Display OnePlus 7T display tint issue - uneven OLED (not uniform)


7T users : do you notice display tint problems on your device?

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  1. U1511590769412
    Gingerbread Oct 19, 2019

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  2. ChrisFR06
    Froyo Oct 19, 2019

    ChrisFR06 , Oct 19, 2019 :
    Hi guys, before buying my 7T I've seen some people (not that much but still) talking about their display having a green (sometimes also purple or red) tint on their screen when looking a black/grey backgrounds at 40% brightness or less (super noticeable in a dark room/environment).

    Well, I'm UNhappy (lol) to announce that after receiving my 7T this friday, I've noticed the exact same flaws on my device, which seems to be faulty as the others. I decided to immediately put the phone back in the box (reboxing it I guess lol) and asked for an RMA on the OnePlus website.

    They accepted it and I sent it back this morning. I keep watching the Community forums, the OnePlus subreddit (/r/oneplus), the Discord, the Telegram group and OnePlus fan groups on Facebook. I've seen up to maybe 20 people talk about this issue so I hope it isn't that widespread. Now I just gotta hope the service center (CTDI Poland, I've read good things about them on OnePlus forums so I've got hope) I sent my phone to accepts the replacement request AND that the replacement 7T doesn't have the same issue.

    I've attached a pic (taken with my 6T) of my 7Ts screen that shows the problem. Again, I'm hoping this problem isn't widespread... First time that I'm disappointed by OnePlus.

    I'm asking 7T owners to try this at home, open an app with a grey background and look at it on medium/low brightness : do you notice a weird tint on any part of your display, or is it perfectly uniform? I'd like to determine if this is a widespread issue on 7T OLED panels of if the few people that have got problems with their display just got unlucky.

    Here's a picture to show you what I mean : https://imgur.com/gallery/Y6ytFh2


  3. ylokesh06
    Cupcake Oct 20, 2019

    ylokesh06 , Oct 20, 2019 :
    can you please tell the build number on this new device. Because some people are reporting that this issue is only present in build 10.0.3.HD65AA and not in previous build 10.0.1
    please share a screenshot of about phone section of your phone.

    Froyo Oct 20, 2019

    BLADECUT18 , Oct 20, 2019 :

    Actually there's a slight tint towards the bottom on my new device as well. slight green color but it's not prominent and kinda merges with grey so I got no other option rather than just live with it. My first and last OnePlus.

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  5. ylokesh06
    Cupcake Oct 20, 2019

    ylokesh06 , Oct 20, 2019 :
    I think this is a software issue. I talked to a person who is on build 10.0.4 and he told me that this problem gies away once we enable DC dimming. So i hope they will fix this here in India too with a software update.

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    Froyo Oct 20, 2019

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  8. B1570027723981
    Eclair Oct 20, 2019

    B1570027723981 , Oct 20, 2019 :
    I got my phone replaced today. New one has the same problem, just different areas of screen. Staff said it's gonna be on all amoleds of oneplus 7t. I wonder if pro has this too. The guy also said it's the trait of the hardware and most probably wint be fixed in any ota. Not sure what do do now.
    New one looks like this:-


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  9. G_Shashank_K_R_UfgY , via OnePlus 7T , Oct 20, 2019 :
    I tried to get my phone replaced for the same issue, but they rejected it as it was not visible in the bright lights of the store. The Android police review for this phone also states that the display has uneven brightness and has a tint at lower brightness.

    10 days is over for me, I'm not sure whether they'll replace my phone. Even if they do replace it, there's no guarantee of the new phone not having the same issue. I can't imagine how I would feel if the display on the new phone is worse.

    This is very disappointing. I should've kept my 3T for longer. Once I noticed it, I cannot seem to unsee it.

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  10. G_Abhilash_Janardhan_KUB
    Froyo Oct 20, 2019

    G_Abhilash_Janardhan_KUB , Oct 20, 2019 :
    which store did you go to?

  11. B1570027723981
    Eclair Oct 21, 2019

    B1570027723981 , Oct 21, 2019 :
    I went to the service center in Noida. garden Galleria Mall.
    I was also past the 10 days return window but they still replaced it.

  12. G_Abhilash_Janardhan_KUB
    Froyo Oct 21, 2019

    G_Abhilash_Janardhan_KUB , Oct 21, 2019 :
    what are you gonna do about your new device? it still has the same issue right

  13. B1570027723981
    Eclair Oct 21, 2019

    B1570027723981 , Oct 21, 2019 :
    Yes. same issue. I'm not sure now. will probably try to learn to live with it. or probably return in next 10 days if i can't. the only problem is that there's nothing on market for the price which is as good as this... minus the screen issue.

  14. samven582
    Gingerbread Oct 21, 2019

  15. Jake matt
    Donut Oct 21, 2019

    Jake matt , Oct 21, 2019 :
    bro, exactly where did u notice that green tint, like in which app.even I want to check.

  16. bozz1229
    Cupcake Oct 21, 2019

    bozz1229 , Oct 21, 2019 :
    on your replacement. was it the same issue or was it fixed?

  17. vaibhav123456788
    Cupcake Oct 21, 2019

    vaibhav123456788 , Oct 21, 2019 :
    I too had this problem
    got a replacement from Amazon yesterday and still there's same tint even it's more now
    I am now thinking for another replacement or refund

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  18. Jake matt
    Donut Oct 21, 2019

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