OnePlus 9 Dialer, Contacts and Messaging apps discussion thread

  1. Aves2837
    Eclair Sep 15, 2021

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    Eclair Oct 3, 2021

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    Honeycomb Oct 26, 2021

  8. O1635352352486
    Cupcake Oct 27, 2021

    O1635352352486 , Oct 27, 2021 :
    why when I added new contact on the phone every time saves it on my google account? I want to save it on the sim but don't see that option?

  9. Caomhin
    9 Series Expert, Participator of the Year Community Expert Oct 27, 2021

    Caomhin , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Oct 27, 2021 :
    No one saves to sim any more because there is not enough room on a sim to store many contacts, the way that Android saves a contact.

  10. SureshMaloth
    Gingerbread Nov 9, 2021

  11. majesticunicorn92
    Cupcake Nov 11, 2021

    majesticunicorn92 , Nov 11, 2021 :
    I bought my mother a oneplus 9 phone and she is trying to record her voice and send it as a text message, but the quality is really bad and the volume is super low, i have a one plus 9 pro and i do not have this issue, mine is crystal clear and is loud, is there a reason behind this and how to fix this? We updated her phone to the latest, made sure volume is up and everything, but its still not good

  12. omar302
    Eclair Nov 26, 2021

    omar302 , Nov 26, 2021 :
    I recently got a OnePlus 9 Pro and I didn't like the Google dialer and messages. The features I really missed are the quick delete button in notifications for the SMS and the missed call "rang for xx Seconds) in the dialer. After getting used to them for more than 2 years I really liked them. Also the bigger caller Photo.

    I was glad to find this thread and used the APKs from the link I. The OP to get them back, only the Contacts kept crashing for me. Thankfully I found an updated messages APK that worked (APKmirror link).

    My questions if anyone can help:
    1. Are there any updates to the phone & messages APKs? Non of the one I found installed on my phone.
    2. Do these still work on the Open Beta Android 12? Would hate to have to use Google's alternatives, at least until they get those missing features.

  13. Caomhin
    9 Series Expert, Participator of the Year Community Expert Nov 26, 2021

    Caomhin , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Nov 26, 2021 :
    The old OnePlus Comms have been replaced by Google Comms since the Nord was released. Currently the old OP Comms are compatible with 6, 8 and the early 8 Series phones. They worked on the OP 9 and 9 Pro even the 9R when they released and for a few updates.

    But it looks like they are being deprecated with each update of 11. And chances are, with the introduction of ColorOS base with OOS on top, the OP Comms will not work at all in OOS 12.

  14. omar302
    Eclair Nov 27, 2021

    omar302 , Nov 27, 2021 :
    Thanks. At least they are working now, I'm on the latest OOS that was released yesterday. I hope they will still work on OOS 12.

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