OnePlus - A look into Customer Service

  1. Ceasedd
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    Ceasedd , Jul 5, 2017 :
    Very good, it looks like I'm gonna have to RMA my OP3..mic and reception problems speaker,does not work during calls..:(

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    roadrunner4spd , Jul 11, 2017 :
    Very recent experience with my OnePlus 3T. End Result I am happy since my 3T was repaired via RMA. Once the Texas , acer facility received the phone the repair was done in one day and shipped out the next business day. I now have my 3T back and working. Thus - I am reporting a positive experience. The areas for improvement would be the email support. Often these are people who are following a script and I experienced many people who completely could not even grasp the phone would not even turn on. I had to call in and get a person who acknowledged I already completed the prerequisite troubleshooting and the phone was completely dead (bad PCB port was replaced).

    Overall, I am happy. Room for improvement - Please have customer support more integrated and listen to the customers. Obviously any company needs to weed out the fake claims and people who damaged their phones and want warranty work. Unfortunately it often feels combative explaining issues with customer service - at first. Also, one customer service jumped to scheduling a remote session to connect to my phone - they did not grasp it will not turn on. As a Side note, all my computers run Linux - so this would have been fruitless and scheduling a session a moot point. However, once I was able to get thru the system and explain I had a real issue with a knowledgeable person - then the remainder went smooth. I have seen an improvement since my OnePlus One. There are always room for improvement on "things" (I am a Professional Electrical Engineer - so yes there is always room for improvement with my line of thinking - I was not writing this as a bash to OnePlus Customer Service, mainly where there are weak links)
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  5. william-armstrong
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    william-armstrong , Jul 18, 2017 :
    Very happy with my phone, some other things not so much... below is a transcript of my less than helpful chat with customer service.

    Chat started on 16 Jul 2017, 11:47 AM (GMT+0)
    (11:47:31) *** Will joined the chat ***
    (11:47:31) Will: Love the way my oneplus brand screen protector, looks on the phone. dont think it installed correctly. was wondering if there was a discount if i ordered another.
    (11:47:36) *** Jan joined the chat ***
    (11:47:38) Customer Service: Thanks for contacting OnePlus Customer Support, please wait a moment while our agents attend to you.
    (11:47:47) Jan: Thank you for contacting OnePlus Customer Support, my name is Jan, I'd be more than happy to help!
    (11:49:17) Jan: I appreciate your interest towards the Oneplus tempered glass, unfortunately, we can't provide you discount right now.
    (11:49:49) Jan: Promos, freebies, etc are given on special events.
    (11:49:50) Will: hi Jan, i finally got arond to installing my screen protector yesterday and i think it may be defective. it has severe bubbling no matter what i do, almost as if it is bowed out
    (11:50:28) Will: i can provide pictures.
    (11:51:03) Jan: Oh, I am sorry to hear about that, Will.
    (11:51:28) Jan: Well, yes, it would help if you would pictures.
    (11:51:37) Will: i would rather stay with the one plus design due to the full front coverage offered by it as opposed to third party providers that leave cutouts
    (11:53:05) Jan: Okay, we appreciate that, Will.
    (11:53:49) Will: give me a minute to take and import a picture
    (11:54:00) Jan: Sure thing.
    (11:57:35) Jan: Hi, we have not received any response from you. Please let me know if you are receiving my chats so that we can continue.
    (11:57:42) Will:(Picture, Picture)
    (11:58:17) Will: did you recieve the picures?
    (11:58:22) Jan: Yes, thanks.
    (12:01:15) Will: though it might get better overnight so i let it sit, but no. and i cant push the bubbles to the edge. they just pop back up
    (12:03:28) Jan: I understand that you have issues with the tempered glass, Will, unfortunately, this is tagged as misuse/ accident. Warranty only covers product defects caused by workmanship or build materials.
    (12:04:15) Will: why is it tagged as a misuse? i installed as per the directions and the product didnt install correctly.
    (12:05:33) Jan: But, we can ask for an approval for this possible replacement or refund.
    (12:05:53) Will: no offense, but this definately isnt the first time i have installed a screen protector, i know what im doing, this one didnt go on corectly
    (12:06:35) Jan: I understand how you would feel about this, Will.
    (12:07:39) Jan: This is a directive from our department but, no worries, I can forward your case to our higher department for approval.
    (12:08:36) Will: i would appreciate the request for approval for a replacement. i would also like to (if that approval is granted) purchase one for my 3T as well after seeing how this one makes the phone look when installed (correctly)
    (12:09:28) Jan: Alright then. I really appreciate your understanding about this, Will.
    (12:10:33) Will: if approval is granted, expidited shipping would be great, i work out of town and leave again on monday for a month
    (12:11:16) Jan: Oh, if the approval is granted, by then, we can process the replacement.
    (12:11:41) Will: sorry, next monday
    (12:11:50) Jan: The shipment method that will be used will depend on the original order.
    (12:11:50) Will: (monday week)
    (12:12:15) Jan: Was the order in priority shipment?
    (12:12:57) Will: no :(
    (12:13:43) Jan: Oh, I am afraid that it will not be as fast as the priority then.
    (12:15:42) Will: order was part of order number ####################
    (12:18:04) Jan: Alright.
    (12:19:03) Jan: What will I do then is I will forward your concern to our higher department and I will then get back to you once I have a response from them.
    (12:19:21) Will: thank you, through email?
    (12:20:03) Jan: Yes, can you please provide me your email address?
    (12:21:29) Will: SomethingSomething@something.com
    (12:22:33) Jan: Alright, thanks.
    (12:22:40) Jan: Would there be anything else that I can help you with?
    (12:23:21) Will: no, that is it. Thank you very much. cold you possibly email me a copy of this transcript?
    (12:23:31) Will: *could
    (12:24:19) Jan: Alright, sure, no problem.

