OnePlus 8 Pro Display issues and bad customer experience.

  1. Digonto
    Cupcake Jul 30, 2020

    Digonto , Jul 30, 2020 :
    what is your phone's manufacturing date ?
    Are using Indian version or Chinese version ?
    have you been observing this issue from the beginning or after some while?

  2. I1593067853803
    Cupcake Jul 31, 2020

    I1593067853803 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Jul 31, 2020 :
    after 4 days I got problems...

  3. jay_0597
    Eclair Aug 13, 2020

    jay_0597 , Aug 13, 2020 :
    I have received the refund now. The procedure was ****** up but I got what I deserved. Oneplus offered me another replacement and I returned that to the retailer from where I had purchased it. Luckily the retailer was convinced and accepted the sealed pack I got from Oneplus.
    I am hearing even the Nord series having such display issues. (LOL)
    This was probably my last OnePlus device and never looking back now!

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  4. [email protected] , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Aug 14, 2020 :
    I have always been a fan of oneplus phones, however I was bit hesitant to buy oneplus 8pro after seeing few people raising issues abt display but still went ahead n bought it..i realized i have done right thing by doing so, i would have really missed an opportunity to experience such a gem of a phone if i had not made a decision to buy it..what an amazing device it is, gives you best experience..i don't see any display issue here, no green tint or black crush, thers a slight black bar near punch hole i don't really consider that as an issue, i see this in oneplus nord as well which my father uses..overall its been really great so far using this phone, i strongly recommend..

  5. jamesgnunes
    Gingerbread Aug 15, 2020

    jamesgnunes , Aug 15, 2020 :
    Well, the display issues are severe for some and minor for some, Glad to hear you got your refund back. OnePlus is definitely bad when it comes to customer services.