OnePlus 8 Pro best colour


Which color you like more?

  1. Onyx black

    66 vote(s)
  2. Ultramarine blue

    65 vote(s)
  3. Glacial green

    80 vote(s)
  4. All are horrible

    9 vote(s)
  5. Potato

    10 vote(s)
  1. mannu@3919
    Donut May 26, 2020

    mannu@3919 , via OnePlus 3T , May 26, 2020 :
    not bought yet going to buy in couple of days , will update how it looks , green doest look cheap at all ,it looks very beautiful and refreshing.
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  2. ONGC AC cpf 123512
    Cupcake May 31, 2020

    ONGC AC cpf 123512 , May 31, 2020 :
    Which colour is better .. ultramarine blue or onyx black ... and does the frosted back of the blue makes it more premium????

  3. Moulish arunachalam
    Cupcake May 31, 2020

    Moulish arunachalam , via OnePlus 5T , May 31, 2020 :
    i couldnt say the best one by pics and videos online....i like both onyx black and glacial green and im yet to order oneplus 8 pro....

    i am worried about the glossy finish on onyx black...is ot too slippery ?? is it a better choice??

    i am not a big fan of green colour but i like this shade a bit....

    please help me to the better one...

    any little help is appreciated dear friends[e]270c[/e]️[e]270c[/e]️

  4. Bouncer71
    OnePlus 7 Pro Sample Shot Photographer Community Expert May 31, 2020

    Bouncer71 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , May 31, 2020 :
    Black isn't a color...
    It's State of Mind...

    So I'd go for that..

    On the other hand Blue would go nicely with my car...

    I actually own nothing green...
    Maybe a chance for change...???

    My little devil's opinion is "Say White..."...;)

  5. Mk Mk
    Cupcake Jun 2, 2020

    Mk Mk , via OnePlus 6T , Jun 2, 2020 :
    I want to buy the bundle offer of OnePlus 8 Pro.. but it shows need a invitation code.. how can I get the invitation code?

    Assistant Head Moderator Assistant Head Moderator Jun 2, 2020

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  7. ArshadLuvOnePlus , via OnePlus Community App , Jun 29, 2020 :
    Hi everyone, I'm buying a OnePlus 8 Pro in not long soon. I see a lot of you guys choosing the Green over the Blue. Honestly i pick the Blue for the extra ram and storage for the expensive price, however i have difficulty exchanging some of my money that are coins. More probably will be picking the Glacial Green in the cheaper variant. Keep voting and i will pick the colour and show all of you guys!


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  9. Knordor
    Froyo Jul 21, 2020


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  12. xuankaizhang
    Donut Jul 23, 2020

  13. T1597892319424
    Cupcake Aug 20, 2020

    T1597892319424 , Aug 20, 2020 :
    Well you can only get black in top spec in china, so you if you want the top spec phone outside of china co for the blue and green, I live in Hong Kong and I have the top spec black, it's amazing.

  14. H1598229180085
    Cupcake Aug 24, 2020

  15. P1598229425758
    Cupcake Aug 24, 2020

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  16. mojoyoyo77
    Assistant Head Moderator Assistant Head Moderator Aug 24, 2020

    mojoyoyo77 , Aug 24, 2020 :
    At first I was thinking about blue, but I bought glacier green, I do not regret it at all, if I had to buy it again I would go for green without hesitation, although really , its changing color is closer to turquoise blue.
    It is a much more cheerful color, the blue next to it seems dull. The ideal would be to see it in reality to choose, and of course the choice of color is very personal, it is a matter of taste. It doesn't look cheap at all, it feels great in the hand.