 7 Pro has been the display. And rightly so, OnePlus deserve all the praise that they're receiving. What they had claimed on paper, translates very much up to and beyond what was promised. In the past, with every new device that came out, especially in the past 2 years, companies have claimed that their devices are much faster than their previous ones and have tried to persuade their customers to upgrade for the same reason. But these upgrades, when using in real life, meant really nothing or very less level of improvement over their predecessor smartphones and made users restrain from upgrading their devices constantly.

    But, with the OnePlus 7 Pro, all of this changes drastically. Sure, the Snapdragon 855 has been claimed to be 30% faster than the Snapdragon 845, but the change wasn't very much evident in normal day-to-day usage with devices like the Galaxy s10. On the other hand, OnePlus made the wise yet risky decision to implement the world's first 90Hz AMOLED display in their latest flagship. This move was risky, considering that this could affect the battery life of the device very adversely. However, while having used the device as my daily driver, I've come to absolutely love it and I would trade off the little battery life for having the amazing and fluid AMOLED panel any day, without any hesitation. As far as the specifications go, I've listed them as follows:

    • Size: 6.67 inches across
    • Panel type: Fluid AMOLED
    • Resolution: QHD+ (1440px3120p)
    • Refresh Rate: Up to 90Hz
    • Brightness: Up to 4000 nits
    • Other features: HDR 10+ certification, Immersive edges, Night Mode 2.0
    Now, the time to talk about how all this translates into real life usage. First of all, let's get the basics out of the way. The display has ample brightness and you won't be having any issues in viewing anything outdoors in bright sunlight. At night or when it's dark, if you try out max brightness, it turns enough to almost turn you blind. I've made this mistake and trust me, I do regret it. Since this is an AMOLED panel, the colors are very accurate and vibrant. I've been using the device in the Vivid mode along with resolution set at auto, and you have other options available as in this screenshot below:

    WhatsApp Image 2019-05-19 at 20.52.46(5).jpeg

    Personally, I feel that the vivid mode best suits my eye. And I apologize for using the light theme, it's for battery testing purposed. I'll be switching to the Dark theme soon enough. In the settings, you get the following options under the display tab:

    WhatsApp Image 2019-05-19 at 20.52.46(4).jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2019-05-19 at 20.52.46(3).jpeg

    I love that how Oxygen OS allows us have to have complete customization flexibility regarding the display and choose anything as per our preference. I've been using the device in the above settings since day one and will give my opinion based on that!

    Over the few days of my usage, I've used to device for all sorts of media consumption, namely; YouTube, Netflix, Gaming and general browsing and scrolling. This has, in my opinion, by the BEST display on a smartphone of all time, and mainly this has everything to do with that 90Hz Fluid AMOLED panel. The word has been overused, but this display is truly immersive. Personally, I'm a fan of the curved edges as they've only added to the immersion of the display and there have been very few to no accidental touches, for me. If you haven't tried a display with refresh rates above 60 Hz before, then it would be hard to describe how this feels like. I would strongly recommend you going out in stores and trying it out for yourself to find out how the experience turns out in real life usage. The 90Hz panel truly adds to the smoothness of the device. If you measure, precisely by 50% over it's predecessor and that's a lot, considering that there has been none in the past. This is clearly noticeable while executing even simple tasks like scrolling, swiping or just interacting with the device and I appreciate the better user experience.

    One thing people have been complaining about the display has been the curved infinity edges. For me, these edges are better than those on Samsung and they don't bother me at all. In-fact I think they're pretty cool and enhance the immersion of the display. When you look at the phone in really steep angles, like around 170 degrees and beyond, you see a slight blue shift on the edges but in normal usage, the viewing angles are perfect and there's no distortion. This totally comes down to personal preference tho and I would suggest you try them out for yourself first.

    Since there's no notch of any sort this time around, the display is completely obstruction free and this really helps to step up media consumption experience on this device. That is because, you are able to connect with the content that you're watching in a better manner. The curved edges give out a feel which makes the content bleed out and seem to be more than two dimensional and that's a whole new vibe on a smartphone. Also, an important thing to be appreciated is the HDR 10+ certification. Basically, what HDR helps with is, retaining more information in the shadows and balancing the highlights along with better color reproduction so that overall, the whole scene becomes more flat and visually pleasing. When you watch HDR enabled content on this device, it really is a sweet sweet experience for the viewer.

