1. DVR17
    Gingerbread Aug 29, 2015

    DVR17 , Aug 29, 2015 :
    The company's customer service has to be as good as the device. While I myself never had touch screen issues, it's a little ridiculous it took almost a year for a final fix. As you mentioned, a large part of your success is your community. And if you want to keep that community you have to prove you care by simply communicating more frequently. A lot of times we have to rely on rumors and maybe because we don't get clarification. I like this company and I love the ideas behind it and I want it to succeed. OnePlus is setting in example and because of that it should not forget what got it to this position. The community. I'm not asking to be constantly chatting and creating threads, I'm only requesting that OnePlus' communication become more effective and more consistent and more helpful. With that said, I'm excited to see what the OnePlus 2 and I'm excited for the future of OnePlus.

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  2. vanjarameshbabu
    Honeycomb Aug 29, 2015

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  3. DVR17
    Gingerbread Aug 29, 2015

    DVR17 , Aug 29, 2015 :
    Its very obvious the op2 isn't as well developed as we all hoped. But everyone is comparing it to the major handset makers apple,Samsung,HTC, ect but its plain the original op hasn't maintained the momentum set by the op1. However in its main area mid range phones the op2 is really good and well up there . but in this range its well up the top in price. With the new mid competition of Chinese mobiles on major web sales and the constant stream of start up companies is Wiley fox in the UK .we should be looking at the op2 in its market a decent mid range mid price mobile.

  4. DVR17
    Gingerbread Aug 29, 2015

    DVR17 , Aug 29, 2015 :
    Bro I am not on Twitter not on Facebook though I think I can promote it on google +

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    Gingerbread Aug 29, 2015