OnePlus 9Pro battery drain via OnePlus 9 Pro Morning Mist

  1. NickSoul , via OnePlus 9 Pro Morning Mist , Jun 12, 2021 :
    Since I see many people complaining about this topic, in this thread I would like to share our experience about the OnePlus 9 series battery drain issue. In my point of view , battery drain on my 9pro 128gb seems really awful.
    Currently I am on oxygen which was supposed to fix the battery drain issues but it seems to be worse.
    Every day I am getting about 3-4 max screen on time, with 120hz 1080p settings and around 40% screen brightness. Data or wifi always off except when I am using the phone.
    So I am wondering... I paid 950 euros to challenge myself not to use my phone in order to get me around a day of usage?
    OnePlus you should better do something for this.

  2. Josh261995
    Froyo Jun 12, 2021

    Josh261995 , Jun 12, 2021 :
    Mine isn't great either am with resolution to QHD and refresh rate to 120hz I get about 4 hour SOT. I am tinkering around with the settings, today I dropped resolution to FHD but kept 120hz and Its 11pm I have 16% left,11 hours last full charge and nearly 5 hour SOT so seems to be a bit better.

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  3. Caomhin
    OnePlus 9 Series Expert Community Expert Jun 13, 2021

    Caomhin , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Jun 13, 2021 :
    Please note that the way you use the phone (daily usage scenarios and habits) will make a huge difference to the battery performance. In a scenario where there is a heavy performance workload, such as photo shooting/video shooting/mobile gaming/video consumption, the power consumption of the phone will increase accordingly, which is a normal phenomenon.

    Please check the links below for suggestions on alleviating any battery, heat and charging issues. .

    Battery analysis and battery drain trouble solving by @Swejuggalo

    Battery Facts by @TheMystic

    Guide to lower Battery Drain.

    Here are some tips to Optimise the use of your phone. This may help with many phone issues. By @TheMystic

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  4. Iuliskaya
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 13, 2021

    Iuliskaya , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Jun 13, 2021 :
    I'm using my phone at max settings ( QHD with auto saving, 120Hz, auto brightness, AOD from 7:00 till 0:00, and auto dark mode) and I'm getting mixed results. But frankly I ain't looking at how my battery drains, I'm the type of person that uses it's phone and charges it how many times it's necessary. I've did that with my 3T, changed like 3 batteries and didn't regret anything.
    I can rely on the fast charging to top up my phone in 20 minutes and I'm good to go.



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  5. Hamer222
    Donut Jun 14, 2021

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  6. NickSoul , via OnePlus 9 Pro Morning Mist , Jun 14, 2021 :
    I can agree with you.. in some cases. There are some days that I am not able to charge my phone or use a power bank because I am on the road. So the normal thing is to use 4g, listen to music, scroll some media. Normal use, not even pushing the phone at 50% of it's power.
    I would expect at least a full day of usage with a 4500mah battery and not 2:30 or 3hours.Even my friends with IPhone 12 and 11 have better battery life. LOL!