    One last thing which I want to talk about along with the display, is of course, the optical In-display fingerprint scanner. While doing my research, in all the reviews that I could find, most reviewers have said that this time, there is a drastic improvement in speed and accuracy of the scanner, and this makes me wonder how bad the earlier versions of the scanner might have been. I am very dissatisfied with it, as you could tell by now. I am used to the quick scanning by the physical fingerprint scanner on my OnePlus 5T. There have been multiple instances, daily, where the scanner struggled to accurately detect my fingerprint. Even if my finger is a tad bit sideways, it often refuses to unlock the device. I really miss having the physical scanner on the back of the device and hope that in the coming generations, this scanner is improved by OnePlus. Also, the animation is really bright and often becomes annoying when using the phone in darker environments.

    Speaking of media consumption, along with the display, I'd like to talk about the dual stereo speakers with an amplifier (Supported by Dolby) too. I'll be honest here, my first impressions weren't great about these dual stereo speakers. The loudness is sub par and this is definitely not the loudest pair of speakers out in the market. However, they do get loud enough for you to watch videos or game without having to worry about missing any sounds. Where these speakers do nail it though, is in the clarity department. Each and every high and low can be easily distinguished and noticed. The vocals are very clear and crisp too along with a punchy enough base to compliment it. Overall, I'd rate the speakers 7/10 for loudness and 9/10 for clarity. For a normal user, they will adequately do the job without any worries.

    With this, I'd want to conclude my display and speakers review. The display has by far been my favorite part about the OnePlus 7 Pro and I'm sure any user would agree with the same. The overall experience has been overwhelming and it is good to finally see something new being implemented in the stagnant smartphone space. I'm happy that OnePlus decided to go with this and taking the risk to be the first. Credit to them where it's due and this aspect is definitely one of them where they deserve a lot of praise.

    Note: As of now, it is not possible to have dynamic or adaptive refresh rates on the device, it is either stuck at 90 Hz or 60 Hz at a constant. OnePlus may release a software update soon to make this possible and improve battery life even further. [Source: MKBHD]

    Some more screenshots of the display settings:
    WhatsApp Image 2019-05-19 at 20.52.46(2).jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2019-05-19 at 20.52.46.jpeg
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    yashonagori, May 29, 2019 :

    Normally, when you hear about a 4000mAh battery in a smartphone, you'd develop very high expectations and think that it would be a behemoth of a powerhouse. Sadly, that is not the case here. Don't get me wrong, in no way is this a bad battery at all. It's just that it's not ground breaking either. I think that anyone would easily last about a day with this device, and would get about 4 and half hours of screen on time, if you use really intensive apps or games like PUBG, Asphalt 9, Modern Combat 5,etc. However if you're a normal user and use your phone mainly for social networking and taking a few photos here and there, you might end up getting upto 6 hours, like I did, which I'll explain below.

    So, in order to test out the battery, I chose a random day and before we begin, I'd want you to take note that my screen's resolution was set in auto mode, with 90Hz refresh rate and in the default Light theme. Now, here's how my day went:

    At 8:37AM in the morning, I woke up and my device was at 47% of battery. This is when I plugged it in and observed the charging speed. By 9:23AM, I had 97% battery and full 100% by 9:32AM, so that's 53% charge in about 55 minutes and that's really impressive. However, I might have noticed that the phone took comparatively much longer charge time per percentage while going from 95 to 100 than it took for going from 47 to 95 and I'm not sure why, just an observation though. Anyway, this speed was damn good and you can easily juice up your device last minute in case you forgot to fully charge up someday.

    During the day, at about 04:02PM, I decided to go for a game of PUBG and at this point, I had 72% battery. Following were my settings on PUBG:

    WhatsApp Image 2019-05-22 at 00.34.07(5).jpeg
    WhatsApp Image 2019-05-22 at 00.34.07(4).jpeg

    One thing which I noticed while playing the game was that, even though it was a very brief session, the device got noticeably warm. Even through the polymer clear case, I could feel the heat rising. It wasn't much, still a thing to be noticed as OnePlus claimed that the phone would not get heated while gaming and charging the device alongside.

    Anyhow, my game ended at about 4:23PM with 63% battery left and that's a 9% drain in 21 minutes, which is decent to be honest. At this point, I had about 2 hours and 3 minutes of Screen on time and I was about halfway through my day.

    For the rest of the day, I used the camera for a bit and the rest was for general social media scrolling on twitter, reddit and instagram, nothing very intensive. At 2:00AM, I had 6 hours on SoT and 15% battery remaining and the battery saver mode auto turned on. i decided to check the overnight drain with all functions like WiFi and Bluetooth turned off. I woke up at 8:40AM and the battery had gone down to 12%. The 3% drain was pretty minimal and I'd say that it isn't bad at all. The next day, I tried using the dark mode but gained similar results.

