Camera OnePlus 9 Pro Camera App issue, closes all other apps and disconnecting Bluetooth

  1. Hakashis
    Donut Aug 18, 2021

    Hakashis , Aug 18, 2021 :

    I have encountered an issue with my OnePlus 9 Pro, when ever I use the camera to take a picture or record a video, Bluetooth disconnects (I have a galaxy watch connected, that's how I know that it disconnects, also Bluetooth music in the car) and every app closes, they are all available in Recent apps view, but if you try to open them, they start as they would be run for the first time.

    I have disabled battery optimization, smart ram boost is also disabled. Did a camera app cache and storage clean multiple times, also booted into recovery mode to clean cache, doesn't help.
    Latest update installed camera app V6.2.91

    Any known solutions to this problem ? My next step is to do a factory reset, but trying to avoid it as it takes almost whole day to reinstall all the apps, and set everything up...

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  2. Helder_DAlmeida
    Marshmallow Aug 18, 2021

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  4. Hakashis
    Donut Aug 21, 2021

    Hakashis , Aug 21, 2021 :
    Have you tried to do a factory reset ? I tried the App preferences and Bluetooth resets, didn't work for me.

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  6. Hakashis
    Donut Aug 22, 2021

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  7. Aleksij Blinov
    Gingerbread Aug 23, 2021

    Aleksij Blinov , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Aug 23, 2021 :
    Here I described the problem of bad optimization of ram. This is very annoying. No resets and flashing do not solve this problem. The problem is in the developers, and oos, how poorly the system works. With the same amount of RAM, my " old " OnePlus 7Pro 8/256 coped perfectly. It seems that I made a downgrade by switching to 9pro. I sent a bug report, I communicated with support, they said they would fix it in the next update. I hope.
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  8. MattyJasper , via OnePlus 9 Pro Stellar Black , Aug 23, 2021 :
    I have the same issue. Seems they may have coded this in with recent camera updates to improve camera performance? (closing all background apps to give more resources to the camera app).

    Can't say I've noticed the Bluetooth disconnect (I use a WearOS smart watch). But definitely the apps closing in the background.

    Makes multitasking and using the camera virtually impossible!

  9. Aleksij Blinov
    Gingerbread Aug 23, 2021

    Aleksij Blinov , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Aug 23, 2021 :
    Please tell me the version of your phone, how much RAM?

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  11. Aleksij Blinov
    Gingerbread Aug 24, 2021

    Aleksij Blinov , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Aug 24, 2021 :
    So far, the most problems are on version 8 RAM memory as I see it.The camera application eats up all free memory during use, and the system throws out the rest of the applications.This is nonsense that I don't want to see on a phone for a decent price, on a flagship.

  12. MattyJasper , via OnePlus 9 Pro Stellar Black , Aug 24, 2021 :
    Yeah I'm starting to think I should have got the 12gb model.... But all the colours are rubbish 😂

    It does look like Android is starting to go the way of Google Chrome. With new Pixels coming with 12gb RAM also

  13. kishang980
    Cupcake Aug 31, 2021

    kishang980 , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Aug 31, 2021 :
    I have the same problem
    But in my case bluetooth doesn't get disconnected
    But the camera application lags and the home wallpaper crashes after using the camera app for more than 30 secs

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  14. kishang980
    Cupcake Aug 31, 2021

    kishang980 , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Aug 31, 2021 :
    Also can anyone tell me if I can do something about it

  15. Hakashis
    Donut Sep 3, 2021

    Hakashis , Sep 3, 2021 :
    Well the Bluetooth issue just came back randomly... I hope the will fix this bushtit.

  16. Hakashis
    Donut Sep 18, 2021

  17. WetHog
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2021

    WetHog , Sep 18, 2021 :
    This happens for me too. I'm on the 8 GB Oneplus 9 (nonpro). I reported the issue and uploaded log files for support but I have no idea if this is something being fixed or not. I don't know if the closing of apps is 100% on purpose because it's pretty inconsistent for me. Sometimes I'll have almost nothing running in the background or taking up ram and taking a normal 12 mp photo (or sometimes even just opening the camera app) will kill all background apps anyway. Then there are times when taking a 48mp photo or 4k video will not cause apps to close.

    Something odd is that sometimes this has been happening outside the camera app as well. I'll just being doing something normal like scrolling through an app and everything closes.

  18. WetHog
    Cupcake Sep 19, 2021

    WetHog , via OnePlus 9 , Sep 19, 2021 :
    Ok so yesterday I factory reset my phone and so far it seems like the issue is fixed as well as another bug i was experiencing. The only time the camera has killed apps now is when recording in 8k
    Edit:NVM it's still there
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  19. Hakashis
    Donut Sep 19, 2021

    Hakashis , Sep 19, 2021 :
    I also did a factory reset yesterday, tested, it took me a while, but it came back once more apps ware loaded. I contacted warranty company in my country, they are picking my phone up tomorrow, will see what will happen, hoping they will give me a brand new device. It seems as not many are affected by this issue.

  20. Hakashis
    Donut Oct 19, 2021

    Hakashis , Oct 19, 2021 :
    So a month later, today, I got a brand new phone, and the issue is still here... god damn it oneplus, wtf ! Anyone any luck so far finding the cause of this issue ?