OnePlus 8 Series Creative Wallpaper Contest

  1. F1589264048594
    Donut May 14, 2020

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  2. scubatinoo
    Eclair May 14, 2020

    scubatinoo , May 14, 2020 :
    Circus lights... for Oneplus 8 Pro

    But let me say that the Online Designer App doesn't work like supposed. Long press on the image will do nothing - on my Oneplus 7T Pro...
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  3. Q1580985634533
    Cupcake May 14, 2020

  4. memeteusz
    Donut May 14, 2020

    memeteusz , via OnePlus 7 Pro , May 14, 2020 :

    Here is another play at a paper wallpaper. This time fittingly with a colourful 8 in the middle. Play on texture, colour, shapes and shadows.

    And here, how it looks on my phone.

    And an unedited version.


    Hope you like it! [e]1f601[/e]

  5. memeteusz
    Donut May 14, 2020

  6. Prajwal M R
    Gingerbread May 14, 2020

  7. G1538634167818
    Cupcake May 14, 2020

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  8. Roy2126
    Donut May 14, 2020

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  9. F1570524562730
    Cupcake May 14, 2020

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  10. philip.dimanov
    Donut May 14, 2020

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  11. T.Mingo
    Gingerbread May 14, 2020

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  12. T.Mingo
    Gingerbread May 14, 2020

  13. somil.m
    Donut May 14, 2020

    somil.m , May 14, 2020 :
    Didn't want leave out the Ultramarine and Interstellar Glow out of the fun so here are two more. For the #OnePlus8Pro and #OnePlus8 respectively.

    Just a side note both of these were created using code so they are fully generative. If you want any other colors let me know.

    Ultramarine: (Full res version here)


    Interstellar Glow: (Full res version here)


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  14. Benedict Lang
    Froyo May 15, 2020

    Benedict Lang , via OnePlus 7 Pro , May 15, 2020 :

    2nd entrie, with a vectorized tree without leaves standing in the middle of nowhere on a trip in Australia. I think it something special when I applied a black and white filter, unfortunetly the screen is very slim and the pictures i shot on OnePlus 5t where all 4:3 format.

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  15. H1589500117322
    Cupcake May 15, 2020

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  16. D1564332400450
    Cupcake May 15, 2020

    D1564332400450 , May 15, 2020 :

    How is going out there everyone? Here is my contribution to this thread. There are so many good wallpapers in this thread, real talent out here!!

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  17. Morteza Gorban
    Cupcake May 15, 2020

    Morteza Gorban , via OnePlus 7 Pro , May 15, 2020 :
    Hi to OnePlus and OnePlus Community!
    I am really excited for this contest and it's opportunity that it brings.

    I am part time Digital artist/Designer. When I heard about this first I thought to myself that "What does OnePlus stand for?" or "What are their speciality?", and more I thought about it, the more
    obvious it became that they are always trying to reach for more every time they release a new product or an idea such as the "OnePlus Concept One". In fact OnePlus already markets their products as "Never Settle".
    This gave me the idea of the Wallpaper I created. I began with connecting the dots and thinking what are the things that "never settles". Few days went by and finally I got it to create this...

    We all come from the nature and are created by it. What other better way to represent my favorite brand and the mother nature that created us. OCEAN and WIND are the things in nature and life that never "sleeps", or "Settle".
    That's why I created a Wallpaper that represents OnePlus, Ocean and Wind that never settle, with my favorite colors from OnePlus flagships such as, "Glacial Green" and "Ultramarine Blue".
    You guys can even check my insta for my other designs @farz.art

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  18. _timsalomon_
    Eclair May 15, 2020

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