    Now with all this being said, I'd like you to note that SoT is not an objective indicator of battery strength. It depends on what apps you use and what settings you use your device on. All in all, I can conclude that the battery life on this device is not great but for a normal user, it's easily a one day battery and the gorgeous display makes it a trade off worth having. If you need a device which will last for days on a charge, sadly this is not the one. However, the super fast warp charging makes it super easy to charge the device more than once a day. So, batter life is 7\10 and I don't mind it at all!
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    yashonagori, May 29, 2019 :
    6. Camera:

    Finally the time has come to address the most heated debate about the OnePlus 7 Pro. Everyone has been looking for reasons to hate on this device, and unfortunately, some famous tech reviewers have claimed that this is the weakest aspect/feature of the device. Before we begin, I would like to say that this is completely false. People who haven't even used the device are trying to deceive others into thinking that this is not a good camera. Well, let me break the ice, this camera is as good as any smartphone camera gets. If you have the skill-set, you can pull out such amazing pictures from this camera. This being said, there surely some shortcomings with the camera but none of those are unsolvable. Let's get into details, shall we?

    First of all, let me list down the specs of the camera:
    • Triple Rear Camera Set-up: 48 MP, f/1.6, (wide), 1/2", 0.8µm, Laser/PDAF, OIS
      16 MP, f/2.2, 13mm (ultra-wide)
      8 MP, f/2.4, 78mm (telephoto), 3x zoom, Laser/PDAF, OIS
    • Single Pop-up: 16 MP, f/2.0, 25mm (wide), 1/3.0", 1.0µm
    • Video Capabilities: Rear: 2160p@30/60fps, 1080p@30/60/240fps, 720p@480fps, Auto HDR, gyro-EIS; Front: 1080p@30fps, gyro-EIS
    • Dual-LED dual-tone flash, panorama, HDR
    • PRO mode for manual control on ISO, Shutter, White balance, etc.
    • Time-lapse feature.'
    • Nighscape mode for low light scenes. ( Only on primary lens)
    Judging a camera by on-paper specs is not really a good criteria to actually test out the device. Hardware wise, OnePlus has definitely killed it this time. The details which the sensors are able to pull out from the scene is just insane and gives the user a lot of freedom to play around with them in the post production! But about that software, that maybe an area which could use some improvement. On the bright side, OnePlus is working constantly to roll out updates to make it better and better and in the recent updates, it sure has gotten better. I'll talk more about it along with the sample photos so you can get a better idea.
    Note: All uploads are compressed to below 2MB due to forum limitations.
    Scene 1: Standard and wide comparison; Day light landscape. ( Taken on OS version 9.5.2 )


    • The versatility is really appreciated as we can see that the Ultra Wide pulls in so much more of the scene without having to move physically.
    • At a glance, both images are totally directly usable straight out of the camera with ample details, as was expected.
    • The primary camera photo has more details as it shoots at a higher resolution. The dynamic range in the shots however, remains the same. There is ample details in the shadows as well as highlights are not blown out. The sharpness in both cases is not overdone and seems legible to my eye.
    • There is noticeable distortion at the edges of the ultra wide shot. But it's definitely not a deal breaker.
    • The colors reproduction, temperature and tint on both the images is vastly different. For a prominent difference, note the pavement. It looks to have a magentic hue which was obviously not how it was in real life.The standard lens however produces a much more real life like scene here and colors seem more natural. As I said earlier, OnePlus needs to do some work on the processing and software, otherwise, pretty happy with the results.
    Scene 2: Indoor Standard and wide comparison: ( Taken on OS version 9.5.2 )



    • The processing here seems to be much more in co ordination, in contrast to the first scene.
    • Surprisingly, if you look closely, details on the Ultra Wide are much more prominent than the standard scene in this case, Zoom in on the digital clock and see for yourself!
    • Again, the photos are very usable directly and the cameras seem to have done an impressive job here.
    • The sharpness and color reproduction is quite good and images do not seem to be over-sharpened.
    Scene 3: Standard and wide; Against light. HDR test. ( Taken on OS version 9.5.3 )



    • In this case, HDR was activated on both the images. The processing on both the images is very consistent here which seems to have been fixed with the latest software.
    • Both cameras are able to pull great details in the shadows and at the same time, balance the overall images. The exposure is on point and I wouldn't have it otherwise.
    • The lens flare on both images is quite different.
    • Color reproduction has been very accurate and true to real life.
    • The details in both images are excellent.
    Scene 4: Standard, wide and telephoto from same spot. ( Taken on OS version 9.5.2 )


    Scene 5: Nightscape shots ( Taken on OS version 9.5.2 )

