OnePlus 8 Series - A Greate Phone, Least Upgrade...Will we buy it, though?


(For 7 users and up) Will you buy the 8/8 Pro?

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  1. taats
    Donut Apr 21, 2020

    taats , Apr 21, 2020 :
    So, this is just my thought, as I am unable to work on a video, but I'll just type it out.
    OnePlus 8 Pro is great, OnePlus 8 is beautiful. It's amazing. 120hz, DisplayMate A+, QHD+, stereo speakers, hole-punch display, 5G, and brand new, 30W Wireless charging. Astonishing, right? Here's where it goes wrong.
    I was disappointed with the number of upgrades that it got. Cameras did not receive, in my opinion, enough upgrades. still 48MP Wide camera, the UltraWide Camera got a slight upgrade, but not for the telephoto. I wish they focused a little more on that end. But what did we get? A colour filter camera. Now, I'm not complaining. It's unique. It stands out. But...what's more important? The necessity. Colour filters are great, but another midrange and high spec phones in 2020 has over 48MP, and it does a much better job than the OnePlus 8 Pro. Since OnePlus seems to be unable to do the best job in terms of image processing, so I believe they'll do a better job with a better sensor. Wireless charging in 30W is only available through OnePlus charger and not a third party charger, and that gives off a negative "Tim Cook's Apple" vibe, which was one of the reasons why I chose OnePlus 7 Pro over my iPhone 11 Pro.
    JerryRigEverything did a durability test on the phone, and it was seen that the screen was not much durable, and that is the case with my OnePlus 7 Pro. There are screen in-burns in the notification bar, the Instagram "+" icon, and the on-screen fingerprint Icon. Scratches and deep grooves have become more evident over the FEW MONTHS that I've had this phone.
    I'm upset over this.
    The phone has flagship specs, and I'm not complaining about that. But it should have enough improvements so that we can consider it a full upgrade, not the small "t" refreshes they do once in a while.
    The pricing is certainly not a good look, with Apple's release of the iPhone SE, featuring specs such as the powerful A13 Chip, Fingerprint Sensor, and selfie portrait mode, all under $399, which was something OnePlus used to be able to accomplish.
    I wanted to purchase the phone as well, to see if it would change my mind, however, could not, as we are in the midst of a global pandemic, and there are other things that need to be taken care of, other than my damaged OnePlus 7 Pro.
    I am not proud, but I am thinking about switching back over to Apple once the iPhone 12 Pro Max launches. If the 8T Pro Mclaren Edition fits my needs, I'll buy it then.

    Oh, I had yet to introduce myself. Hi, I go by Taats or Karu on the internet, and I am a Japanese student, who just so happens to be a nerd. I have been critically reviewing technology on the low-key, and now, starting a platform so Students can confirm their choice of purchase with another reliable, and relatable student; me.

    Let me know what you guys think, and please do give me reasonable criticism on my statements, if needed. I am more than willing to talk with you all in the OnePlus community.

    Please stay safe,


  2. purestock007
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 21, 2020

  3. taats
    Donut Apr 21, 2020

    taats , Apr 21, 2020 :
    quite frankly there are smartphone companies/branches like realme that are able to provide those greatness. Sorry, not sorry :/

  4. purestock007
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 21, 2020

    purestock007 , via OnePlus Community App , Apr 21, 2020 :
    nothing is comparable of realme devices with one plus

  5. taats
    Donut Apr 21, 2020

    taats , Apr 21, 2020 :
    Hmmm...they used to be a year ago...Redmi did well with the K30 Pro. They were able to get a phone with 5G under $500. It should've been possible. Even iPhone SE has wireless charging (no kidding, because it's an iPhone 8 refresh), but it's important to keep in mind, that the upgrades given in the OnePlus 8 Pro is nothing special.
    I see that you're OnePlus fanboy, and yes, it has flagship specs. However, somewhat fragile phones like OnePlus 7 Pro need an upgrade, and OnePlus 8 Pro provides less than the minimum requirements.
    You see how OnePlus didn't compare the S20 series with the OnePlus, and instead went with the iPhone 11 Pro?
    There are better phones with their price range to choose from.
    Sorry, but OnePlus has been supported by some pillars, and one of them happened to be "fair price". As that pillar was destroyed, the community becomes divided, and more likely less to buy the phone.
    You may be able to afford the phone, but not all of us can. Especially in the midst of this global pandemic.