    Chat started on 18 Jul 2017, 01:14 PM (GMT+0)
    (01:14:18) *** Will joined the chat ***
    (01:14:18) Will: defective screen protector, requesting a replacement
    (01:14:23) *** Lois joined the chat ***
    (01:14:25) Customer Service: Thanks for contacting OnePlus Customer Support, please wait a moment while our agents attend to you.
    (01:14:30) Lois: Thank you for taking time contacting OnePlus Customer Support, this is Lois. I am happy to help.
    (01:14:36) Lois: Hi will!
    (01:14:45) Lois: A beautiful day to you!
    (01:14:52) Will: hi lois, want to reopen my last ticket
    (01:15:06) Will: feel that itt wasnt given proper consideration
    (01:15:35) Lois: Oh, I see.
    (01:15:38) Lois: I apologize for that.
    (01:15:59) Lois: Let me just then help you with your concern.
    (01:16:30) Will: Is there some other way to escalate this issue? I feel that it hasnt been given the consideration it deserves. I am not asking for something free, I am asking for a replacement for a defective product and i would rather get it from Oneplus than a third party knock off. If it t question of the original, i am more than willing to return it (at your cost) for verification or testing
    (01:17:06) Lois: Let me then help you take a closer look on this case Will.
    (01:19:15) Lois: For me to be able to review, can you provide to me the RMA number?
    (01:19:25) Lois: I mean ticket number?
    (01:19:41) Will: #######
    (01:20:03) Lois: Thanks for that. Please allow me 3-5 minutes of your time so that I can have that checked for you okay?
    (01:20:26) Will: ok
    (01:20:42) Lois: Upon checking Will, it seems to be that last ticket is still open.
    (01:21:39) Will: i recieved an email saying that the request was denied
    (01:21:48) Lois: Oh, I see.
    (01:23:29) Lois: It seems to be that we really cannot provide a replacement for the screen protector Will.
    (01:24:34) Lois: This is because base on the photos the was sent, it shows that the cause of the issue is because of the application of the screen protector.
    (01:26:49) Will: it was installed according to the directions, it seems as if the adhesive on the back was defective. it wouldnt contact the screen in all places and that made it impossible to eleimnate all the bubbles.
    (01:27:21) Will: as i mentioned before i am more than willing to return it for verification
    (01:27:52) Lois: We totally understand that Will.
    (01:28:44) Lois: However, there are certain factors that could have affect the screen protector causing it not to stick on the device.
    (01:29:19) Lois: As much as we want to accept the return of the screen protector but i'm afraid that we can't process a return for that one.
    (01:29:21) Will: when prperly applied according to the directions supplied?
    (01:31:33) Will: until this point i have had nothing but excellent customer service over the course of my several recent purchases from oneplus (2 phones, several cases and chargers) it is upsetting that this is the kind of service that is provided when there is a legitimate issue with one of the products provided
    (01:32:15) Lois: I totally understand your point in here Will.
    (01:32:58) Will: again im not asking for something for free, i am asking for a replacement for a defective product
    (01:33:15) Will: that i am willing to return to verify that it was defective
    (01:33:21) Lois: As much as I want to help you in this situation but we really cannot issue a replacement for the screen protector Will.
    (01:33:32) Lois: I have already exhausted all of my ersources for your case.
    (01:33:52) Will: is there another level that this can be escalated to?
    (01:36:04) Lois: This case has already been endorsed already to appropriate department.
    (01:36:16) Lois: Unfortunately, we cannot provide a replacement for this issue.
    (01:36:25) Lois: OnePlus products are made to the highest standards and undergo rigorous testing before it was even sent out to our customers.
    (01:38:23) Will: im sure that there arent ever any duds that slip through.
    (01:39:33) Will: i appreciate the effort that you have put into this ticket for me. this will most likely be the last one plus product that i purchase. thank you for your help
    (01:39:43) Lois: I can assure you that I have endorse this case already for further review because that is the only thing that I can do for you.
    (01:40:10) Lois: I'm sad to say but they have decline a replacement because the issue was caused on how you apply our product on the device.
    (01:40:37) Will: again, i applied the prodiuct as per the instructions provided
    (01:41:44) Lois: I know. But as I said earlier, there are certain factors that could have caused this.
    (01:41:51) Will: such as?
    (01:42:01) Lois: One of it is that the screen protector was exposed to air for a period of time.
    (01:42:17) Lois: Causing the air bubbles under the screen protector.
    (01:42:33) Lois: We could have understand if the screen protector did not stick at all.
    (01:42:56) Will: longer than the 30 seconds it took the remove the backing and set it in place?
    (01:42:59) Lois: But it shows in the photo that you have sent that the screen protector stick properly on the device.
    (01:46:20) Lois: Will?
    (01:46:36) Will: in places, as i said it appears that the adhesive was defective, maybe not the correct thickness. there was a row of bubbles along one side of the protector. this idicates that either the shape of the protector was incorrect (ie bowed up along that side) or that the adhesive was not thick enough there and coldnt maitain contact with the face of the device
    (01:47:52) Lois: We could have offered a return or a replacement of the screen protector if you have reported the issue rpior to applying it.
    (01:48:24) Will: houw would i have known of the issue without applieing it?
    (01:48:53) Will: how would i have known of the issue without applying it?
    (01:50:33) Lois: As I have said earlier Will, I have already endorsed your case for review unfortunately, it was declined.
    (01:53:38) Lois: Will?
    (01:54:18) Will: yes
    (01:55:08) Lois: To be honest with you, I have tried my best to have the replacement of the screen protector but there is really no way that we can process a replacement for this.
    (01:55:12) Lois: I'm really sorry.
    (01:57:43) Will: so if you cant process a replacement, how about going about it a different way and issueing a coupon or discount for another screen protector, as i said i dont want something for free, i just dont want to spend another $20 to replace a product that yall sent out to me defective
    (01:58:54) Will: $20 seems a small price to pay to retain the $900 worth of business that i have provided over the last 6-7 months
    (01:59:13) Lois: \. Please give me 2-3 minutes to check on this. Thank you.
    (02:01:12) Lois: Thank you for waiting.
    (02:02:21) Lois: I have tried checking it here on my end but we cannot provide a coupon for this case.