    1. Portrait with and without nightscape.



    • In the nightscape shot, every element got really over-sharpened. Zoom in on the face, there is too much distortion. At a glance, it might look good but when you try to zoom in, things get dirty. However, this problem only seems to be limited to this scene, you'll see when you look at other nightscape shots. Something might have gone wrong while processing this photo.
    • The normal camera shot however looks really good. It does smooth out some parts a bit, but maintains good details overall, considering that there was very low light in the scene.
    • The colors, to my surprise, were very true to life in the primary camera shot.
    • The nightscape mode seems to have increased the exposure quite a bit.
    • The dynamic range is both shots is really good, as you can see the clouds in the dark night sky.
    Some more samples from the same location:

    Normal Mode: (Telephoto Lens)

    Here the color reproduction is really good and true to life. However, everything got smoothed out and seems to be the infamous Oil-Painting effect coming out.


    Nightscape Landscape and normal: ( Taken on OS version 9.5.2 )
    Normal (Ultra wide):

    • Nightscape pulls out so many details out of a relatively dark scene
    • The dynamic range on both shots is really good and we can see a lot of details in both highlights and shadows in both the shots.
    • Nightscape makes the scene very dramatic and pleasing to the eye right out of the camera.
    • There is a processing delay while taking nightscape shots but it's definitely worth the wait.
    Scene 6: Portraits ( Taken on OS version 9.5.2 & 3 )

    Normal cam in Day Light:

    Portrait Mode:

    • Both the normal and portrait mode photos exhibit freakishly high details ( Reminder that these photos are compressed here). I have tried both Samsung and apple's portrait mode too but none of them were too pleasing to my eye. The pixel seems to have impressed everyone, but to me, this camera has delivered outstanding results.
    • The edge detection in portrait mode is very accurate. The texture on the skirt was captured perfectly. Many cameras like the Poco seem to blur out textures too.
    • Colors were very true to life and a little bit leaning towards the warmer tones.
    • Sharpness was not overdone in any scenario and I was happy with the processing in this case.
    • If you compare the bokeh with that of a DSLR, you might find that this looks a bit simulated. But at a direct glance, the difference is not noticeable.
    Night Time portraits:

    • Here, the portrait mode seems to be falling short of that of the pixel. There is excessive softening and very less details even though there was enough light on the subject.
    • The edge detection failed heavily here.
    • Bokeh seems a bit unnatural.
    • All this said, the photo is usable and might even not bother most people.
    More portrait samples:

    Portrait in low light with nightscape: (standard lens)


    Here as you can see, the results are much better than the portrait mode photo. The photo almost seems Pixel-esque with amazing HDR and I love the image delivered in this case by the device. There is ample details and the colors are accurate. The phone has well maintained the details in the shadows as well as the highlights.

    Scene 7: Comparison of focal lengths:

    I have been on a tour nowadays and I believe you shouldn't miss its stunning power especially after software updates.
    Overall Conclusion for cameras:
    • Details captured by all three lenses are great in most situations with a few exceptions.
    • Nightscape really turns out to useful.
    • Portrait mode in good light gives out brilliant results.
    • I won't be able to upload video samples here, so i suggest you check out YouTube for that! Take my word for it, they've done a great job this time and videos are very crisp with great HDR, colors and stabilization.
    • Software has some issues, but they are constantly being improved every week now. I'd suggest to have patience as this phone is not even out in many locations yet.
    • Contrary to popular opinions, I love this camera and anyone who says otherwise just lacks the skill set for photography or has not tried out the phone properly. Don't fall for words of people who pretend to know everything but just want to attract attention.
    • I really wish they add video shooting mode on the wide angle lens as well! Fingers crossed.
    • Ratings: Clarity and details - 9/10 ; Colors 9/10 ; Versatility - 9/10 ; Processing 8/10 ; Video 9/10.
    Here's a great video test by my fellow lab reviewer Mr.West:

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  7. yashonagori The Lab - OnePlus 7 Pro Reviewer May 29, 2019

    Stickied Post
    yashonagori, May 29, 2019 :
    4. Performance:

    On paper, this has to be one of the fastest and smoothest phones out right now. When you actually use this device, your thoughts would most probably change and you'd definitely think that this is THE fastest and smoothest phone out right now. Inside, it has all the bells and whistles to support this butter smooth performance, the variant which I have has the following specs on the inside:

    Snapdragon 855 (Octa core 2.84 GHz, Single core, Kryo 485 + 2.42 GHz, Tri core, Kryo 485 + 1.8 GHz, Quad core, Kryo 485)

    Adreno 640 GPU

    8 GB RAM

    256 GB Storage (Non-Expandable)

    64 bit

    Oxygen OS 9.5.3.GM21AA ( On top of Android 9.0 Pie)

    Obviously, the chipset inside is the fastest processor out right now by Snapdragon and all new android flagships have the same inside them. But what sets aside OnePlus 7 Pro from the crowd is 2 things; First, the extremely light Oxygen OS skin, which gives users an almost stock experience along with some really useful features making it very intuitive. Second, it's the all new 90Hz display and that's the world's first on an AMOLED. The extra added smoothness really does add to the overall speed of the device.

