OnePlus 7 Pro Las Vegas Popup and Takeover Event

  1. Texasaggie1
    US Brand Ambassador May 15, 2019

  2. Texasaggie1
    US Brand Ambassador May 16, 2019

    Texasaggie1 , May 16, 2019 :
    Some people were asking about the Freefall protection on the selfie cam so I made a quick video demo covering talking about it:


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  3. Texasaggie1
    US Brand Ambassador May 16, 2019

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  4. rblashe
    Cupcake May 16, 2019

    rblashe , May 16, 2019 :
    Purchased my OnePlus 7 Pro at the Las Vegas Pop-up event yesterday. I have to say I am very disappointed in this partnership. First, I am a T-Mobile customer anyway, so not a complaint about their cover/service, it is a complaint about what the store does to it's customers. Let me start with the "Upgrade Support Charge" of $20 that is charged to loyal OnePlus customers. When I questioned what that charge was, I was simply told "it is an automatic charge and if you call customer service they can credit the charge back to me account. Well not true. After 30 minutes on the phone arguing with a manager they gave me the credit.
    Next, reps at the store add items such as the Protection plan to your account when you didn't ask for it or even was told it was being added. If it wasn't for me going online to view my t-mobile account so I can call them about the "$20 credit", I wouldn't have known it was added to my account yesterday without my permission. I think an A Class company like OnePlus's management should know what your new "partner" is doing. Otherwise, you might as well just change your name to Motorola

  5. Texasaggie1
    US Brand Ambassador May 17, 2019

    Texasaggie1 , May 17, 2019 :
    I'm also a tmo customer (20 years). The overwhelming majority of my interactions with them have been good. I would call the store and ask for a manager. I'm sure they will make it right. They always have with me when I had issues. I always scrutinize my receipts before I sign them too.

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