Oneplus 8 pro delaying delivery than promised dates to metro cities.


Should OnePlus 8 Pro handed over to amazon for delivery??

  1. YES

  2. NO


  1. DarkDragon_23
    Eclair Jul 13, 2020

    DarkDragon_23 , Jul 13, 2020 :
    The below is my one plus 8 pro ultramarine blue order details. I ordered thus phone on july 9th. Its estimated delivery is july 13, but till now it showing as order processing. Tried contacting oneplus customer cares through whatsapp and toll free num but no one responds. Can anyone oneplus officials help here to know the info of my order.
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  2. X1589397526538
    Cupcake Jul 13, 2020

    X1589397526538 , Jul 13, 2020 :
    I have the same issue

  3. DarkDragon_23
    Eclair Jul 13, 2020

    DarkDragon_23 , Jul 13, 2020 :
    Anyhow, from tomorrow to till 22nd july, complete curfew here except essentials. So i won't get this order untill july 22nd for sure. All the best oneplus team for testing our patience.

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  4. E1590670021384
    Cupcake Jul 13, 2020

    E1590670021384 , Jul 13, 2020 :
    I also have ordered OnePlus 8 pro ultramarine blue on 9th of July. I am seeing exactly same status like you. I also have tried contacting OnePlus support. No one responded properly.

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  5. DarkDragon_23
    Eclair Jul 14, 2020

    DarkDragon_23 , Jul 14, 2020 :

    At last got chat with OnePlus support guy. They pointing COVID-19 situations and Lockdown terms with limited staffs as the delay factor in India. All we have to wait wait wait and wait is the only solution they know. (Hw the amazon and Flipkart Elogistics are working seemlessly in this same Lockdown terms)

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  6. X1589397526538
    Cupcake Jul 14, 2020

    X1589397526538 , Jul 14, 2020 :
    lol...its just a way of avoiding stuff. With amazon I am able to get the item just next day of ordering. Unexpected from oneplus.!

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  7. emeraldarsenal
    Cupcake Jul 14, 2020

    emeraldarsenal , Jul 14, 2020 :
    i am facing the same issue with delivery of my phone, ordered it on july 9th, and till now the status of the order is still in processing, i tried to talk to customer care but they just had one answer , it will be delivered till EOD today.
    Then finally one customer service executive told me the oneplus warehouse is in a containment zone, and logistics teams are trying to find a solution.
    No idea when deliveries will start

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  8. DarkDragon_23
    Eclair Jul 14, 2020

    DarkDragon_23 , Jul 14, 2020 :
    Then i have no idea, why they keep on opening new sales unless they cant even deliver the old sales. At least for the same reason they should stop sales too.

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  9. praruaaa4
    Eclair Jul 14, 2020

    praruaaa4 , Jul 14, 2020 :
    Order for OP8 Pro ultramarine was placed after confirming the delivery to my PIN code. My order was placed on 9th and till date, the order has not been dispatched. Yesterday when I spoke to the customer care I was advised to cancel my order from Oneplus website and order the mobile through Amazon site during Flash sale. The order was placed after confirmation of the delivery and even if I cancel the order it will take 3 working days for the refund to reflect in my account moreover it is difficult to order during the flash sale as the mobile are immediately sold out. Now how do I get my mobile(Amount is paid, order confirmed but not dispatched) Customer service agents are of little help and are not willing to escalate the matter. Stop Flash sales till all the backlog orders are completed or let Amazon take care of delivery

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  10. DarkDragon_23
    Eclair Jul 14, 2020

    DarkDragon_23 , Jul 14, 2020 :
    Are they really kidding us?? Amazon is not even showing oneplus 8 PRO display pages atleast like out of stocks. For last two flash sales they didn't do via amazon. It happened only through oneplus website. How guarantee we can expect the flash sale of OP 8 PRO sale in AMAZON?? Oneplus officials seriously need to look into this problem.

  11. praruaaa4
    Eclair Jul 15, 2020

    Best Answer
    praruaaa4 , Jul 15, 2020 :
    In Amazon sale happens 20 minutes before oneplus.in (11:40AM and is sold-out in 2 to 3 minutes)

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  12. DarkDragon_23
    Eclair Jul 15, 2020

    DarkDragon_23 , Jul 15, 2020 :
    i didnt note this, maybe next time will see.

  13. DarkDragon_23
    Eclair Jul 15, 2020

    DarkDragon_23 , Jul 15, 2020 :
    Update: after a week goes, they marked as shipping is processing after a chat with customer executive. Dono how many weeks it may takes to change as "shipped" and might take months to out for delivery.. Bravooo..

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  14. Samsakthi
    Donut Jul 16, 2020

    Samsakthi , Jul 16, 2020 :
    M112007133545449527 I ordered an ultramarine blue 12GB 256GB variant on 13th of July 2020. Till now the status is shipment is processing..I tried calling customer care but it keep on ringing for more than 50 minutes and no one picked up. Tried chatting, waited for about 28 minutes and said no agents are available now. No replies for email, social media tags too. Im afraid my money is lost. Could someone help

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  15. DarkDragon_23
    Eclair Jul 16, 2020

    DarkDragon_23 , Jul 16, 2020 :
    Atleast for you shipment processing displayed immediately. For me till yesterday it was order processing. Thanks to prauaa for info, so i cancelled this oneplus website order and ordered in amazon just now.

  16. DarkDragon_23
    Eclair Jul 16, 2020

    DarkDragon_23 , Jul 16, 2020 :
    Finally cancelled this order from oneplus website. Ordered same from amazon app with two day delivery (promised) will update my order status here
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  17. DarkDragon_23
    Eclair Jul 16, 2020

    DarkDragon_23 , Jul 16, 2020 :
    Thanks for the info bro.

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  18. X1589397526538
    Cupcake Jul 16, 2020

    X1589397526538 , Jul 16, 2020 :
    Please also do update on the refund status of your order from OnePlus site.

  19. VivekS0211
    Donut Jul 16, 2020

    VivekS0211 , Jul 16, 2020 :
    For those who have ordered via the OnePlus website after the 8/9th of July : I just spoke with the customer service. Their warehouse is located in Bangalore which is in lockdown till the 22nd. So they will ship orders after that only. Those who haven’t ordered any accessories that got shipped to you, you can still cancel your orders and get it on Amazon by this Weekend. Others, like me, all we can do is wait

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  20. G_Saurabh_Singh_BjHx
    Cupcake Jul 16, 2020

    G_Saurabh_Singh_BjHx , Jul 16, 2020 :
    Hello Guys,

    When should i expect refund from them will order from amazon. there staff is so stupid and they tell lies. also should i wait for refund or ask my bank for charge back. it has been two weeks they have not shipped.

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