    First, let's talk about Oxygen OS. If you're someone who likes minimalist approaches to design and prefer utility over swag, this skin is the way to go. Not that this interface does not have it neat looks and design, but it allows complete customization options to the user. From the option to use Dark Mode, personalized accents and overall theme of the device, users have the option to use gestures to navigate throughout the device instead of using tradition touch buttons. It also offers users the various modes, namely;

    Reading Mode: Takes off colors on the display and reduces strain on your eyes for long reading sessions.

    Gaming Mode: Optimizes RAM, CPU and GPU performance and optimizes notifications for a smooth and super powerful gaming experience. There's also an all new Fnatic mode, which further enhances your experience.

    Zen Mode: Completely blocks all notifications and functions of your device (except emergency calls)

    and helps you live in the moment and stay off the phone for 20 minutes. (Really happy about this one!)

    Night Mode: Basically a blue light filter to reduce strain on eyes while using the phone in dark environments.

    One great new addition to the Oxygen OS has been the screen recorder. People have been waiting for it for a long time now and it has been really great to have it on here! Overall, Oxygen OS is my personal favorite Android skin to use and I wouldn't switch for nothing.

    So, to test out the performance, I played some demanding games like PUBG and Asphalt 9 for sessions of around 30 minutes. Right off the bat, playing PUBG on deivce is a near PC experience. Set my graphic settings to Ultra and frame rate to max and boom, what and amazing experience that was. I've not seen a screen produce better results than this and not once did the game lag or stutter. Playing Asphalt was a good experience and I enjoyed throughout the session and was constantly amazed by the great output that this device produced.

    The connectivity of the device is great too as I did not experience any rise in ping throughout the game. The cellular reception is also great and until now, I've not experienced any drop in network in any area. The quality of voice calls has been well above par and I'm quite satisfied.

    In conclusion for performance, I'd like to appeal to the people that think Android devices are still inferior to the iPhone when it comes to performance, and well, that is all now rested in the past. There have been various speed tests and this device easily beats any smartphone out right now. This indeed the fastest and smoothest smartphone experience that you can get right now. I have no complaints in this departments and I don't see anyone disagreeing with me on this.
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  8. DARTH 007 KitKat May 16, 2019

    DARTH 007, May 16, 2019 :
    why don't you go write about the screen refresh rate and whether apps and games are Operating in 90hz or not
    and what you will write or say or post, has already been done by lot of youtubers.
    let see what you have to say about the camera.
    the curve on the glass is more practical on the S10
    what about this phone...are there distortions ?

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  9. yashonagori The Lab - OnePlus 7 Pro Reviewer May 16, 2019

    yashonagori, May 16, 2019 :
    Hey, what you've said is very true. And don't worry, i will cover all those aspects when i cover the respective topics. I will try to be as genuine as possible, and about that curve, I think this curve is much more practical than Samsung or other manufacturers, mainly because, in my experience up until now, I've had no accidental touches. However, there is a slight blue shift when you look at the cover at certain angles! so yeah, you might call it a distortion, but in *my opinion* the curve has only added to the immersion of the display.

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  10. yashonagori The Lab - OnePlus 7 Pro Reviewer May 16, 2019

    yashonagori, May 16, 2019 :
    A point to be noted tho, I've been using the clear case and that might have prevented the touches! Will take it off for a day and let you know if my opinion changes!

  11. AlinkeelPraveen Gingerbread May 16, 2019

  12. yashonagori The Lab - OnePlus 7 Pro Reviewer May 29, 2019

    yashonagori, May 29, 2019 :


    Conclusion -
    In short, this is an amazing value device. You get the fastest phone in the market with probably the best display ever made for so much cheaper as compared to other flagships. The aesthetics of this glass and metal design make it so pleasing to the eyes and the feel is extremely premium. The cameras are not the best, but they sure do get the job done very well and are constantly improving. I would not hesitate to recommend this beast to anyone! A solid piece of craftsmanship and engineering from OnePlus and the future only looks to be brighter and better!