OnePlus 7T Pro strange issues

  1. Somnath_1993
    Eclair Feb 18, 2020

    Somnath_1993 , Feb 18, 2020 :
    Hi all,

    This post is about strange issues I am facing with OnePlus 7T Pro .

    -It lags and stutters sometimes . Even when 90Hz is on frame skips happen. Seems to be much lesser in the 10.3.1 update.
    -Display has slight greenish tiny. More pronounced in
    -Fingerprint scanner is a bit slow and sometimes fails to scan my fingerprint
    -Double tap to wake doesn't work always . Sometimes it unlocks after a delay of few seconds sometimes it doesn't
    -There is a bug in the adaptive brightness control . When the brightness is increased manually and auto brightness is turned on , the slider goes to optimal brightness but the brightness goes down after a bit delay which is weird.
    - Touchscreen refuses to randomly register touches . Even though only tip of my fingers are touching the screen.

    I have been using OnePlus phones for quite a few years . I have used OP3T and OP6. Although, OP3T had developed weird GPS issue and OP6 had Double tap to wake and Camera focus issue.

    Anyone else facing these issues or it's only me ? Yes , I did reset my phone after updating it
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  2. RajatKamleshwar
    Cupcake Feb 18, 2020

    RajatKamleshwar , Feb 18, 2020 :
    Yes, i am also facing the same issues especially the minor lag during normal operation even on the 90Hz refresh rate and also the fingerprint is quite slow (Almost equal to the one we had in OP6)

  3. LilithKonoha
    Cupcake Feb 20, 2020

    LilithKonoha , Feb 20, 2020 :
    I'm getting those plus random crashes in games and apps - it's very strange, especially as my 7TPro is less than two months old


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