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    milkdude , Jul 22, 2017 :
    Wow.......lot of your time for nothing.
    Curious what the pictures looked like you sent them.

  9. Naman2
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    Naman2 , Jul 23, 2017 :
    Very Nice Customer Service of One Plus. As their phone are premium and Top in Benchmark Also. So also they Offer good Customer Service which is Very Best to One Plus .

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    tsk06 , Jul 24, 2017 :
    Hi, I am pretty sure they is a lots of comments here are from Oneplus team ...

    Anyway here my honest opinion, oneplus phones are amazing but the customer service are a real mess.
    Long story short I broke my onplus3 glass and called CS to have it send it away for repair, I spoke to a girl saying that if it takes more than 2 weeks I will need the phone to be send in France instead of UK as I am moving out of the country I won't able to take from my previous address in London, she said it won't be a problem as I can change it after receiving the quote for the charge repair. A week later after sending my phone and before confirming the payment I double check that they had the right address and then surprise, nothing was on my ticket number and they nicely told me that they could not change the address for another country.
    As they record phone conversation I gave them the ticket number name and time about the person who gave me the wrong information, afterward they kind of covered up the fact that one of their colleagues made a mistake and nicely tried to said that it was my fault.
    Mistake could happen which I understand, but trying to blame me for they staff mistake is a joke. After been talking to maybe 10 different people which none of them were trying to find a solution, at the end I was just fed up and told them as I just want to get my phone back and will pay for delivery fees as its was just getting silly, and now the funny part is that its still not confirmed as they need approval from head management. Its been 4 days now I have been calling them and CS staff said to me someone will call me back within a hour which obviously no one did yet ...

