Oneplus 8 pro overheating issues

  1. advan97
    Donut Jun 4, 2020

    advan97 , Jun 4, 2020 :
    Dear oneplus users. Three weeks ago i bought a Oneplus 8 Pro to my mom as a birthday gift. Now, when she is using yotube to watch videos and making phone calls through viber it gets overheating warnings after like 5-10 minutes. Should i wait for an update fix or do rma? This phone should handle this kind of applications without getting overheating issues. The price is to high for this problem to appear.

  2. Alijabbar01
    Donut Jun 21, 2020

  3. usamaifti
    Eclair Jul 11, 2020

    usamaifti , Jul 11, 2020 :
    Phone overheats and can't record more than a few seconds of 4K 60 fps before getting the warning and stopping to record. Phone is very hot to touch after that.

  4. NaNa807
    Eclair Jul 11, 2020

    NaNa807 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Jul 11, 2020 :
    Brother Not only in your case even for Updating apps from play store, I am getting overheat message frequently. I jave done factory reset. Still the problem is exist. My version is 10.5.11 july patch in India.

  5. MrMolok
    Cupcake Jul 21, 2020

    MrMolok , Jul 21, 2020 :
    I would try to get a refund and purchase another phone. My OnePlus 8 Pro overheats again and again when used in sunny conditions. It have been in for repair, and OnePlus claimed to have fixed the issue, however my phone continues to overheat with normal use.
    Cannot recommend this phone to anybody.

  6. 666Syco
    Froyo Jul 21, 2020

    666Syco , Jul 21, 2020 :

    RMA as soon as possible. OnePlus wasn't fully ready to play ball with the big boys just yet the 8 Pro is proof.

  7. advan97
    Donut Jul 30, 2020

    advan97 , Jul 30, 2020 :

    I have done an RMA through my warranty and waiting from OnePlus to fix the problem. I will let you know the results when or if i recieve the unit back.

  8. Wongwatt
    Donut Aug 25, 2020

    Wongwatt , Aug 25, 2020 :
    Looks like a design issue to me, having studied some teardown videos I'd say the heatpipe in these is way too small.

    The LG V50 (and others) use a vapour chamber with 5G but OP chose to use last gen heatpipes, just like the notoriously hot Samsung flagship 5G phones.

    The difference is that OP have set the temperature warning at a lower point making it your constant friend. I was literally unable to use the phone to navigate with Maps because the warning would come on after 10 minutes. The display was often uncomfortably warm too, especially when using Chrome or YT - this is probably thanks to the copper sheet that sits under there in a desperate attempt to radiate more heat.

    If you're going to use super fast charging and the fastest SOCs you really need to put in some serious cooling - OP didn't, they wanted a thinner phone.