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  1. T_A_H_R_YT The Lab - OnePlus 7 Pro Reviewer Jun 8, 2019

    T_A_H_R_YT, Jun 8, 2019 :
    OnePlus 7 Pro Review - 1 Month Later!

    The OnePlus 7 Pro has been out for almost a month already believe it or not, and there has been some controversial things said about the cameras and waterproofing. But that aside, I will be sharing my experience with using the device the last month. I hope you enjoy!


    The OnePlus 7 Pro is the companies biggest leap forward in terms of design and it has been a welcomed change. The feel in the hand is comfortable and weighty. The resemblance of a Samsung device here is very apparent, with its curved screen, curved back, and the flagships standard metal and glass sandwich, though that definable not a bad thing in terms of how it feels in the hand. The massive 6.67" screen is hard to reach even for the big handed people like myself, but using it with two hands isn't an issue. With the frosted glass back (on the Nebula Blue variant) it is an accident waiting to happen, so using two hands puts your mind at ease that this chunk of innovation won't slip out your hands and plummet to its shattered death. I would highly recommend using a case for this device due to the nature of a glass front and back, I have the official OnePlus Nylon bumper case and it feels great and adds a layer of protection. (Though I will probably be switching to the Rhinoshield crash guard, they are my favourite cases as they allow you to have skins on your phone too!)

    Speed and Performance

    (The device I have been using is the Nebula Blue 8GB+256GB variant)

    I have always been surprised by performance with OnePlus. The first OnePlus I bought was the 3T, this was over the Samsung galaxy S7 Edge. I chose OnePlus, even though I had never heard of them, due to the specs for the price. It had 6GB RAM and 64GB storage whereas the S7 Edge had 4GB RAM and 32GB storage for £150 more than the 3T. Anyway, the performance on the 7 Pro is definitely no slouch. With 8GB RAM, 256GB UFS 3.0 storage and a Snapdragon 855, this phone blazes through anything you throw at it. Running high graphic games with no issues or slow downs, going through the UI with no hiccups or any sign of lag is so nice to see. Of course with all that RAM multitasking isn't an issue either. Being able to keep open apps in the background without having to reload them adds to the speed of this phone. This is the Tesla of phones. I would say this is possibly the fastest phone in the world right now… definitely the fastest I've ever tried.

    Screen and Sound

    With a 6.67",19.5:9, QHD+, HDR10+, 90Hz Fluid AMOLED display, (what a mouthful) this is the best looking display I have ever seen on a phone by a long shot! And without a notch or punch-hole cut-out, this display is a multimedia beast and feels like the future. 90Hz too! This means super fluid animations, better frame rates in games, and an overall faster smoother experience when scrolling and swiping through the UI. To accompany the awesome screen are a set of awesome stereo Dolby Atmos speakers, it uses the earpiece and downwards firing speak to create a rich punchy sound that doesn't disappoint. Watching 1440p HDR content on YouTube is a blessing and a real great way to show how stunning this display really is (I will link some of my favourite display testing videos at the end of this review). Having no notch, no punch-hole or teardrop to interrupt the display still looks weird to me, but my my gosh does it look good. Nothing distracting if you watch it in full screen. Notches to me aren't a big deal at all, you get used to them pretty quickly, but having a phone with no notch is like a blessing. Colours are vibrant and blacks are deep thanks to the AMOLED display. You also have many different display colour settings to fine tune it just how you like it.

    Software and Features

    OxygenOS is honestly my favourite operating system by far. It's like stock Android, with no/minimal bloatware and fast, fluid animations with no slow down, but with many useful features packed in. The OnePlus 7 Pro has an alert slider on the right side of the phone above the power button that allows you to quickly switch between; ring, vibrate and silent mode. It has a built in screen recorder allowing you to record your screen as well as a voiceover or internal audio like game sounds etc. Screen off gestures allows you to open pretty much any app of your choice by swiping certain gestures when your screen is off. By default; V is flashlight, O is camera, ⏸️ pauses and plays any music that is playing, < goes back a track and > skips to the next track. Some gestures can be used with the screen on too! For example, 3 finger swipe down takes a screenshot. Warp charge 30, the replacement for what was Dash charging, is the new standard for fast charging for the Pro line of the OnePlus 7 series. Introduced with the McClaren edition 6T, this charging technology allows users to get 50% charge in just 20 minutes. Perfect for those times you need an extra top up before partying the night away or when you forget to charge overnight, warp charge 30 has you covered. Fingerprint scanners are something OnePlus done really really well, with the 3 up until the 6 it was the fastest fingerprint scanner. Now with the 6T and 7 Pro they are in-display, optical scanners. The 6T's was great and the 7 Pro's is even better. It is one of the fastest in-display fingerprint scanners I've tried.