    Its been almost 2 weeks now and no follow up and no one got back to me, I am still pending for a certain Marilou Supervisor CS to call me back since Thursday evening.
    Now my second thing is about CS staff, as it was getting ridiculous I asked Names and employee number to check with their manager and none of them gave it to me as they just said management will call me back ...

    I am not the type of guy to complain but now it is just ridiculous, my advice is that if you broke your screen I will definitely recommend you to have it repair in a local phone shop, oneplus charged me 65GBP for screen and 28 for shipment and my local one was 130 GBP, I definitely recommend to pay extra money but to have it done quicker and witouth headache ...

    Now names I was in contact with: Supervisor Marilou, CS Richel, CS Christina, CS Janet.
    I am also working for the brand The North Face, after talking to my colleagues head of online customer service, he told me that it was definitely wrong and staff should give they employee number if customer asked for it.
    Is oneplus CS different from other CS ?

    The issue is still on, I have been waiting all morning for them to call me back even if I called them twice already ...

    Let you guys know when I got updates.


  15. DIrty3000
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    DIrty3000 , Jul 24, 2017 :
    Just spent an infuriating 30 minutes on "support" to explain that the previous issues I had had a repair for had returned. No coherent responses. I was told to change the developer settings on my phone to back up the files before I tried a hard reset. I gave up - decided to lookup troubleshooting myself - except the link to troubleshooting is broken. Proceeded to ask "support" for the link to troubleshooting, but that turned into a 10 minute exercise of trying not to answer it before declaring that they had to escalate the issue of the broken website link to the Platform team - whoever they are. When I pointed out I didn't care if it got fixed I just wanted the link they told me they couldn't give me the link anyway - not until the website was fixed. I truly despair. Haven't had an iPhone since about 2010, but maybe they've got worthwhile in the meantime.....

  16. jahlil2nyc
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    jahlil2nyc , Aug 20, 2017 :
    I recently had to send in my OnePlus 3 for warranty issue with it not charging.
    I was pleasantly surprised at the prompt reply on what the issue was and what I needed to do far as sending it in to a service center for repair. Process was fast literally I had the phone to the repair center and it was repaired under warranty and back in my hands in less than 10 days both ways. From my experience CS is definitely a big improvement thanks OnePlus, Sidney, Jin, and all others who helped.

  17. bakerbarber
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    bakerbarber , Aug 29, 2017 :
    I've had an awful experience.

    I bought two phones, convinced my brother to buy two phones, bought accessories and convinced other people to buy OnePlus phones.

    I cracked the screen on my op3. I sent it to Texas and paid for the screen to be repaired.

    They sent it back with the upper front speaker not working.

    I've gotten nothing but scripted irrelevant nonsense from OnePlus customer service. They don't have a consistent representative helping me. I was told to wait for an RMA. It's been 4 days almost since that. It took a week to get someone to say they'd look into sending me an RMA.

    I just filled out an affidavit with my bank to process a charge back. I don't have time for this.

    What a great phone. I'd have rather had the cracked screen than the non-functional top call speaker.

    I would have considered buying the OP5. Two of them actually because my wife and I were both thinking of upgrading.

    With the runaround customer service has given me, I won't be able to buy anything from OnePlus ever again. It's insulting.

    Now I'm probably just going to sell the op3 as what it is. Broken for parts or repair. No reputable repair shop is willing to touch it anyway.

    It's too bad. I did really like the phone.
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  18. bakerbarber
    Jelly Bean Sep 6, 2017

    bakerbarber , Sep 6, 2017 :
    What a joke this company is.

    I've never had such an experience before ever.

    I don't care how you add it up the run-around games and lies isn't worth it.

    OnePlus is shameful.

    It's absurd the amount of nonsense and canned, scripted garbage they try to pass off as help. It's like trying to communicate with a person on drugs who's also got brain damage.

    I'll never recommend anything from this brand to anyone ever again.

    No one should have to go through this kind of aggravation for something that costs this much money.

    I feel like I need to take a shower after dealing with this company.

    No one's ever going to probably read this either. They bury the truth in a sub forum that no one could find before buying. Anyone trying to decide whether or not to buy is only going to see stupid contests or some other nonsense.

    I just want my phone back and an end to the customer service merry-go-round nightmare.

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    G_Abhilash_Jsg_ZEtC , Sep 19, 2017 :
    I am grut[e]1f602[/e][e]1f602[/e]. All the very best for all the upcoming one plus gadgets like a small projector for mobile as accessories.