OnePlus 8 pro back in stock? via OnePlus 7 Pro

  1. Austin3727
    Donut May 14, 2020

    Austin3727 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , May 14, 2020 :
    when will the OnePlus 8 pro be back in stock in North America?

    my work is buying me a new phone and they told me I need to get one asap. I really do not want a Samsung but OnePlus support sucks and nobody can help me or tell me if they'll be in stock soon.

    I use my phone for work all the time but something is wrong with the mic and people have a hard time understanding me.

    I have to buy a new phone this week. I do not want the OnePlus 8 regular.

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  2. ɢноѕтΘпе
    Starting Point Expert Community Expert May 15, 2020

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  3. UncleCupCake
    Gingerbread May 16, 2020

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  4. G1560629735864 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , May 16, 2020 :
    Be glad it is out of stock. it is a dreadful phone. photography is the worst ever despite the high specs. Fur and no knickers situation... See if you can find the Oppo phones there. Same parent company but hopefully not same issues.

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  5. Austin3727
    Donut May 17, 2020

    Austin3727 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , May 17, 2020 :
    what issues does it have other than the camera? is the camera so bad it ruins the entire phone?

  6. UncleCupCake
    Gingerbread May 17, 2020

  7. G1560629735864 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , May 18, 2020 :
    the text runs off the sides so you cannot read pages like Google news (found when scrolling all the way left) and the same happens with different apps. My phone has two green shadows running from top to bottom on the sides. Battery life is worse than OP7 Pro. To improve it you have to dial down resolution and refresh rate and close unnecessary items eg location, bluetooth, mobile data, etc. Once you downgrade the refresh rate, it is painfully visible as pages stutter and scrolling becomes laborious. I could have put up with all of these but to have rubbish photography when promised the sky with all its stars? it is impossible I cannot take one decent photo. I have always been good at photography. I can photograph the same subject with my old phones and tablet and get a good result and they don't have the high specs of this phone. Maybe it is the 5G that is messing things up. I don't know enough to be able to figure it out. But I paid £900 for it and for what? to receive text messages and make calls that I could do with any of my old devices? No, I wanted the good battery, the good photography, the good sound, the good picture. My daughter has the midrange Oppo RX 17 and it beats this. seriously? I feel so frustrated. I shall be changing to a mid range phone. Maybe Motorola.