    If there was one place that I feel OnePlus devices have lacked in the past, it's the cameras, with somewhat inconsistent photos. On the OnePlus 7 Pro it was no different at first. The first week of using this phone the photos were soft enough to look out of focus, focus wasn't particularly good, inconsistent exposure. But several software updates later and I can safely say, it's much much better. Still not Google Pixel level, but I would say it even competes with the likes of the S10 line. There are 3 cameras, which seems to be the norm now, a 48mp f/1.6 main camera (which takes photos at 12mp and uses pixel binning to get more detail out of shots), an 8mp 3x (or 2.2 if you wanna be that person) optical zoom lens (though in low light it uses 3x digital zoom as it uses all the 48mp and the wider aperture, and a 16mp ultrawide. Photos are sharp and dynamic range is pretty great. Another great feature of these cameras is portrait mode, it uses the 3x zoom lens so you'll have to stand back compared to some other flagships phones, but it works really well. Personally, I like the tighter shot on the 7 pro than some of the wider portraits on phones like the P30 Pro and S10+ as portrait shots on DSLR's are usually taken at somewhere between 50-80mm. The edge detection is really pretty good and the bokeh looks more natural than on my previous daily driver, the Mate 20 Pro. Colours from the photos are toned down, kinda muted, compared to the likes of Huawei or Samsung, and I actually prefer that as it gives more flexibility when editing.

    The front facing camera is a motorised 16mp shooter, with great detail, but can be a little soft, it shoots portrait mode selfies too but the edge detection isn't as good as some others.

    Video is also excellent, being able to record up to 4k60, 1080p240 and 720p480 gives a lot of variety in shooting. Stabilisation is also top notch, almost gimbal like which is great for someone like me with incredibly shaky hands. If you are thinking of picking up a OnePlus 7 Pro, these cameras definitely won't disappoint!

    I am going to be testing the cameras out more and more with all these new updates coming out to improve the camera, and I'll be doing a few camera comparison videos on my YouTube channel so stay tuned for them. The cameras definitely have potential and for many users, they are already perfectly adequate enough for their use.

    I will leave a link to a Google drive folder that I will update with any photos I take with my OnePlus 7 Pro.

    Battery Life

    Honestly, I was kinda disappointed with battery life at first. I was only getting around 4.5-5 hours of SOT. Which for a 4000mAh battery I wasn't too impressed. Now obviously having that huge 6.67" QHD+ paired with a 90Hz display doesn't help, but thankfully, not sure whether it was the recent updates or just it being a new phone, but I am now getting around 5.5-6 hours of screen on time, sometimes even more. And that's with my pretty heavy usage. Now and again it can be a bit less, if I'm taking a lot of photos or video for example. But I am much happier than I was at the beginning regarding battery life. Plus having 30W Warp Charge is helpful in that it will only take around 20 minutes to get 50% battery, even while playing games or watching videos.

    The Bad

    While I absolutely love this phone and there is so much to like. Nothing is perfect. Battery life is pretty inconsistent at the moment, I was getting 4.5-5 hours of screen on time (SOT) at first by sometimes 6-6.5 hours with the same usage, with the same resolution and refresh rate. Hopefully after a while longer the device will have a steadier consistent battery. I have noticed with my review unit that sometimes the display can become unresponsive in the top left or right corners, it has happened to me and a few others I know. Another similar issue is ghost touches. This is where the screen thinks it's being touched even though nothing is touching it. It hasn't happened to my device yet, but OnePlus are aware of this and have said it's a software fix, so will come in a soon future update.

    The Verdict

    Overall, if you are looking to upgrade your current phone the OnePlus 7 Pro is a great option. Starting at just £650 it is considerably cheaper than a lot of flagships. It competes more with the likes of the the Samsung Galaxy S10E and I still think it is better than that phone. With a few more software updates I think OnePlus is on to a winner for one of the best, if not THE best phone of 2019.

    For more information, updates and photos taken with the 7 Pro, follow my social media accounts.

    Twitter: T_T_Reviews_YT

    Instagram: t_t_reviews_yt

    Instagram: t_t_reviews_photography2000

    YouTube: True Tech Reviews


    My favourite videos to test out phone screens;

    Updating OnePlus 7 Pro Photos


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